Hi My Name Is Mike Austin, I Manage New City Road, I Talk Shit On Facebook, And I Cheat On My Wife!

Meet Mike Austin

Mikey here likes to cheat on his wife with bar whores. While Mikeys wife is at home taking care of the kids, Mike is fucking anything that will give his flip flop having ass some attention.

When Mike isn’t being a complete man whore, he is on Facebook talking mad shit then calling others “keyboard warriors”.

Mike is a real piece of shit.

Oh I also here he talks shit about people committing suicide and wishes it upon others.

Call Mikey at (217) 971-6110 with any concerns!

Wow This Guy Sounds Like A Real Douche Bag! – N

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18 Comments on "Hi My Name Is Mike Austin, I Manage New City Road, I Talk Shit On Facebook, And I Cheat On My Wife!"

  1. Yes, I cheated on my and it was “exposed” in 2006. You are 100% correct. My current wife & I are happily married for almost 6 years.

    Actually, I have never used the term “keyboard warrior” once in my life. A good friend of mine did use that term on one of my posts recently.

    Yes, I tell tasteless jokes. Some of those have been about suicide. I’ve discussed this on my Facebook page, been called out on it, and even apologized for my actions. Yes, I still tell tasteless jokes but I leave suicide alone now.

    Yes, I talk so-called shit on my page. That’s why it’s my page.

    Thank you for the press!

  2. Cred to this guy for owning all of it. That’s how you handle these posts.

  3. Unless you are a suicide survivor you have no reason to say shit about it. Suicide isn’t a joke and it leaves us loved ones behind with a lot of what if’s and pain and to the point we want to complete suicide cause the pain is so bad .

    • I agree. I never thought about that for years and that is exactly why I stopped cracking jokes about it. I friend called me out on this and after discussing it with her, I changed my heart toward the subject. She had lost a brother to suicide.

    • I agree and that’s why I apologize for my insensitive comments about the topic. A friend who lost her brother to suicide had a nice talk with me and I’ve changed my heart to the matter. Take care Mike.

  4. Snarky McSnark | October 15, 2017 at 11:05 pm | Reply

    Damn. this is the classiest guy you ever caught! lmao now go find us some REAL douchebags to humiliate, dammit 😀

  5. That link isn’t working. Just fyi

  6. To the person who submitted this 11 year old news, not only are you a decade behind, but you might want to learn to spell.

    “From what I Here”…. it should be “hear”. When you need more help with 2nd grade spelling, call me. You obviously have my number.

  7. I Know The Submitter | October 17, 2017 at 11:36 pm | Reply

    I’m commenting under a fake name for 2 reasons; 1. Because I know Mike well & 2. Because I know who submitted this post. I also know that person well too.

    This post is ridiculous. It stems from a Facebook post that someone got upset over so they decided to be hateful & hurtful. It shames me because I thought the person who submitted this was better than this.

    Mikey also is a guy that posts lots of things on Facebook that are borderline tasteless. I just choose to not read what I don’t want to read. Overall though, Mike is a great guy. My husband & I are both fond of him and his current wife.

    What is not funny is bringing up something that happened in Mike’s life well over 10 years ago. His former wife and kids have moved on and Mike has been forgiven for his past faults. Why make his kids &!ex relive those days gone by over again? Grow up already. Ugggh.

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