Hey Seth Basil You Woman Beater We Having Something To Say!

So Mr. Basil decided the other day to speak out about how he never “beat” a woman featured in one of our stories…
Well that is a lie, Mr. Basil you have been arrested for it and even admitted to doing it on more than one occasion!
And even right before you just went to prison…
Really now Seth? Quit lying you woman beater!

Let alone you’ve been taken to the Sangamon County Jail 4 times on domestic battery! Also 2 time in the Sangamon County Jail for Violation of an Order of Protection. Oh lets not forget the Mason County Jail 3 times for Domestic Battery Also.

Mr. Basil just recently got out of Prison for Violating and Order of Protection. Sources close to the victim says Mr. Basil has been harassing the victim of that case (the order of protection expired while he was in prison), even going as far as saying she had his child while he was in prison and another man claimed it was his (the victim didn’t have any child while Mr. Basil was gone, nor was she ever even pregnant.)

Some guys just have some issues, clearly Mr. Basil does! Beware ladies!!
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47 Comments on "Hey Seth Basil You Woman Beater We Having Something To Say!"

  1. Ashley Noel Basil you are right it’s Bullshit he beats on women!!!

  2. No that’s not what I said. This article is bogus I don’t believe it I know my cousin better then that

  3. So what he lied to the police about beating on women several times? Got convicted of it also?

  4. I think there’s a whole lot more to the story. Then that but feel free to bash me as well or delete my comment

  5. Because I’ve seen yalls site jump on people a lot when They defend someone


  7. But good to know that you support men beating on women Ashley Noel Basil

  8. Never said that. Twist my words. All you want I said I don’t believe that I thinks there’s a lot more to the story then what you think and no I don’t believe my. Cousin beats on women grandma and grandpa didn’t raise no women beaters

  9. But go ahead bash me. Say I support women beating cause I sure as he’ll don’t. Or I would have watch my friend go thru. Instead of trying to help her it so don’t twist my words.

  10. Apparently you do. You just said there’s more to the story probably. Sure there might be but at the end of the day he did beat on a women more than one time and admitted to it! Nothing gives a man a right to do that I don’t care what the story is. You clearly stand behind him so youre supporting his actions by trying to justify them.

  11. I said there more to the story as in somones lying. But ok. Whatever if he admitted to it I wanna see it or was he put up to it ever think of the covering for someone else but honestly I don’t give a fuck. Unless I hear it. Elese where I don’t believe it can’t believe everything on Facebook

  12. And the bashing. Begins. Again on someone innocent just. Because. I don’t believe the story hey if your gonna bash me and. Jump why don’t you write something. Fake about me too

  13. The admission is in the story! HE ADMITTED TO IT TWICE IN TWO SEPERATE POLICE REPORTS!!!

  14. Apparently you didn’t read the article, you just read the headline off this Facebook post and didn’t bother reading the actual story. Smh…

  15. So where’s the police reports you said your given information by. User submissions not the police

  16. THEY ARE ON THE STORY!!!!, Excerpts of them are where he admitted to it… Yes we do receive user submissions, then we follow up with research and ta da it means getting reports and reviewing them and then doing a story about it. So we can report the FACTS.

  17. Well who’s this supposed women if it’s who I think it is. I have plenty of information on her

  18. Go read the actual story by clicking the link on this facebook post it will take you to our website and you can see it all. You know like actually reading the story not just a headline. Then you wont look like a complete idiot…

  19. We don’t release victims information, but if you think you know who it is and want to send something in on her more power to you. Message us the information and our staff will look into it.

  20. Ok.I will and btw I ain’t an idiot I didn’t see the other parts of the article due to internet didny. Load the pictures but whatever makes you feel like a tough guy. Your site is a big bully anyways and a joke

  21. I myself can vouch she don’t call for woman beaters . She has saved me from a life time of abuse on a couple different occasions . and, FYI, she isn’t an idiot for one . for two, just because he admitted to doing it does NOT mean shit . who’s the say she didnt beat his ass, an he lost his temper for a moment and maybe smacked her? children being held over his head, so on and so forth ? NO ONE knows the real story other then him and the woman . don’t see how peoples personal lives are any of your business anyways. Doing one wrong thing does not label stamp you the rest of your godforsaken life .

  22. Thank you kaley meanwhile the women he supposvly beat is dating a child molester

  23. Then I don’t care who does it, she needs to be smacked . nasty nasty nasty !

  24. Defending a woman beater makes you trash, just like he is.

  25. Hope bubba f♤♡◇ed him in prison

  26. You know exposed you reAlly just a clown in a suit, I mean hey I did what did it was wrong but I tell you this you better look her name up to cause she has been arrested for a domestic battery to, So how about you drop my name cause that girl is far from innocent and I got the proof.

  27. I also wanna say that you got something to always say but when you tried to get me in a private chat I told you what I told you which was nothing, oh hey Ashley nice ass chewing you have this poor bitch that has no life, tell you what I am going to do, find out who you reAlly are and who started it and sue them for everything they owen.

  28. Um he has hit my mom when they where younger and he cut his slef ijs

  29. To the person or persons who write this crap, you really need to go and get a real job, first off all you do is contradict your selves, in one article you say you don’t like to leak other peoples personal information and yet you turn around and are doing exactly that to this guy, and second I’m not saying he’s innocent or anything like that a guy shouldn’t hit a girl just like a girl shouldn’t hit a guy, what I am saying is that you have no right to be bashing people or posting people’s personal information all over the Internet, and not only that but you are not a legitimate reporter and you don’t and didn’t have this guy’s permission to do this, how would you feel if people dug into your personal information and started posting all kinds of shit about you? I’m pretty certain that you would not like it. So don’t be doing it to others because all it does is make you look stupid and pathetic, and goes to show that you have no life of your own. And for the dumb asses that have commented on this post mrs.r and big daddy get a fucking life you idiots, are you seriously going to get on here and start saying stupid shit to people? Do you really have nothing better to do? Grow up seriously, your suppose to be adults so act like it. Stop acting like children, and it amazes me really how people can bash this young man who by the way admitted that he did wrong and made a mistake which he has served his time for, and yet if the roles were reversed and this clown wrote an article about you you’d be flipping out, but because it’s about someone else you are all quick to comment and write such hateful things about a young man that I asume you don’t even know, so before you start bashing this young man for his mistakes that he has payed for, look at your own damn mistakes and ask yourselves if you ever made a mistake and if you ever payed the price for a mistake that you’ve made and ask your self again how you would feel if some ass hat decided to take your mistakes and plaster them all over the damn Internet for everyone to see and make stupid ass comments about, and to judge you by your mistakes and not even know you or anything about you but only know your mistakes and for that they think they know you, would you want people to judge you that way? I’m assuming that you wouldn’t, so don’t judge this guy by his mistakes, and further more it’s not your jobs to judge him or anyone else. And Seth I’m sorry this clown wrote this awful article about you, but I’m also glad that you admitted that you made a mistake and with knowing that you’ve made some poor judgments I really hope that you work on them to better your self. With that said I am done now.

  30. Holy deleted comments. Guess I came too late

  31. I use to date Seth in school and when we got older we got together. I can honestly say he never put his hands on me ever. He was always friendly and loving. We got along so well all he talked about was his life and his kids. So if he did hit this bitch what did she do to deserve it cause remember u step in a mans shoes u get ur ass beat like a man. There is two sides to every story so if ur gonna run one and bash him them run hers and look at her arrest record. This site is not allowed to call people trash pieces of shit. That is slander. That would be like the news casting OK we’re gonna do a segment on a woman vesting piece of shit Seth basil its against the law to slander a name. But like I said there is to sides to the story so what is hers I am curious.. I wanna know what she says.

  32. to anonymous-how do you rise up and defend a guy who has 17-yes 17- mugshots? 1 mistake, 2 mistakes, even 3 mistakes, but 17 mugshots?????? not a good person!

    let’s have a reality check, please.

    • These kind of folks, who say that the victim deserved it, are the same kind of people that show up at the ER or Sojourn pleading for help after their husband/boyfriend beats the daylights out of them. They’ll(and their friends) will say they didn’t deserve it, but this particular victim did. Double standard. Maybe they need to stop defending him and realize he’s nothing but a lowlife POS, but I doubt that.

  33. to tess-please look up the definition to slander.

  34. Heather Barnhouse | March 5, 2016 at 11:46 pm | Reply

    Just because you are arrested doesn’t mean you are guilty! How many times people get arrested and go through court process and found not guilty. So need to looked at actually ending charges not times of being arrested. And yes if a women is going to start beating on a man, she better be prepared to get hit back.

  35. To the people saying look up the definition of slander- perhaps you need to read what that means. Were you speaking of… libel? But.. they posted what is garnered from police reports so unless he lied to the police/detectives, it’s neither. Also- it’s apparently bringing him no harm on speaking of what he admitted to, so neither definition are correct, as well. Perhaps instead of going after those that are commenting, you go after a roaming library and get some education.

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