Hey Jesse White Your Power Is Getting Shut Off?? Computer Vendors Discontinuing Service?? How Will The SOS Employees Read Facebook & Our Website!

The Honorable Bruce Rauner
Governor of Illinois
207 State House
Springfield, IL 62706

Something must be done.. Now I understand the state is having issues passing a Fiscal Year 2016 budget. The Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White wrote to your office on September 24th, 2015 stating that with no budget it is “impacting the Office of the Illinois Secretary of State, and could soon jeopardize the services we provide to the people of Illinois.”

It’s one thing that I can’t get my licenses plate renewal reminder in the mail, but what are the SOS Employees going to do if the Computer Vendors Shut Off Services or the Utilities get shut off? How will they be able to be on Facebook all hours of the work day? Then clicking links and being referred to our website? I mean come on they got a lot of important state work to be doing on Facebook!

Now run off and get this budget thing figured out so the employees can continue being on Facebook.

That is all for now,

Springfield Exposed

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13 Comments on "Hey Jesse White Your Power Is Getting Shut Off?? Computer Vendors Discontinuing Service?? How Will The SOS Employees Read Facebook & Our Website!"

  1. Wish I could get paid to play online.

  2. Do people really believe that they are on Facebook on State computers? State computers block even the most basic websites from being able to being accessed, let alone things like Facebook and eBay. They might be accessing it on their phones, but I highly doubt they’re accessing it on their computers.

  3. Mecky Lang they are accessing from state owned and operated Internet. From our logs they are on computers not mobile devices.

    • Some state agencies have computers setup for people to use on their breaks. Other agencies let people use their computers at their desks while on break. I don’t have all the facts you have and I am not saying it’s right or wrong but that’s one reason you’re seeing the log ins from state computers.

  4. Imagine that…likely the same people crying about Union this and union that….wanting EVERY BENEFIT AND PENNY THEY CAN GET THEIR HANDS ON, but actually WORK for it? Lol. Got FB to catch up on, sorry taxpayers, we’ve got better shit to do with your money.

  5. Why don’t you focus on what’s really important here? If the SOS stops getting updates to their computer system every police officer in the country will be at a disadvantage when pulling someone over with an illinois plate. If their system is not updated and maintained officers will have no way of knowing who they are pulling over. Every drivers license or plate that a check is ran on goes through that system. Cmon, do you really think that all state employees do is check Facebook or your site?

  6. C’mon, do you really think State Workers do any work at all?

  7. Really need to get your facts straight. They have no access to Facebook, Twitter, Ebay or any other sites via state equipment. If they’re using their phones then how can they stop them.

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