Hey 217 Problems You Are Media!?

Just a little catch we saw over at our friends 217 Problems that they are now “News Media” according to Facebook!

You may have 44 Thousand likes but guess what you don’t have?
SpringfieldILExposed – Exposed Publishing, NFP is now Facebook Verified!

Gotcha! Keep trying dear friend!!



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12 Comments on "Hey 217 Problems You Are Media!?"

  1. I have something that can’t be seen. Respect of the people. #Re2pect

  2. 217 memes>217 problems

  3. I can’t wait for the 4,445 straight meme bashing me publicly and not get 1 one response. Have it 217 memes.
    Have at it.

  4. lol well i already know that….. i just don’t know why 217 memes is trying to put its 2 cents in. This is an A and B conversation so you better C your way out before D jumps over E and Fs you up like a G….. lol jk but seriously 217 memes no need to go saying you’re better than anyone else…

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