He’s got herpes! (Jaylen Minor)

This man…Jaylen Minor has herpes. It has been confirmed by many sources. Be careful.

Rut Roh! No Glove No Love! – R

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54 Comments on "He’s got herpes! (Jaylen Minor)"

  1. Be care this could lead to a liable suit

  2. The publisher is also responsible for checking sources.

  3. You can be also. I would be careful.

  4. You may review Jones v. Dirty World Entertainment Recordings LLC if you beg to differ

  5. If you have any std, you originally got it from somewhere.. This submitted user probably gave them to him, that’s how it’s been “confirmed..” lol

  6. Even if true, it’s may not be libel but can be invasion of privacy. If a medical professional is involved it would violate HIPPA law.

  7. How is this anyone’s business to be blasting?

  8. This is a massive HIPAA violation. Yes, a medical provider is not involved (unfortunately as that would give immediate remedy), but Springfieldexposed, this could expose you to a civil lawsuit quite frankly….

  9. Desperate people have desperate ways…..

  10. So everyone who’s saying he has it must have it to Because there fucking him lmao

  11. Even though the person running this site seems to believe they can’t be sued, people lose these cases all the time. It’s sexual harassment if a lawyer words it right, and definitely harassment as it is falls into the bullying category. That’s coming from the lawyer sitting next to me. However, there is alot of conflict in the concept depending on the sources. Most of the time if the site can prove they were given the information from another source as true they’re fine

  12. It’s safe to say Trina M. Borkhardt probably has herpes just guessing

  13. Do any of you ever have a cold sore? Or chicken pox? Shingles? Guess what you got herpes.


  15. This is bullying….What happen when they see this and kills their self….this is so wrong !!!!

  16. Snarky McSnark | August 16, 2017 at 7:33 am | Reply

    But this is the latest trend..all the cool rappers get herpes!

  17. Why did Springfield Exposed say Trina M Borkhardt had herpes??

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