Here Piggy Piggy – Illinois State Fair

Here Piggy Piggy

Husband and Hog Calling Contest at the 2016 Illinois State Fair

It was a hoot of a good time on Sunday at the Husband and Hog Calling contests at the 2016 Illinois State Fair.  This year’s winners brought their best calls and walked away as champions. In addition to the prize money offered by the Illinois State Fair, the champions in each contest received a $100 Visa Card sponsored by RFD Radio.


The winner of the Hog Calling Contest was first timer Andrew Metheney of Georgetown, IL. Metheney’s realistic squeals were enough to beat out 10 time champion and 25 year contest veteran Chris Karr. Metheney said it felt “pretty good” to win his first competition and plans to come back next year.


The winner of the Husband Calling Contest was Kelley Tierney from Cornland, IL.  Kelley hasn’t been able to compete at the fair the past couple years due to prior commitments, but has participated in the popular State Fair contest nine times before.

Kelley Tierney’s husband, Bob, has participated in many of her contests, but this year he had some competition. Tierney’s high decibel call had all kinds of Bob’s running on stage to answer her call. Tierney plans to come back next year, and hopefully she finds the right Bob before then.


Another contestant was Teresa Mack of Pekin, IL who competed and placed in both competitions. “Showing her chops” landed her in 2nd place in the Husband Calling Contest and Mack placed 3rd in the Hog Calling Contest after having her little pig follow her home.


The 2016 Illinois State Fair is currently underway through August 21st.   For more information, go online

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