Hen House Family Restaurant Disrespects The Handicap?

A recent Sangamon County Health Inspection shows the Hen House Restaurant (6009 S. 6th Street Road Springfield IL 62712) has disrespected the handicap for years!

The Report Reads “1) Observed a handicap sign, partially wrapped in foil, being utilized as a backing for the flat top grill. The sign’s paint was exposed and had an obvious corrosive line from frequent use/exposure to heat and grease. Manager stated the sign had been used for years, but was previously flipped the other way so the paint markings were not visible. Manager was advised that this was an improper practice and the handicap sign should be removed. Sign removed during the inspection. 2) Observed pre-cooked ham being stored in the same pan as raw bacon with the plastic packaging for the ham as the barrier. This is improper and is a potential for cross contamination. Ensure that the products are properly separated to prevent a potential for cross contamination. Ham was moved during the inspection. 750-130(d) All food shall be stored properly in order to prevent cross-contamination. Store ready to eat foods above or a way from raw foods. 750-160(a) Food shall be prepared with the least possible manual contact, using suitable utensils and using surfaces that have been cleaned, rinsed, and sanitized to prevent cross-contamination.”

Rude ass mother fuckers…

Wow And I Thought I Was Petty? You Really Took The Time To Write This In. #Loser – R

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1 Comment on "Hen House Family Restaurant Disrespects The Handicap?"

  1. Snarky McSnark | October 25, 2017 at 9:32 pm | Reply

    Most household kitchens are a fuckload dirtier than that with no ill effects. Christ, you sure never ate at the old Fleetwood, did you? Best drunk food in town but man the kitchen would make you puke if you saw it.

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