Heather Dawn Singer Convicted Of Inhumane Treatment Of Animals

Meet Heather Dawn Singer!

You may remember her from her previous news coverage on receive a Habitat For Humanity House.

She also was involved in local coverage of Get In A DUI Car Wreck, Kill Two People, Walk Out Of Hospital With A Ticket?, when she was allegedly ran off the road by Ms. Little in that accident.

The sick part about that smiley mugshot of hers above is that its for her arrest for Violation of Owners Duties (Inhumane treatment to animals).

She later plead guilty to those charges and received supervision.
Even more sickening part of the plea deal she got her dog back!

Previously in her background she was also arrested for Felony Aggravated Domestic Battery.

According to her Facebook she currently is employed by District 186 in partnership with the State Family Services.

So this convicted animal abuser works with our kids at Harvard Park School, wow way to go District 186!

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75 Comments on "Heather Dawn Singer Convicted Of Inhumane Treatment Of Animals"

  1. Damn. I bet she is going to get an employee review here soon… If she can’t take care of an animal then I can only imagine how she treats her students. Wow. I sure hope not but it wouldn’t be surprising.

  2. Melissa Willis April Willis

  3. Makes me sick. Why do people smile in their mug shots?

  4. Amanda jane she is good with students so dont put her down like that

  5. That’s girl is looney …trust me

  6. She ran over her baby dad and broke his leg long time ago.. Straight crazy

  7. Un this girl is physco she has threatened the life of my friends little girl she has called children racial names all outside of work obviously she can barely speak well or write well why the hell is she involved with kids animal abuse to boot

  8. Don’t talk shit about her she a good person and plus everyone is a little crazy

  9. MissPrincess Cisco good people don’t abuse animals

  10. She is not cruel to animals

  11. Lana Bottoms apparently she was she was found guilty of it

  12. They always trying to put someone on blast they don’t have anything better to do

  13. After all she has done, who is she ” paying” off?

  14. I cant stand her every time i c her i wanna smack the goofy bitch!! 5 yrs ago her son kicked my son in his mouth, broke his front tooth. Nobody did anything about it. The school said they didnt notice. Well long story short, the bitch worked at the same school made faces at my kid s and some more bs. Then made a call to dcfs for the bruises her son caused on my kid, tried to make it look like i did it. Smh

  15. Sounds like the fucking psycho bitch! ! She’s my cousin’s baby momma and says his son can’t come over to his house when my kids are there because they are mixed, calls them n*****s, and some more shit !!!! Bitch made the mistake of saying that fucking word while we were there and I heard it through the window it was last summer I hopped off that couch and chased that scary lil bitch all the way through townShe used to fuck Tyler up just because Casey didn’t want her busted Casey in the face with a forty bottle …..thanks for the address tho and her place of employment shit just got real for this bitch and all her little cronies on here run back and tell her the bitch has me blocked

  16. If y’all think she is a good person you wrong in so many ways and i can prove u wrong ! She told her son when me and my husband got him dogs for our house to throw them in front of a car and kill them ! He was 4 yrs old at the time! I also have her on recording of her call Shay Hayes kids the n word and my daughter a bitch! She has also told her son to put a pillow over my daughters face when she was born and kill her he was about 4 or 5 at the time! I could go on and on!

  17. ^ that’s the baby dad she ran over she is talking about

  18. Definitely the one who flew over the koo koos nest

  19. We might need to stand outside Harvard Park school with posters and her mugshot

  20. Haha that would be awesome im down with that!

  21. Springfieldilexposed u is just as bad as jasen Manuele want to harass people and u don’t have anything else to do

  22. Please they are helping expose all the fucking douchebags in this damn town people should know about people like this about the child molesters in this town about the animal abusers in this town shall I go on!

  23. Go away MissPrincess Cisco clearly you’re a friend of the cunt✌ #GoodBye

  24. You noticed Heather liked her comment but you see that bitch dont have shit to say tho

  25. Yep sure am and no not going no where u can’t make me do shit ur not my boss

  26. Christina Harris I’m trying to find the post that started all of this so I can tag you. She looked so ignorant so she kept deleting her comments after she commented….She was calling some girl out for abusing animals but someone found out she’s was charged with animal abuse so he blasted her ass so…..here we are now

  27. Haha MissPrincess Cisco that exactly what Heather would say to so obviously you are really close to that b**** you’re just like her too

  28. Heather Dawn Singer why you calling kids N*ggers?

  29. MissPrincess Cisco How old are you?!? 5?!? You’re ignorant also,know wonder you guys are friends…

  30. Don’t worry how old I am ur just a hater

  31. MissPrincess Cisco Bitch please✋ Never a hater,especially over two nasty ass bitches who abuse animals and call innocent children N*ggers. You both are absolutely disgusting! Be gone bitch✌

  32. I’m a hater….LMMFAO

  33. She sure throws that n-word around alot!!!

  34. Princess Cisco aka amber fuller aka hot pocket,she is out there, suprised she hasn’t made it on to this page herself

  35. Cory Painter and she works for Springfield Public Schools – District 186 thats scary!

  36. I kno after her son kicked my sons tooth out, and nothing happened, they swept it under the rug. She taunted my kids at school! And the school believed her over me, then i caught her talking to a neighbor bout calling dcfs on me, i tried to beat her ass but she pulled off. I wont ever forget. I will get my chance! It fucked my son up for ever!

  37. Lol lol that’s what that bitch gets always talking bout me but look at her sorry ass

  38. That’s how Heather is and her cousin is mixed

  39. I’m down with picketing that dumb bitch Christina Harris let’s get our signs made tonight

  40. And that ugly other bitch has me blocked on here to damn can’t see none of her comments

  41. Ooooo heather can see this well guess what you greasy lil weasel I’m coming to see you today at work

  42. I should take my son in there and act like we’re thinking of enrolling him there and as soon as he sees her have him just freak the fuck out like he is scared of her but that’s petty so I’m not but definitely am going up there on lunch

  43. She works at Harvard Park? The school across from Bunn Golf Course?

  44. How does Springfield Public Schools – District 186 allow this?

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