Have you had a bad experience at one of the Central Illinois Pizza Huts?

Good afternoon! We hope everyone is enjoying their labor day weekend so far!

A few people have wrote in to us telling us horrible stories about the local pizza hut stores. We did some research and we have some solutions for you.

Steve Campbell is the District Manager for the Central Illinois Market. His cell phone number is 217-722-2386 you may also send him a letter at his address of 208  Elm Street Stonington, IL 62567.

According to several who have spoke to him, he usually doesn’t help much. He leaves a lot of open promises that he never fills.

You can also contact the Pizza Hut National Corporate Operated Call Center directly at 417-882-2300. This call center can take orders directly and send them to the local stores. This is a great number if you are having a problem that day with the local store or the order, the call center will do everything to make it right. They truly understand the aspect of going above and beyond in taking care of the guest.

Hope this helps you guys!

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1 Comment on "Have you had a bad experience at one of the Central Illinois Pizza Huts?"

  1. Steve Campbell is a joke! He is very unprofessional and treats his employees like shit!

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