Has 217-691-0561 Called You? Don’t Worry its just Jasen Manuele!

Hey Guys! So the Reports keep flying in on this damn Jasen Manuele guy. What the hell are you doing out there bro? Do you really just sit in your parents garage and talk shit to just everyone in this town?

So a few people have said they got a call from Jasen at the 217-691-0561 number. Then tons of “Private” calls also. Well after some digging we found out that that cell phone number is Registered to a Janet L. George a Nursing Tech at Memorial Medical Center and living at the address we previously was given for Jasen.

Also if you get any calls from a 217-753-0168, that’s Jasen using the apartment mangers line, I mean his parents home phone.

Remember If you have been a victim of Mr. Manuele and you’d like to contact someone please feel free to use the names and numbers below. These people are well aware of Jasen and will help you!

Sangamon County Assistant States Attorney Brian Shaw – 217-753-6690
Sangamon County Court Services Probation Officer Jennifer S. – 217-535-3193
Sangamon County Sheriffs Office Detective Michael Harth – 217-753-6840
Springfield Police Department Lieutenant Kurt Banks – 217-788-8345 ext. 4357


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8 Comments on "Has 217-691-0561 Called You? Don’t Worry its just Jasen Manuele!"

  1. He’s a punk ass MF tell his ass to come out of that garage and see what happens

  2. Jaden Manuele fb’d me? Im totally creeped out!

  3. You forgot memorial hospital’s mental health unit as a number too. Add that to the phone list!

  4. Has there been anyone else to come forward for the 17th?? Just curious. I see the other posts didn’t have anymore new comments and no one gave up his fake fbs.

    • SpringfieldILExposed | September 15, 2015 at 10:13 pm | Reply

      We understand people are fearful to come forward because he is most likely going to harass them some more. We will have a new story tomorrow on him.

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