Halei S. Brincken Back Escorting & Stripping?

HaleiSBrinckenRemember Halei S. Brincken?

You may remember her from her 2012 Prositution arrest with Sharon Cryane (see Sharon Crayne, Local Prostitute. ).

Well Sharon got out a few months ago from the Department of Corrections (see Hey Brent!!! That Hooker Gets Out In 7 Days! – Sharon Cryane! ). Her child’s father was recently arrested for Child Pornography (story coming soon). Sharon’s Child’s Father is also alleged to have PIMPED out Cierra Hoover (see  17 Year Old Backpage Escort – Cierra Hoover aka CeeCee Boo aka Brittany? ) with other members of Cierra’s family.

Its funny how all these local Escorts are connected in some way or another, damn small ass Springfield.

Anyway Halei here has been off the radar for some time, she though recently has popped back up! According to her own admission she is currently “stripping in Champaign”. Congrats to that! BUT wait a minute why is she now popping back on on our local backpage??? Take a look!
halei Halei1
217-816-1523 interesting.. That is Halei’s cell phone number… Now I dont believe that is her backside, but who knows maybe its changed up a little.

When contacted for a session Halei was very “nervous”, she even as some would say very “sketchy”. Guess shes a little worried doing those “escort sessions” in Springfield.

You may remember Halei also because anytime she got in trouble a Special Prosecutor had to be appointed because her mother worked in the Sangamon County States Attorney’s Office.

When our investigator reached out to Halei about her escorting, she said she was a smart woman and didn’t care. Basically she said everyone knows about her and all we would do is help her!

Tsk Tsk.

Sure it will only be a matter of time before she is picked up on another Prostitution charge here in Sangamon County.

More will come with this story as we discuss the further connections in the local escort market!


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13 Comments on "Halei S. Brincken Back Escorting & Stripping?"

  1. Wasn’t she arrested a few years back on the sane shit? Can she really even deny it at this point?

  2. Well, then I think you’ve answered your own question on what was she doing?

  3. Springfield Exposed presents: to catch a hooker… you could have your own reailty show!

  4. All old news. I’ll always love my best friend. And everyone on here needs to get their own lives. like seriously.


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