Guess What Jasen Michael Manuele!?!?! We are back!

Oh Jasen Michael Manuele….

We are back, and we are going to expose you like no other! Guess what though!? You cant report us to Facebook :).

If you have anything to tell us about Jasen email us today @ !!!

His story will come soon, for those that know him its going to be a long one!

This was submitted by one of our followers…

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44 Comments on "Guess What Jasen Michael Manuele!?!?! We are back!"

  1. Get his ass

  2. Bitch boy

  3. I got a book I can write on this mother fucker! It’s about damn time he goes down. I’d prefer to see him in a jump suit though. Js

  4. Biggest fuckin jerk off there is I have to much to say about this irrelevant poor excuse for a man!!!!! What man do you know would say cruel things about three girls (my girls )father the day they found him deceased

  5. Dude is a joke, he needs to be locked up in a mental institution.

  6. Attention all females stay far away from this pig he is no good nothing but a stalker he has multiple fb pages he will not leave you alone he will harass anyone who know, your job he is a major scumbag.

  7. mary vanwinkle | August 29, 2015 at 10:22 pm | Reply

    This site is a joke…that guy Jason done nothing to anyone but talk shit like everyone else here…he hasn’t hurt anyone and I’m guessing y’all just haters . Really..I know this man and he is not a violent person. He just knows how to piss you off. The sad thing is how much time is invested trying to prove how shitty he is instead of working a real job. My guess is the person behind this must not ha’ve a job or life ..grow up and pay some bills instead of stealing WiFi to talk shit.

    • SpringfieldILExposed | August 29, 2015 at 10:34 pm | Reply

      Hey Jasen!

      mary vanwinkle

      I won’t ban you, can’t wait to see you in court for your OP for threats of raping a 10 year old!

      You must be salty you can’t bully us away lol. But hey at least you can post privately without creating multiple Facebook Accounts!

      • Lmmfao not jason…Sry. I’m a female. And truth is. Y’all are just talking shit. Frfr.

      • Amazing tho..I’m sure the person starting this b.s. is just a shit bum getting link sittin around waiting for the free WiFi to kick back on…lazy asses

      • Wow…I just read that shit…you prove to me he said he ..himself…was going to hurt anyone’s kid…then u won’t see me say another thing. Prove to me he is this person you are trying so hard to make him seem. I think the kid thing u are talking about is a made up story just to piss him or someone off. Unless u can prove to me he is that monster… I will just continue to believe this is his ex just starting shit…..js

        • SpringfieldILExposed | August 30, 2015 at 12:14 am | Reply

          When the full story comes out soon you can then reevaluate your opinion.

        • sorry im his ex and no im not involved in this bs i got priorities n responsibilities to take care of not feed into his fb bs he causes dailey and yes he has called my special needs child a retard and has wished her dead so i wouldnt put anything past him with talking about children so whoever can believe wtf they want cause i dont give a fuck but like i said this is not me postin shit but im sure its one of the hundreds of people he has harrassed!!!!!

          • You’re just as guilty for mentioning things about little black babies!!! You’re a poor excuse of a mother

    • Are you high dude is a fucking whack job

  8. He smokes Crack. He dyes his hair. He rarely sees his oldest kid. Everyone knows he lives in his parent’s garage. I believe someone told me he had herpes too.

  9. Donna young he must not kno how ur husband George rolls if he ever hurt one of ur girls or cane to ur house hecwoukd die

    • Darrell Hanshaw, you are the biggest thief and crackhead in Springfield. Show us your stomach because it will prove what’s happened to you for stealing 🙂

  10. Swear people have nothing better to do but spread rumors and lies about other people. Smh, such a sad world and you people need JESUS desperately!!

  11. I’ve known Jasen for over 5 years and I even share a kid with him and that’s not him at all. He’s not perfect but I’ve read more untrue things than true. The person behind all of this clearly has no life and Jasen is in both of his children’s lives he’s a great dad. I will pray for all of you

  12. I know him and he isn’t a bad guy..Hell anyone can steal a pic and msg themself making shit look bad… karma is no joke tho. So if y’all keep talking bad ..karma may pay u back in ways u least expect. I live life believing what comes around goes whoever this person making these pages finally gets that dose…y’all will see why life is better stAying humble and happy.

    • I know somebody isn’t talking about another person mentioning bad things about children because if I’m not mistaken I’ve witnessed texts from his baby mom talking about little black babies and them burning down inside of there home with their siblings inside of it. Let’s not fail to mention about how she lost custody of her son for hiding a convict in her home and lying to the police and then snitching her way out of her charges. A woman who dates nothing but parolees

    • AMEN!!!

  13. No reason for me to be anonymous
    But I hope this mf gets what he deserves!

  14. Leave my dad out of this he’s I a great dad to me

  15. Jasen extorts money from people saying he is going to do something then after getting the money he blows you off, I gave him 80.00 for some l____ he closed the account. I know of a lady that he took some money from and she went to his dad’s house and his dad gave her the money back.

    • Andrew Griffith | May 25, 2016 at 1:15 pm | Reply

      Luqman, you are not in a position to talk about people being shady with money!! Luqman Hakim likes to have people work on his shit hole condemned house he lives in, runs up a bill over $1200 and offers $30 when payment is demanded. What a fucking joke.

    • Andrew Griffith | May 25, 2016 at 1:18 pm | Reply

      Let’s not forget about the unregistered convicted child molester you were hiding in your house till the U.S. Marshalls showed up and YOUR house where you were hiding him to take him back where he belongs. If he sexually assaulted any other kids while you were hiding his sick ass, then that is directly on you!

      • Andrew Griffith | May 25, 2016 at 1:22 pm | Reply

        This was about Luqman Hakim, not the other idiot being talked about on here. Luqman is a thief and a liar and for some reason hides child molesters when they are unregistered and running from the authorities.

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