65 Year Old Woman Dead After Her Vehicle Struck By Train At North 11th and East Division.

It is unclear the exact details of a fatal accident last night in Springfield.

Springfield police are reporting they responded to the report of a crash with a train at 11:14 p.m.

Upon arrival they found a 65 year old woman in her car alone, which had been struck by a train. She was then rushed to Memorial Medical Center where she later died.

Witnesses told police that the vehicle traveled off the roadway and onto the tracks to the northeast of the intersection before it was struck by the train.

Linda Warmoth-Shelton, 65, was pronounced dead at 12:16 a.m. Monday at Memorial Medical Center, according to the Sangamon County Coroner’s Office.

We do know that investigators aren’t sure why she was hit by the train, but the investigation is still ongoing.

The video below has been circulating around the internet this morning.

BEWARE the video is graphic in nature.

In the video you can hear a witness a man state “She just sat on top of the train and killed herself”.

More to come on this breaking story.

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98 Comments on "65 Year Old Woman Dead After Her Vehicle Struck By Train At North 11th and East Division."

  1. Whoa!!!! Why the fuck are you putting in this video out!?!?!

  2. This is very offensive to her family and friends. I have known this woman most of my life. Please take the video down.

  3. Wow feel bad for the family if they see this! Sad that you have no symphony for people! This is a love ones family member

  4. There is a video someone posted of her actually deceased in her vehicle, apparent suicide!?

  5. This is fucking disgusting and disrespectful as hell

  6. They’re not releasing her info until family and friends are notified and yet your posting a video of this poor woman’s body like that? Have some respect.

  7. Seriously??? Why publish this shit? Especially since the shit fuck that took it is trying to sell it to local news outlets.
    Show some fucking respect and take this shit down.

  8. Even if her info was out no one wants to see a dead lady. Thats fucked up.

  9. If not I will be taking this page off my likes! Be respectful to the family and train crew.

  10. I literally never get offended by things but this is seriously fucked up and disturbing. What kind of POS takes a video like that??!!

  11. Someone contacted wics and wanted to sell them the video. I think it’s horrible someone took this video. I think it’s down right shitty for people to post or share this video

  12. Posts like this make me absolutely disgusted by current society. If you had any decency you would take this down as is being requested by everyone commenting. If this happened to say maybe your mom or dad and you found out from a Facebook video post and had to watch it happen, how in the hell would you feel? So pathetic.

  13. So disrespectful!! Hopefully it gets taken down before more people share this post

  14. This should not be on fb. Omg so damn disrespectful to this poor woman n her family. Im disgusted at the person who was callous enough to walk up n video tape this horrific scene

  15. Omg so sad if the family sees this …. Tim Rodgers

  16. Extremely disrespectful.

  17. Geeezzzzz people! This video is all over Facebook already with almost a 1,000 views,obviously y’all have watched it already so what’s the difference if this page shares the video?!? For those of you who say you’re going to unfollow this page,I highly doubt whoever runs this page cares….They have a ton of followers so they won’t miss you….

  18. This real has me piss.

  19. How disrespectful and disgusting to post this video! As someone who has lost a loved one to a vehicle accident this is horrible for her family friends and loved ones to see. Pathetic way to get attention for your page!

  20. how disrespectful to go and post a video of this deceased woman. can’t believe someone would have the balls to go and video something like this and post it on social media, or go sell it to news stations. if it was my family, I would be calling the proper authorities.

  21. That’s messed up to post that..

  22. WOW wtf…this is not cool at all..why wud someone even wanna record this..this is disrespectful on all types of levels smdh..this needs removed now!!!!

  23. This is sooooo disrespectful I’m sorry but it is…It’s a lady dead like really why wud someone post this video smh disgusting

  24. So if this lady was still alive (in article it says she died later at memorial) why was this dumb fucker hood fuck not helping her.

  25. This just shows how stupid this sight is preying again on peoples tragedy just shoes how disrespectfull they are yet someone records and don’t try n at least pull her out or give her CPR sad you too should b charged for this but the people behind this site has things n their own past of not helping deceased people sick as all get out n very disrespectful and you always want to expose people with lies and not your truths deuces

  26. Disrespectful and disgusting. Plain and simple. That could be somebody’s grandmother who is very sick and didn’t even realize that this was happening. Good job guys

  27. You guys just crossed a line. So rude and disrespectful. And really the people filming are just concerned that she had a nice car. Only trash would think this is ok to post and only trash would think its ok to film it. Absolutely no respect.

  28. And she died at the hospital, so this is actually a video of someone that is in dire need of help. The person who recorded this should feel like shit, cause instead of seeing what they might be able to do, they recorded this to try and make a couple bucks from news organizations. Did springfield exposed pay when the others refused to?

  29. How would you feel if it was YOUR family member people are heartless til its one of their own smh

  30. I love that people are so ignorant and don’t read the actual story anymore…. Just the comments. Because the VIDEO was removed from the story a while ago. Refresh your browsers to clear the cache. Our administration staff took the video offline.

  31. Same thing happened when we “killed” a local celebrity, over 200 shares because no one reads anything, just headlines.

  32. I love that people are so ignorant they would even post the video at all

  33. The video was there when I read the article because I watched it

  34. More to come on this and the people behind the video. We have a full video from the time the vehicle struck the train to the time EMS arrived with audio. There is much much more to this story.

  35. The original video poster still has it up on his page.

  36. I did to and many others…

  37. I hope you expose the piece of fucking shit that took this video and they get exactly all they deserve.

  38. I can’t believe you are even allowing this to be put out there. You are an embarrassment & heartless being. Karma…

  39. Kent Leshaun Brown was the one who videoed this

  40. He tried to sell it on to the news look on news website …what a piece of shit …

  41. This wasn’t suicide, we known the family. It was a heart attack. She was having chest pains that day. Please let this woman rest in peace. She will be missed every much.

  42. Oh wow…the kid that posted this said he was there trying to talk to her and that it was suicide…so he’s just making up stories ?

  43. He just stated He has the video before the accident when she did a u turn and parked on the tracks and video of the whole accident so sad prayers for the family and friends

  44. From the short video from what I can see of the car it looks like the car was hit in the front. And not the side.

  45. Yea..I think he’s saying she parked facing it…like her car was on the tracks directly towards the train

    • Which looking at the damage appears to be true but I would need a better view of the front. I don’t agree with him taking a video of her in the car but taking a video or pics of the car imo would be ok.

    • Yea…I mean that’s different…taking pics of a car wreck is one thing…but he got allllll up in her window and showed her face and everything

    • Imo it was suicide. Due to the damage on the car from that video. In my opinion having a medical condition that causes you to swerve head on into a train is too much of a coincidence

    • If the car was just stopped(hit on side) on the tracks then my opinion would be undecided.

    • Well if the arms for the train were already down and she was trying to get to the hospital or something then she probably tried to go through it .which would have made her face the train

    • That’s the reason virtually all crossing only cover half of the street on each side and I know of none in springfield that cover the the whole road on each side.

  46. Everyone wants to bitch and complain but yet you came to this site and watched it

  47. Wanda M Caudle | April 11, 2016 at 12:18 am | Reply

    I have not seen the video. I have know Linda for over 30 years. People need to know exactly what happened before you TRY to make money off of it. She maybe was disoriented and she was not in good health and not looking for a fee right like most people. Why did these people try to help before the Paramedics got there? Does this answer your question? All about the money. They tried to sell the video….give me a break! What goes around comes around sooner than later. You will get yours in the end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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