Good Girl Gone Bad ? – Hayley Patricia Isringhausen

Hayley Patricia Isringhausen
Meet Hayley Patricia Isringhausen.

Remember our story Local Woman Labeled A “Brain Washed Hooker” In Las Vegas Returns Home To Commit Crimes – Lauren A. Atwood ? Well in the story Ms. Atwood tried to shift a lot of the blame on her recent crimes onto Ms. Isringhausen. Funny looking at Ms. Isringhausen’s arrest record she isn’t apart of that…
Hayley Patricia Isringhausen2
To me it just seems like a DUI and some Weed? Ms. Isringhausen was also arrested for another DUI but wasn’t taken to jail on it and the charges were eventually dismissed by the state.

Just goes to show you that people will try and throw anyone under the bus when they go down. Also goes to show that even the “good girls” in our lovely small town get in trouble too ;).

Most people have some dirty skeletons in their closest, with your submissions anyone could be featured on Springfield Exposed!

Stay Clean, Stay Safe, Stay Classy Springfield!
Hayley Patricia Isringhausen1

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11 Comments on "Good Girl Gone Bad ? – Hayley Patricia Isringhausen"

  1. Does that say she was arrested for weed ? that suuuucks.

  2. Mr. circuit clerk over here with such undisclosed information
    Oh wait

  3. Old news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. This is really a pointless story.

  5. So old news!

    I heard she’s like a famous model in LA now

  6. Brittney McGee…hahaha

  7. ^ Jane Anders looks like she wants a big dick in her mouth

  8. Colin Byrnes | March 13, 2016 at 7:40 pm | Reply

    Damn, i went to school with her

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