Going To Buy Prostitutes Or Driving Drunk Which Is Worst? – Jeffrey Beck

Meet Jeffery Beck

You may or may no remember Jeffery here was the man who was found guilty of Driving Under The Influence on 02/27/2012 for Driving his truck through a house in Buffalo.

Jeffery here was at the time and still is a Illinois Department of Corrections Employee. His father at the time Larry Beck was the Lead Investigator for the ILDOC, his father is now the Warden of the Sangamon County Jail.

We will be bringing you a full story on this case tomorrow, but tonight we have a poll for you.

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The poll will make sense to you tomorrow when the full story runs lol!

Thanks for visiting, we are working nonstop with Facebook Legal to reinstate our previous page as we are not under Illinois Law a bully but merely a News Organization.

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3 Comments on "Going To Buy Prostitutes Or Driving Drunk Which Is Worst? – Jeffrey Beck"

  1. What a shame. He’s cute and lots of females like a man in uniform! But he’s probably following in his dad’s footsteps…we all know sangamon county sheriff’s department has an obsession with prostitutes!

  2. What happened to the full story?

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