GoFundMe Account To Help Family?? Help Get The Husband Out Of Jail That Is… Adam Gordy

Remember our story BEWARE!!! Jennifer Jackson Gordy On the Prowl! ?

Boy was Mrs. Gordy an interesting subject, several emails came in talking about her and her alleged schemes. One of the more interesting ones several people told us about was this GoFund me account to help raise money for her family in need…

Meet Adam Gordy.

Mr. Gordy here was arrested in November 2014 on Possession of Drug Paraphernalia & Theft, both being Misdemeanor charges. He pled guilty to the Theft charge and was sentenced to a fine in January of 2015, which he later defaulted on  and was arrested on a warrant in May of 2015.

His bond in May was $4000 10% to apply, and he sat in the Sangamon County Jail until his bond was posted. During his time in the jail Mrs. Gordy allegedly started a Gofundme account saying things along the line of her family was homeless, no food, and needed help. According to sources she raised the $400 very fast and what do you know Mr. Gordy was bonded out of the jail.

When later confronted about this she removed the posting and denied everything.

Mrs. Gordy has had her fair share recently of run ins with “victims” of hers all over social media. People accusing her of asking for free stuff online then turning around and selling the stuff people have given her for free, to promising to deliver goods to someone after payment and never doing so.

What’s the real story? Is it to feed a Drug Addiction as some say???

We attempted to reach out to Mrs. Gordy but our emails were left unanswered.

Our recommendation is to just stay clear of these two, by that’s just our two cents.


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3 Comments on "GoFundMe Account To Help Family?? Help Get The Husband Out Of Jail That Is… Adam Gordy"

  1. Jennifer Jackson Gordy: the queen of resale group scams.

  2. She went all crazy on me and shit talked me on fb groups

  3. I had an agreement with them on a car I was selling for my cousin. I didn’t have the title right then and they was aware. I agreed to take half down and get a expedited title. The next day I had called my cousin and told her to go to the license branch and call me. I attempted to reach Jennifer and adam and no answer. They had changed phone numbers. I attempted to reach them for weeks. And finally found the copy of the contract and looked her up on facebook. Send a message, and got a reply that she had sent me their new number. This had not happened. So she gave me another number. I called the number multiple times a day and left messages and texts, finally over a week later I said enough was enough. I want to pick the car up. The cops got involved and would not let me take the car because I didn’t have the title with me. I had a picture of the title. And they would not accept that. So I was going to go get the title the next day. But when I was there Jennifer and adam head asked if I would wait a week to give me the money. I wasn’t going to but the next day I came up with the conclusion I would give them this time. So over a week later still no call or nothing. So I texted her. And asked about the money. She had advised me that she filed court papers. And I received them today. One thing she doesn’t know is that when you lie on court papers and try to fraud someone out of money, it turns criminal. She had stated that they wasn’t able to work full time because I didn’t give them the title to the vehicle. THIS WOMAN JUST DOESNT KNOW WHEN TO QUIT. SHE HAD THE CAR THE WHOLE TIME. Sorry you cant file court papers when you change your number, don’t contact me, and then when I had enough run around when I come to pick up the vehicle ask for a week to pay, and not pay…

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