Give Me Phone Call Or Give Me Death – Woman Hangs Herself In The Sangamon County Jail Over Not Being Able To Make Phone Call!

We constantly hear about situation at the Sangamon County Jail, and how inmates rights are violated. Like inmates sleeping on the floor “Sangamon County Jail Overcrowding… No Relief In Sight…” or “Inmates Sleeping On The Floor At The Sangamon County Jail!?“. To Sangamon County Inmates Rights Violated Again??.. The Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office is known for having some “issues” within their jail.

Just last month a woman hung herself in the Jail over not getting a phone call. The woman was being held for another county on a warrant awaiting for them to come pick her up when according to reports she tied a sheet around her neck and hung herself from a door feeding window.

She was no seriously injured and afterwards was placed in a High Risk Observation Cell for her safety and later transported to the county jail she was being held for.

Are conditions in the jail so bad inmates are forced to hang themselves? Are the inmates rights being violated so often that it leads to incidents like this? In the last few months there has been several suicide attempts in the Sangamon County Jail ranging from hangings, to jumping off second story floors, to wrist cutting, etc. Obviously the jail needs to reconsider only having 1 Mental Health Counselor on duty only 4 days a week!

Below you can read the redacted report of this woman’s hanging. We removed her name for privacy reasons.

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6 Comments on "Give Me Phone Call Or Give Me Death – Woman Hangs Herself In The Sangamon County Jail Over Not Being Able To Make Phone Call!"

  1. Someone missed her name a couple of times….Wilcoxson.

  2. Jail isn’t exactly a reward shit I been there it sucks but STOP BREAKING THE LAW AND U CAN AVOID THAT its not worth killing urself over a couple days on jail but spend more money on inmates for mental health what the hell

  3. Jail or not, they still have the right to proper meals and health care

  4. They had that right outside of jail. So sorry u wanna be a criminal and eat 5 star meals and top notch health care when many non criminals don’t even have that. Gees don’t like it don’t do illegal shit.

  5. Right let’s make sure that the murdrs eat steak everyday ugh tf stop breaking the law

  6. They don’t eat steak. How dense can you be? It’s called constitutional rights people.

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