Get In A DUI Car Wreck, Kill Two People, Walk Out Of Hospital With A Ticket?

Remember Andrea Little?

We previously brought your stories on her Andrea Little Is Set To Plea Out! & Andrea Little Fires Her Private Lawyer At Plea Hearing .

You may or may not remember Andrea Little. She has been in the Sangamon County Jail since October 25th, 2014 when she was allegedly in a DUI related car wreck that took the lives of Danielle Allen & Steven Moore. May they both Rest In Peace.

The Illinois State Police finally released the police reports in relation to her arrest and it made us wonder a little and wanted to ask everyone for their opinion.

As you can see in the report, Andrea at first tired to tell the cop she wasn’t even driving… Wow.

Anyway that’s a whole other situation, what we are wondering is why the Illinois State Police didn’t like most agencies stay with a person who is under arrest. In this report it shows the State Trooper issued her tickets and left her at the hospital. It was known at this time that two people had died in relation to the accident why would they even consider that?

It wasn’t until the Judge singed the above warrant…
That the State Police attempted to locate her and arrest her. She was allowed to walk out of the hospital with just a few tickets after allegedly killing two people!

The State Police was lucky she was with her mother at her attorneys office and not on a plane out of the country.
Click Here To Read The Full Illinois State Police Report On Andrea’s Investigation!

Should The Police Have Stayed With Her Untill She Was Released?

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13 Comments on "Get In A DUI Car Wreck, Kill Two People, Walk Out Of Hospital With A Ticket?"

  1. Yes she should have life in prison she murdered them people.I have 2 duis….and I slap myself daily in the face with a what if…..I don’t drink anymore but this could have be….god rest them poor innocent soles….just awlful

  2. She straight up said it was best that her passenger was dead. She doesn’t deserve to see daylight again.

  3. She should have definitely been under arrest until the states attorney had time to review evidence and make a case to prosecute.

  4. People make mistakes but damn! You wanna drive drunk then do it somewhere your only a threat to yourself. Don’t take another life because of stupidity

  5. This just makes me sick. I still relive seeing this accident happen every single day as I drive by the scene of something that’s so horrible and yet could have been prevented. I relive this nightmare all the time. I remember helping her out of the car and my heart turning cold and angry at the smell of liquor on her breath. She deserves to sit in prison the rest of her life.

  6. I hate this stupid b**** I hope she rots in jail she ran me off the road with my kids in the car before she killed two people

  7. I still can’t drive that down that road since the accident and I still have nightmares

  8. Can I ask how you got all this information I am one of the victims and I’ve never seen any of this information before and we go back to court on November

  9. Isn’t this the lady that killed the girl from pleasant plains?

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