From Inmate To Fellow Guard? SCSO Colleen Kerouac

What happens when the police investigate the police?

What happens when it becomes a he said she said?

What happens when the sex is so good in the jail it continues on the street (and we aren’t talking about homosexual sex here)?

Our office was tipped off about a Correctional Officer in the Sangamon County Jail, who allegedly had sexual relations with an inmate in the jail then continued the relationship on the streets (according to the inmate).

The young man was able to describe the inside of the Officers house, said he had clothes there etc. What was the officers response? “He came to my house to do some counter top work”. Guess that is one way to protect your job right?

But it becomes a he said she said problem, and ultimately the police are investigating themselves in these kind of complaints.

Springfield Exposed Investigates! We will have more on this developing story this week!

If you have a story on Colleen Kerouac from her official or non official duties we’d love to hear it! As we’ve been told this isn’t just a one inmate ordeal! As always you can come to us anonymous we just want your information!

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24 Comments on "From Inmate To Fellow Guard? SCSO Colleen Kerouac"

  1. This story is bullshit and the guy who sold it to you is a lying heroine addict. Before publishing stories you should look at your source.

  2. Obviously you don’t when you can’t even spell names correctly

  3. Alicia Barnes | March 1, 2016 at 9:14 am | Reply

    Why don’t u post your own record parole? Too long too hard hugh? Get a real job, oh wait, u cant! lol

  4. Alicia Barnes | March 1, 2016 at 9:26 am | Reply

    Heroine is heroine idiot

    • Alright bitches and hoes, time to learn the difference between heroine and heroin.




      a woman admired or idealized for her courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.

  5. If you’re such a good investigative reporter, why don’t you ask her what happened? Why are you only taking the word of the idiot who told you this.? Oh yeah where is he right now? Oh yeah prison !! Where you are going to end up, aren’t you out on bond right now? I suggest you not post anything else about her.

  6. She shouldn’t have to answer to any of this! Especially when it’s coming from an inmate! Of course they will make up stories- they are in jail and have nothing better to do! You didn’t mention that this inmates father ownes a tile company therfore he would be suitable to do counter work! I’m sure all the ppl that know her best know the truth and would know if some douce bag had clothes at her house! I used to like your page and think your stories were legit but now I know it’s all made up bullshit the an esquire magazine!

  7. I did spell word wrong but I’m not the one publishing stories. Also, you have not even contacted her to get her side which is totally wrong too. To believe someone who is currently in jail and telling lies is ridiculous. You really need to check your friends and your facts before you go around making up stuff. You will never be seen as a credible journalist because you take whatever story someone tells you while you’re high and you run with it. I suggest you go back to school, get a real job and then people will take you more serious. I hope I find something out about you so I can put you on blast. I should just make it up since that’s what you do.

  8. If he is such a bad person and a addict why would she hire him and not a local computer company?

  9. Mistake on putting computer

  10. She was hiring him to do the work because her friends husband is unfortunatly related to him and thought she would give him a chance to better himself!

    • A chance to better himself? She’s in law enforcement long enough she should know better about criminals ‘bettering themselves’ lol.

  11. I heard that the guy robbed her house and pressed charged on him…that’s just what I heard.

  12. Somebody should FOIA the IA investigation report that contains her text messages to him (hint hint). They pretty much detail the ongoing relationship, wait, unless he stole her phone and texted himslef like she claimed (BS)?….she hired him to do more than just some tile from what those messages said…lol

  13. naomi painter | March 10, 2016 at 12:29 pm | Reply

    Colleen is freaking awesome

  14. James Williams | July 7, 2016 at 9:13 pm | Reply

    Please …Colleen ain’t jepordizing her job for some nothing ass inmate. She’s obviously a beautiful person inside and out which is why everyone loves her but to bash her on the internet is a bunch of bs. This story is so old anyway it’s already been investigated.

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