Former Escort & Convicted Child Abuser Working At MCDONALDS!?!?! – Jacqueline Burnes


Rememeber Jacqueline Burnes?? From BEWARE Escort Robbery!? – JACQUELINE BURNES AKA JACKY BURNES!!! , Remember Jacqueline Burnes !?!? , JACQUELINE BURNES Back In The Courthouse News, Testifies She is “Workin Wit Da Police”!, #FOLLOW UP – JACQUELINE BURNES – Pleas Out And Same Day Is Charged With Two New Felonies! ?

It was brought to our attention that Ms. Burnes is working at ANOTHER Mcdonalds here in Springfield. This is after the last one she worked at got robbed by her boyfriend, and the management staff stated they believed she had something to do with it.

This is also after her recent conviction of Child Abuse! Ms. Burnes is even on the National Violent Offender Against Youth Registry!!!



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2 Comments on "Former Escort & Convicted Child Abuser Working At MCDONALDS!?!?! – Jacqueline Burnes"

  1. Good grief, where would you have her work? McDonalds isn’t exactly a steady career move. Take a look at any fast food restaurants or food service dishwashers and you’ll find a majority of them have felony charges from their past. Piss off you self righteous douche.

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