Former DejaVu “Dancer” turned Escort – Sally AKA Kayla Beechler

We have had our fair share of local “Dancers” that have turned into “Escorts” that we have “Exposed” over time.

Tonight we bring you another local former “dancer” who is allegedly turning “tricks” now as an “escort”.

Meet Kayla Beechler!

You may recognize Ms. Beechler as she has commented on several stories over recent months here on .

Take a look at the following Springfield IL Backpage Ad.

See that Phone Number 618-570-6041?

That number is registered to Ms. Beechler on an AT&T Cellular Device. It is also attached to her personal Facebook Page!
In a conversation with Ms. Beechler about her “escort services”, she was very nervous. She stated she was worried about “law enforcement”, and that she use to be “a good girl” and just danced.

We all can imagine what happens at these “escort sessions”, especially since Ms. Beechler is worried about law enforcement. As you can read in her ad she advertises those 34 DDD boobs for your pleasure! Who wants to “play” with Kayla?

Hopefully she can take this as a wake up call and stop this before she gets in too deep.

She has not been arrested or charged with any crime,  but clearly she is worried about it.


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60 Comments on "Former DejaVu “Dancer” turned Escort – Sally AKA Kayla Beechler"

  1. Smh that 2nd picture looks like her bun hole is blown out lhh

  2. Yeah, god forbid women use sex to their advantage or gain!

  3. This is someone setting her up

  4. Mrs langheim has a lot of room to talk research her court history. you could doa mile long story. Vehicle theft ,child abuse,adultrey ,drug abuse,sucking guys off for vicodin,leaving her kids in her car , cheating on her late husband an administratpr with a method dealer !!!

  5. Kdubb Marie ain’t this your friend??

  6. Lmfaooo Jannea Caillier

  7. My eyes were so not ready for this lol

  8. Lmfaooo. I wanna know who told her any of that was cute

  9. Jannea Caillier & Kandi Conaway we saved yall from the really grose pics lol.

  10. Good one Kelsey Simmons! You’re a psycho!

  11. Lmfao. This is great.

  12. Oh ain’t nothin wrong with selling yourself for money. Trying to make a living like everyone else

  13. I like how some of these women commenting. Its hilarious. Im sure if your stories got out wouldnt be laughing.

  14. Damn I just saw this apparently someone thinks I got beef on them lol! This is crazy if its true I used to go to church with her and we hung out as kids. I honestly am speechless and pray this isn’t true .

  15. I also can’t unsee this

  16. Lmfao can ya say TRASH!!

  17. Hey, if someone would pay me….

  18. She is in sangamon county jail!

  19. Yep she sure is for felony retail theft. Shes also lost her kids back in may when she od on heroin, with her kids in the house. Nasty fucking whore.

  20. She does have one hell of a hot body.

  21. She is hot, I’m glad I got the number,

  22. John Hollowman | January 24, 2017 at 6:42 pm | Reply

    this stupid-ass site is dead, and good riddance.

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