Former Army National Guard Member Kevin Derek Wicker – SEXUAL PREDATOR- 56 WOODSMILL DRIVE SHERMAN , IL 62684

Kevin Derek Wicker like the little kids…

Mr. Wicker also was in the Army National Guard according to docket entries “Defendant is allowed to travel to Missouri for the purposes of Army National Guard training from March 23, 2013 to May 4, 2013.”

Oh and he got probation too… “Defendant’s motion to withdraw plea of not guilty to Count II, Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse, a class 2 felony. Defendant advised of rights and possible penalties and knowingly waives same. Plea of guilty accepted. Judgment entered on plea. Pursuant to negotiations, the Defendant is hereby sentenced to 48 months probation. Defendant ordered to follow the Order of Conditions of Probation and Addendum of Sex Offender Conditions. See written order. Defendant is sentenced to 180 days in the Sangamon County Jail with credit for 2 days served awaiting trial. “

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16 Comments on "Former Army National Guard Member Kevin Derek Wicker – SEXUAL PREDATOR- 56 WOODSMILL DRIVE SHERMAN , IL 62684"

  1. 15 and 19? Would love to hear more about the circumstance. I know it is against the law…but 4 years apart? Was it forced? Was it in a relationship?

  2. That would be greater than 13 I went to school with both of them she was 15 he’s a great friend of mine and this pisses me off.

  3. Let’s know the whole story before you think the worst you post something that says child and people automatically think a little kid not a high schooler, if you ask anyone in high school most have had sex by 15 and almost all of their partners are older! There’s no reason for this damn page to be up it is cruel, found guilty or not he is a great human being, friend,brother, and son he would give his shirt off his back for anyone in need. But no matter how great he is people are going to look at him like he is a monster because of 1 mistake .

  4. He could have been dating her with the consistent of the parents and when they broke up she flipped the story y post something that can ruin this mans image he fought for ur freedom

  5. You guys are petty as fuck I know that guy he won’t hurt no kids

  6. You all are saying the “victim” was 15 but if you read the sex offender registry thing it says victim was 13 not 15 either way he was 4 yrs or more older than the “victim” which means he knew it was illegal especially if he knew at the time the age of said “victim”

  7. I like how everyone is sticking up for the sexual predator….a real man knows better…raise your standards people

  8. So basically this is a case of a senior dating a freshman.

  9. Snarky McSnark | August 25, 2017 at 1:45 am | Reply

    so he gets time to the past..2013? 😀

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