FOOD FOR THE BRAIN – LED Colored Lights Around Foreigner’s Businesses

Some random food for your brain here tonight.

So a few people wrote into us here recently about these LED Colored lights that have appeared around the windows of a majority of the foreign businesses.

Well guys it is not just a Springfield thing its happening in almost every city from New York to Detroit to Miami, to San Francisco!

The factual basis for it is “religion”, but several conspiracy type people have hinted its a message for when we are attacked on our homeland for those businesses to be left alone.

What do you think!?

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237 Comments on "FOOD FOR THE BRAIN – LED Colored Lights Around Foreigner’s Businesses"

  1. I think they gonna buy up so much and blow it all up at same time so we all die if they get every liqour store hotel gastaion and convenience shop around its very possible bro

  2. Ive been wondering the same thing myself?

  3. Yeah, I thought I was the only one who noticed that!

  4. Should I give my point of view?

  5. From my research it means it’s Muslim owned. For some reason they get 2 years tax exempt & the money gets shipped back to Muslim countries for terrorists equipment. After 2 years is up they transfer it into a family members name for another 2 years. I wonder who gave them 2 years tax free & is it just a conspiracy that he’s also Muslim leader? If he’s not then why did he bow the the Saudi King?
    Some are Hindu stores but most are Muslim. If you go in and ask Hindus will gladly tell you they are Hindu. Muslims will try to deny it. After 9/11 I can’t respect anyone that follows the Koran.

  6. I’m sorry it’s 7 years tax exemption & the same rules still apply they sale it to a family member & get an extra 7 years!

  7. Everyone already knows that… Wasn’t this post about LED lights?! Lol and Obama didn’t give the tax exemption to them… It’s been that way for years. Do better research!

  8. Regardless who gave them it it’s bullshit us Americans have to struggle and work our ass off which is okay but why do these foreigners get to make all this money tax free it’s bullshit us Americans should get the choice of going tax free before some foreign people get that option this is our home and land shouldnt we get the option first or better yet tax us all not pic and choose who gets taxed

  9. This website is nothing but a cesspool of ignorant trashy bullshit, get fucked

  10. Didn’t say it was right. Just stating it has nothing to do with the original question, with false accusations at that. People just want a reason to bitch and moan

  11. What a ignorant and racist post…… Ppl r so uneducated….. Everyone on here talking all this big talk but yet I bet when y’all want ur bottle or something ur right there at their tax free store getting ur shit….

  12. And how many of these stores are there in the US!? And wonder why we’re 11 trillion in debt!

  13. Too many to count & we are 20 trillion in debt!

  14. Again the original question why are foreigners putting LED lights around their businesses….. The only foreigners doing this are Muslim and/or Hindu. Hindu will gladly tell you they are Hindu a Muslim will hide it. Only people that are guilty got something to hide like OBAMA!

  15. Brean Mercer you are up on here bitching and moaning that nothing was stated about the original question. Let me spell it out for you….. M U S L I M owned stores use LED lights on their businesses. Can you read that sweetheart or do you need help?

  16. Is a cashier at Walgreens & a welfare collector of 6 children trying to school people?!?

    I know it’s the beginning of the month & you just got your check but sit the fuck down. You’re welcome btw & I think someone needs help picking out some Advil in aisle 6 or maybe you can buy yourself some condoms & stop reproducing. The rest of the world begs you!

  17. Next Muslim rally that will take place is June 4, 2016 in Springfield, IL. It will be downtown you can’t miss us. Our leader jihad wants us to rant “death to America” & “death to Isreal” we hope to have every home in the 217 area code HEAR OUR VOICES!

  18. Burning of the American Flags will start at 3pm sharp!

  19. Holly Wood bitch ur fucking stupid. Go sit tf down. Lhh. Glad to see I must affected u to see u research my profile and count my kids. Lhh.

  20. I’m an amercian and served our country… Don’t see you signing up to do the same thing.!!! musilims can’t deny their religion. It’s against their beliefs. Same as Christianity. And to you saying “who gave them 2 years tax free & he’d also Muslim leader? You did imply Obama gave it to them idiot.

  21. Never said I agreed with the tax exemption, pisses me off too. It’s def not fair and I feel those exemptions should be for Americans not new citizens. But the LED light thing is a far stretch to say it’d for them to not attack. We all better put them in our Windows huh?

  22. I’ll just leave that there

  23. Hope that welfare check is paying off good!

  24. Rachel Perkington is by far the dumbest bitch I have ever had an encounter with…. I’m out! You can’t fix stupid. 6 kids & welfare checks society is fucking doomed

  25. Holly Wood dats my bestfrand dats my bestfrand !!!

  26. make sure u school these goofies……lol

  27. She’s not schooling anyone she looks like a dumb ass!

  28. When you’re at the beach/pool but people say you’re naked for attention. Last time I checked people wear bikinis to the pool or the beach or am I wrong?

  29. Or is it because you’re this fucking ugly & you’re jealous of someone? Ol dusty ass whores

  30. 6 kids, 2 baby daddies at the age of 26!!! You are winning in life! If we stop paying our taxes she won’t have Internet to run her mouth. WELFARE CHECKS are for your children! Shame on you!

  31. your so stupid get a life and calling people names shows how well educated u are

    • I’m gonna have your teeth handed to you

    • I’m sorry u feel that way but do whatever u have to i’m here

    • Did you want to explain this? Proof your son & yourself are pissed your daughter refuses to work but she can lay around with her legs open without a problem. Before you get into drama you can’t back up you might want to put your keyboard away!

    • I don’t need to explain anything to a childish uneducated alcoholic with maltable dui ‘s bet your mother is really proud of u and how u talk to people i’m sure u don’t have many friends I feel sorry for u god bless u and hope u learn to grow up

  32. Lmmfao keep it coming Holly Wood cause ur not hurting nobody. Ur mad cause ur an idiot.

  33. So ur lashing out to make urself look better.

  34. But ur still an idiot

  35. Old, ugly & naked as Rachel Perkington would say

  36. That comment was corrected Rachel for the 112th time

  37. For the record….. All you nasty ass cunts that want to call someone ugly & old you got shown the fuck up! Lashing out would be you nasty ass hoes because you’re upset your 6 kids need welfare. You called your whole family in to do something. You’re all dumb as fuck. 6 kids at 26 with multiple baby daddies says enough I think!

  38. I only stated the facts about you people & you took offense to the TRUTH. You wanna call me old, ugly, naked pictures on Social Media? I didn’t know people wore sweatpants to the beach! I’ll put it out there for all too see I don’t have anything to be ashamed or embarrassed about. Take another look maybe it’ll get you more upset

  39. SPRINGFIELDS FINEST COMES PUT OF THE WOODWORK FOR MUSLIMS!!! Yay keep it classy SPRINGFIELD! You people are fucking winning!

  40. My boss’s have them around their building, they are from Macedonia, they own several places around Illinois and probably have more money then most dream of..

  41. How’s your job going look like several people find you a loser. WOW!!!!!!!!!!


  43. Im confused…which ones are the racists on this post lol

  44. It’s about religion but some people aren’t smart enough to realize that you have a right to not like or be a part of certain religious. Some people choose to stand by religion that gives off hate. Then they think making personal attacks or talking shit is going to get them somewhere other then butt hurt & in tears!

  45. Holly Woodu need me fam and holly wood is know racist we have a big family of all kinds of races !!!!js

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  52. Rachel Perkinton DELETED ALL HER COMMENTS OUT OF EMBARRASSMENT! Don’t talk shit if you don’t want to be sent home crying

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  55. Rachel Perkinton all the comments sync to the website usually to so if you delete here they are still there.

  56. I didn’t delete any comments thank you

  57. That Jenna girl was just on 217 deals THIS WEEK trying to sell sample formula she got in the mail and 5 boxes of cereal that was wic..

  58. She said it wasn’t wic and that she bought all the baby food off a site, then in the same post said she went to the store several times and kept buying the same thing bc she forgot she had already bought the stuff from the times before she made a trip to the store.. She was lying so much she forgot the lie she made up to cover a lie..

    Ummmmmm that’s gross.. I see tax payers for her food stamps feeds her well..

  59. Her & Rachel both get food stamps. Rachel has 6 kids & no job. That’s why they have time to scam the system all day!

  60. They were looking for a fight. They started personal attacks because I said the Koran promotes hate & violence. I guess 1 of their sisters is married to a Muslim so she thought she was going to run her mouth. I see her talking trash to people constantly. Unfortunately for her I can find everything out about her

  61. Holly Wood all religion promotes hate history has shown that.. I personally get scared sometimes when is see muslim people I’m working on it but its just how I feel .. not all people are bad .everyone can take there religion to the extreme and do stupid things for it. also don’t mind anyone talking about you ignore negativity

    • I don’t believe in religions either. I don’t think everyone should just be themselves & believe what they want but out of all religions Muslims practice the most hate. It’s not just some it’s all. Some just hide it better than others. If they follow the Koran they are hateful. If they didn’t want to think that way they would drop out of the religion completely

    • I don’t know anything about the Koran but I try hard not to fund Muslim shops my self not because I’m racist I’m not it’s just there is to much craziness going on also I used to work at a grocery store a man came through my line he was a nice man however he used tax exempt and food stamps on sodas for his shop he had a cart full piled higher then the cart of two liters and another time 12packs I was like oh your having a party he said no . plus they get better medical care then people born here even better then Muslims born here it drives me crazy

    • There are good and bad people doesn’t matter what you look like or what your religion is not everyone follows the bible to the T otherwise there would be a lot of people getting stoned to death some choose to follow what they believe within the religion it’s all about what you believe in your head I however think if your going to go for religion you don’t get to basically make one up and still call it that religion I don’t understand that but everyone is entitled to there own beliefs if I see Muslim I’m defiantly going to say hello if need be and I could befriend one too because once upon a time well still to this day people got and get scared to be around black people and group us all up too.

  62. Holly needs to have her skanky ass gangbanged.

  63. has anyone heard that song cant keepmy hands to myself great song let me post it for everyone!!!!

  64. 1. The Qur’an has a script that says to cause violence to anyone who doesn’t believe in their religion and 2. The one teen that was involved in the Paris bombing was being hidden from house to house in a Muslim village by your “everyday/average” Muslim and these people why we have nothing but poor taste for them!!

  65. Jenny you know by now I’m not gonna let trash call me old ugly & orange. She will get treated & schooled. That’s why she deleted.

  66. That os me behind u!!!!

  67. Bash at Hometown Pantry in MacArthur invites the OP and the conspiracy theorists to come in and tell him all this to his face. Let’s see how many of you internet tough guys show up.

  68. I know twat waffles

  69. Who the fuck is talking about trains? 6 kids puts you on a list bigger that Amtrak! Ol crusty beat up pussy whore wants to talk shit when her pussy ain’t nothing but a check from the government……I wish a bitch would! How’s that link card treating you? Or that wic program? I think someone’s jealous cause they never got a chance to get up in it.


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  72. D….. Who the fuck is gonna gangbang me?! Bring it bitch! All you dusty ass welfare collecting cunts go something to say but can’t do shit!

  73. I think its just business.. I don’t think there is any special ‘code’.. Americans light up their businesses as well.. Its called attracting customers.. Places that are lit up appear safer. I’ve been in several countries and lighting up a business is a normal thing to do.

  74. Amber nailed it , front of my business has lights , because customers couldn’t find the office , and it is very American owned and run , just needed to draw attention to the front door. Lets face it , Illinois is Rampant with Prejudice , even against Americans.

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