FOOD FOR THE BRAIN – Gas Powered Bicycles!

Hey everyone!

So a lot of people have been writing into us about those annoying little gas powered bicycles you see flying around town.

Half of them can’t stop fast enough, almost all of them don’t follow the rules of the road, the drivers don’t have to have insurance but travel as fast as a car, but our city isn’t doing anything to stop them!

How do you feel about them?

What should or city do to get the riders under control?

Does someone have to seriously get hurt or die from them?

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9 Comments on "FOOD FOR THE BRAIN – Gas Powered Bicycles!"

  1. There not as bad as everyone thinks, and not everyone that rides has a DUI. Some of us ride because we enjoy, some because gas is much cheaper, and some yes do have DL issues. But, to each there own. If u have ur shit together and choose to enjoy, why not??

  2. I think they are awesome!! I don’t ride but I would.. No worse than some of the actual vehicles running around..

  3. They need to learn the rules of the road. Seen a few fly thru intersections and blow by stop signs. A couple almost got hit by a car.

  4. Hello…. When I’m wasted as fuck and can’t afford a taxi because it would take away my booze money I need to get home. After the cops gave me 6 DUI’s for barely being drunk I got one of these bikes. Sometimes I make it home but a few times I’ve woken up in my neighbors yard. I do yell out I’m turning left or right but when I’m wasted I speak in cursive

  5. Daryl Lunsford | May 4, 2016 at 3:44 pm | Reply

    I almost hit one running without lights up the sidewalk at 9th & Jefferson one night. I was crossing 9th from one parking lot to the one on the opposite side and he came from out of nowhere. Barely missed him.

    Another one almost hit ME as I was walking around the corner of a building onto a sidewalk on 6th. Missed me by inches. I heard him say “sorry” but he never slowed down a bit.

  6. I have a clean driving record and 3 vehicles but i ride one for fun. The judgmental dirty looks people give me are unreal…

  7. Angel Brinkley | May 4, 2016 at 8:16 pm | Reply

    I think they’re annoying as fuck not to mention they’re loud and scare my babies. Throw them in the trash, that’s share they belong.

  8. Angel Brinkley | May 4, 2016 at 8:17 pm | Reply

    I think they’re annoying as fuck not to mention they’re loud and scare my babies. Throw them in the trash, that’s where they belong.

  9. Now that I think about it , I don’t think there’s a statute against Rocket Powered Skateboards? , except in July , Might need a Fireworks permit?. In a cash strapped State , you would think at least a plate would be required , at a price of course , and then all the folks who almost got speed bumped by one , Or woke up at 1-3 A.M could report it.I don’t think all moto-bike riders are bad , but many are License revoked due to Alcohol , and therefore , shouldn’t have any motor on any Roadway no matter how blinky the lights , or bright their safety vest.

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