#FOLLOWUP #UPDATE – New Alert Flyer!!! Jasen Manuele! Keep Sharing!!!

Remember the flyer we brought to you in our story NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH – Jasen Michael Manuele ??

Boy has it taken off, we are getting pictures of it hanging up all over the place! Once the weather gets nice we have heard that a local Support Group is going to go door to door and pass them out to every house in the surrounding neighborhood of Mr. Manuele’s Garage.

We have gotten our hands on an updated version of the flyer and wanted to share it with you!
Click Here For The Full Color PDF!!!

Keep sharing!!! Let the entire city know about this man!!


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6 Comments on "#FOLLOWUP #UPDATE – New Alert Flyer!!! Jasen Manuele! Keep Sharing!!!"

  1. Elizabeth Davis lol found this

  2. I’m not shocked in the slightest…dude has some serious issues…who in their right mind threatens to rape a child? Oy vey.

  3. Yea that’s so messed up

  4. Melissa Beth Nissen is scaming money from people , she was last seen in Tampa, Florida. She got $30,000 dollars from me, Be Carefull!!

  5. Trish payne | June 7, 2018 at 5:24 pm | Reply

    Wow did you file charges a civil suite her old man is in prison may wantbto check out around Hamilton ci in Jasper Florida. Michael McGuire is his name

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