FOLLOWUP!!! “Stolen” Fundraiser Money “Donated”! WAY TO GO SPIRAL OUT TATTOOS !!!!

You may remember last month we brought you the story Spiral Out Tattoos and Body Piercings Allegedly Stole Over $4000 From The Autism Society Of Illinois Central Chapter! .

In that story it was brought to the spotlight that what was reported to be around $4100 was “missing” and not “donated” to the Autism Society of America – Central Illinois Chapter from Spiral Out Tattoos and Body Piercings. A lot of speculation was made and a lot of comments were made that Spiral Out “spent” the money and was trying to replace it. Who knows what really happened, but this what we know happened.

The event was on April 21st & 22nd this year.
The first week of June it was brought to our attention that the money hadn’t been donated, and people were insinuating that the money was “stolen/misappropriated”.
We reached out to  the Autism Society of America – Central Illinois Chapter and they confirmed the previous year it had only taken 2 weeks to receive the donation, but they HAD NOT received anything this year.
On June 17th we aired our story.
After our story aired  Spiral Out Tattoos and Body Piercings. reached out to  the Autism Society of America – Central Illinois Chapter and set up a meeting with them.

Well that date has come finally. Yesterday Spiral Out Tattoos and Body Piercings released this video statement (Thanks For The Shoutout!)

Autism Society of America – Central Illinois Chapter did confirm last night that a check was presented to them from Spiral Out Tattoos and Body Piercings .

At the end of the day, not matter what happened in-between the money did get donated in the sum of $5100!

As you can see in the video, the owner made several reasons why this year it took almost 90 days to donate, while last year it only took two weeks. The good thing is though that because of this story action was taken and around $5100 was donated.

And that is what Springfield Exposed is good for, to get answers that people wanted, and proper action. Thank you readers! 

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60 Comments on "FOLLOWUP!!! “Stolen” Fundraiser Money “Donated”! WAY TO GO SPIRAL OUT TATTOOS !!!!"

  1. They ain’t as bad as everyone puts on. Stephen Klein and Rachel DeVault r very good people. They do these events to help charity events.

  2. I think a public appology should be made.

  3. And at least can we know who started all this now that we made right on our end you know no bashing just would like to know who the snake is

  4. And you guys slammed a great business that does great things for your amusement!!! Did you ever think that some people have things happen in life that may put other things on the side burner. Maybe you should apologize instead of thumping on your chest!!!!!

  5. They won’t apologize they are just to petty to make it right.

    • I wouldnt either. They got caught n donated it after the fact. You hate this page but you comment on literally everything ☕

  6. No need to apologize. What was said was true. The money hadn’t been donated and the date hadn’t been set for it to be donated till after we ran the story.

  7. How about you make a public apology?!

  8. You said it was stolen

  9. See to petty to apologize

  10. Hey Springfield IL Exposed. Here’s a question for you. Spiral out just made a $5100.00 donation to this charity for local kids. Your listed as a NON PROFIT. Please publicly show where any of you have made a charitable donation to a reputable organization of Any AMOUNT over 51 cents since being listed as a non profit…… We are all patiently waiting. So it took Spiral Out a little longer than you liked to get everything in order. Lets SEE how long it takes you to post anything from your start date donation related with PROOF of course. With this being said Stephen Klien and Rachel Devault and the crew at Spiral Out you will see with everyone else whos really shady here. Lets watch them come up with excuses. If they don’t respond by the end of the week everyone reading this slam their page with user submissions demanding records proving they as a non profit has made any type of donation to a reputable charity with proof if its not posted in 24 hours SLAM thier user submissons with fraud allegations.

  11. News outlets have been sued like crazy over false user content like this, you guys better recant and publish an apology for all the libel and slander done to Spiral Out. What you posted was legally responsible for lawsuits. Report the truth like a respected estate.

  12. .at least shoulda waited to see what happened on the proposed date before claiming spiral out was stealing.hell i personally know cody lay and he woulda never been apart of no shit like that.cant believe everyones user submitted news or whatever story it is.

  13. I went there to get my puzzle piece on Friday night. I was the last person in line. By the end of the night they were down to 1 artist. They told me to come back and they would make it up to me. I said OK. Tried to schedule a few appointments and was told just to come in, they had enough artists that one would be free. They were all booked when I came in. I did schedule an actual appointment in May, showed up, and my appointment was no longer on that day. It had been moved. I said since I’m mot getting the tattoo when I was scheduled, I wanted my money back. I was told the money had already been donated. In May!!! I said fine, I’ll take appointment that it was moved too. I had to cancel due to being in the hospital and was told to just call to reschedule when I got out. I called and was told that it was to late to get that tattoo, they were no longer doing them. So I’m out the money and won’t get my tattoo.

  14. No shit! Of course they were.

  15. I love reading and seeing about Spiral Outs downfall. The owner stole about $500 from me at MadHatter and claimed the boss (which was her husband) did not honor the certificate due to new ownership?? Shows how dirty they are

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