#FOLLOWUP – Should I Tell Letter? 120 Days Later The Plot Thickens!

Remember our first user submitted “Letter to the Editor”? (See Should I Tell Story!?!??)

You may remember is because a ton of people voted for the reader to “Tell” and for us to “Expose” the no good dirty cheating whore.

Our reader wrote back in to us over this last week to catch us up to date!

Needless to say he hasn’t “told” yet… BUT he HAS been seeing the girl as the “Side Nigga” now for 7+ months! Her boyfriend has NO IDEA that his girl is getting dicked down while he is at work occasionally and that she secretly is living a double life.

The reader said things took a turn about a month ago when the girl thought she might be pregnant. Apparently she started treating him differently and they haven’t been sexually as active as they use to be. They do still talk daily and see each other 4 or 5 times a week at her job. Occasionally they hang out outside of her while her boyfriend is working and shes off. Apparently she loves getting fucked in the same bed that she sleeps with her boyfriend in.

She told our reader that “she has a problem” that she is addicted to sex, but that she can’t keep this double life going. She is ending the second life and telling him shes done, but she wants to stay FRIENDS. That sex if no longer a requirement that they will be just friends and if it happens it happens. She basically told him she can no longer be his “little sex toy”.

Our reader asked us if we would expose her for being the no good cheating whore she is. He offered up videos, pictures, texts, the whole nine yards.

What do you think? Should we do it? Does she deserve it? Should it be put on public notice what she did? Is his wrong for being upset?

Its a toss up lets hear your thoughts, while we upload and sort out the naughty video and pictures for your viewing pleasure!

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29 Comments on "#FOLLOWUP – Should I Tell Letter? 120 Days Later The Plot Thickens!"

  1. Wow lol someone is ready to blast her.

  2. Absolutely you should!

  3. Do it everyone else gets exposed why not her? If she a cheater her man need to know

  4. I think it needs to be done

  5. Post that shit, pussy ass mofo

  6. No body said no yet so its a go!!! Lol

  7. The plot thickens! The Boyfriend has been accused of rape while in high school, got older and was accused of aggravated criminal sexual assault to a child, has been arrested for beating up his girl friends when they tried to leave him. Apparently he doesn’t take no or rejection well at all! We even briefly featured the boyfriend previously on this website, but didnt know all of that!!!!

  8. It the person u just posted her?

  9. So what’s the hold up!!!i forgot all about this story!! Very interesting got me on the edge of my seat!! Lol

  10. Whoa well ain’t the whole point of this to expose people well at least expose scum bags like that damn people need to be aware n she’s known that n kept sleeping with him? That’s twisted

  11. They are a prime example of why I like this site. That’s crazy I hope your doing a story on that sick f#*k

  12. Now is the question do we expose her first or blast the alleged rapist?

  13. He’s more dangerous but that’s up to you!! Lol

  14. I think that if he is dangerous and beats up the women he is with, then it is possible that she is afraid to leave, and by “exposing” her YOU could be endangering her. I followed this site thinking there might be some good after you all outed an alleged pedophil and dangerous people, but seriously how other people choose to live their lives isn’t your business. The guy who sent you these messages could be butthurt that she doesn’t want to sleep with him anymore and decided to run her name through the mud. This page is turning into a shitty town gossip page.

  15. So…. Are we gunna put dude on blast or no??? This story has me wondering who n what lol

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