#Followup Heather Dawn Singer Animal Abuser!

Remember Heather Dawn Singer?

District 186 School Employee Calling Kids N*ggers & B*tches – Heather Dawn Singer

This is a follow up to the story Heather Dawn Singer Convicted Of Inhumane Treatment Of Animals .

Beware this story has some graphic photos in it.

On August 30th, 2013 Ms. Singer was arrested for Animal Abuse according to a Springfield IL Police Report. CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL POLICE REPORT

On that date it was over 90 Degrees outside with a minimal breeze and Ms. Singer had two dogs outside with no shade, food, or water!

When asked why…. She told police that she is a single mother and it is hard to take care of the animals.
Want to know what is even more crazy?
Pursuant to the plea of No Jail time just some supervision and a fine she got the dog that didn’t die back!
Guess Sangamon County Assistant States Attorney Kim feels a dogs life is only worth $320…
Too bad that cop couldn’t put her in the back of the car with no AC like she did those poor dogs.

Below are the crime scene photos from Ms. Singer’s animal abuse charge!

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14 Comments on "#Followup Heather Dawn Singer Animal Abuser!"

  1. Cold hearted!! I can’t stand seeing shit like this!!

  2. I hate that shit. Same thing should be done to her

  3. From the water dish it looks like he had water

  4. Mandy Rodgers and Brenda Young this is crazy she use to live by me

  5. To everyone out there that was not Heather’s dog that was my dog her brother my dog died of old age and a brain aneurysm busted in her head so back off and let my dog rest

  6. She is a nasty bitch my daughter still won’t listen 2 her and all she does is tell on her and try 2 get her in trouble or is a every day thang with this bitch she better back off or they will need security all over again at that school


  8. this bitch lives on south 9th street 2300 block

  9. Put her smirky bitch ass out n the sun!!

  10. I heard the STL jail doesn’t have AC

  11. Why even have animals of you aren’t going to take care of them?

  12. I hope this bitch gets cunt cancer

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