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You may remember Mr. Schroeder from our previous coverage on him:

Bradley “Brad” P. Schroeder FOLLOWUP!!
Schroeders DJ Service / Bradley “Brad” P. Schroeder WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!?!?!
Who Is Bradley Paul Schroeder – Schroeder’s DJ Service – Brad Schroeder???

An interesting little tidbit has been circling around the internet today and we figured it might just be appropriate for us to address it.
Now normally we don’t speak on “threats of litigation” since if we did that would be our primary topic. It probably doesn’t surprise you that if we don’t get a few litigation threats a week that its out of the normal.

This one is a little different and our General Manager felt there was a need to address it.

The full post reads “Defamation of Character…I am going to cover this ONE last time..There is a tabloid publication running information about my service that is not true…I have spoken to my lawyer and we will be suing this publication and local DJ Dave Issacs ,real name Dave Neisler on the grounds of defamation of character…There is a picture of a FORMER DJ who may or may not have a criminal past that is attached with my name.The DJ is my friend but has not worked for me in 2 years, unlike the allegations made in this FB rag.Several have sent me the article, I have it and my attorney has it and the legal process has begun..Again I would mention I have a 30 year history and have done many events for high ranking officiasl.As always do not believe everything you read on FB much like the National Enquirer….I am on it and judgements will be filed..Thank , Brads

Lets have a little bit of legal study today for all the Google Attorneys out there. The Defamation of Character statue is very simple in Illinois. A landmark case (Troman v. Wood, 62 Ill.2d 1984, 299 (Ill. 1975) ) set the standards pretty much for in which many attorneys refer to when defending a Defamation Case.

When it comes to our position on Mr. Schroeder’s out there statements lets address it briefly.

Easily summed up a majority of our posting on Mr. Schroeder would be covered under the “Fair Report Privilege” as we only disseminated a news story from official public records. The rest of our story on Mr. Schroeder was merely information taken from public statements “reviews” or likewise “user submitted content”.

What further bothers us in this mindless rant of Mr. Schroeder was “please make people aware this is nothing more than a smear campaign by another DJ…thank you“.  Let it be know that the DJ he referenced has no part in our dissemination of the story. We were reached out to by SEVERAL people about Mr. Schroeder and his company’s actions. We did make contact with the DJ in question and had him even write us up an article see (What YOU Need To Know About Hiring A DJ???). By no way was this article a “smear campaign by another DJ“.

What we do find comical in this matter is Mr. Schroeder had no issue smearing the DJ’s name in his rant, but would not address us by name. That was probably a good choice on your end Mr. Schroeder.

As we started working on this FOLLOWUP, another review of Brad’s company was sent to us…
Oh I’m sorry all these bad reviews are just a “smear campaign”. That in theory Mr. Schroeder implies are all false statements.

In Mr. Schroeder’s above-referenced threat/rant he stated “…There is a picture of a FORMER DJ who may or may not have a criminal past that is attached with my name.The DJ is my friend but has not worked for me in 2 years, unlike the allegations made in this FB rag…”. This piece actually caught us off guard. In our coverage of Brad and his company we covered quite a few years (not just recent things).

In the story Schroeders DJ Service / Bradley “Brad” P. Schroeder WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!?!?! which he is referring to was actually stated the following…”…Larry Franklin pictured above use to be a DJ for Brad according to sources. Make sure to read our story Sangamon County Sheriff Wes Barr Social Media Campaign Manager Accused Again Of Sex Crime! on Mr. Franklin!…

Yes Brad that is right we said “use to be“, as in a “FORMER” employee of yours. Brad you should maybe consider choosing your “friends” better. Associating with alleged child sex offenders is not a good practice, just our two cents.

Lets recap at this though and cover those facts that Brad here implies are false.

It is FACT that Mr. Schroeder was ARRESTED for FELONY HOME INVASION.
It is FACT that Mr. Schroeder was ARRESTED for failing to comply with a Judge’s Order.
It is FACT that Mr. Schroeder has at least on one occasion almost been arrested AGAIN for failing to comply with a Judge’s Order.
It is FACT that Mr. Schroeder has attempted on more than one occasion to force a Non Disclosure Agreement onto a bride for a refund. (Brad you admitted to that, please don’t forget).
It is FACT that Mr. Schroeder has upwards of 50 Negative Reviews across a few year time span that all state similar issues.
It is FACT that Mr. Schroeder, like mentioned above those reviews are still coming in EVEN TODAY!
It is FACT that Mr. Schroeder was dropped by BBB.
It is FACT that Mr. Schroeder has been apart of several small claims/civil lawsuits were he has been accused of hiding money/assets.
It is FACT that Mr. Schroeder is “friends” and a former boss to an employee who recently has been charged with child sexual abuse charges.
It is FACT that Mr. Schroeder wrote a bad check to Sangamon County.

Mr. Schroeder please stop ripping off these Brides as they are all stating you are doing. Oh and please pay your money you owe on your child, I’d hate to see you with a fresh mugshot over that petty $100 a month again. See you in court Brad!

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16 Comments on "#FOLLOWUP DJ Schroeder, Bradley P. Schroeder, Brad Schroeder"

  1. His mustache looks like the Atari emblem.

  2. Dave Neisler is an amazing person and anyone who says different is an asshole. I won’t stand for it. Sorry.

  3. Sarah Weihmeir | February 19, 2016 at 9:52 am | Reply

    I had several friends who paid for DJ Brad’s services and he was NEVER the one who showed up. In addition, the DJ who DID show up was Dave Isaacs. Whether he was subcontracted or otherwise, these people believe they have hired Shroeder and get someone else. Dave has been around Spfld for some time and I’ve seen him at probably 10+ weddings and several bars. Do yourself a favor and just hire Dave.

  4. Mr. Schroeder did pull the ole bait and switch on me. He was supposed do DJ my reception and he ended sending some schmuck. Almost had my wife in tears.

  5. Schroeder did DJ my wedding and he did a great job. I won’t dog him on that at all but I won’t have anyone say shit about Dave.

  6. He was a no show at my wedding too on 6/26/2010. He sent some other DJ who we did not agree upon and that DJ was horrible. I was in tears being announced walking into my wedding reception. I filed a complaint with the better business bureau and got part of my money back after he lied to the better business bureau and said he was actually at my wedding reception at the Northfield Inn and had to leave to fix a projector bulb at another reception. My reception wasn’t even at the Northfield Inn and he got caught in his own lie. I hope no one ever hires him again. I will never get my wedding day back to do over.

  7. This site has made my day!!!! I can’t stand this guy! He thinks he is God’s gift, but he is really a piece of crap! Take care of your child support and pay your bills Mr. Schroeder.

  8. Brad schroeder…. I have known you and Dave Neisler for years! When you offered to do my wedding at a discount price of $200 …. I said NO because I would have rather had no one. You and I both know you are the biggest DB in this town and what is sad is that your near death expwrience had no affect on you and you are still a piece of caca. I know that you are upset that Dave is not only a better DJ but a better human being with morals and ethics. How can you truly deny what you know you have done to these brides. Instead of denying the truth…you should take ownership and apologize. I mean…you even do this to the block party for YOUR own neighborhood. And you even sent the same poor hygiene, inexperienced employee too. In our household the saying is “are they a bigger dB then Brad schroeder????” Because it’s almost impossible to top you. Shame on you. Dave’s business is and will always be successful..especially if u stay in business because he keeps Cleaning up after u!!!

  9. Guess Who, Brad | February 21, 2016 at 7:14 pm | Reply

    I personally hope this guy loses everything and moves away or has another stroke…both sound good to me. His own daughter apparently doesn’t even want him here. As for near death….hey Brad, your 15 minutes of fame are up. Nobody cares anymore. He thinks he is some pillar of the community and he does no wrong. I could tell you a few things about him and it would definitely not make him happy. Either way Brad….get over yourself. You are far from being Gods messenger of faith and such.

  10. Another Brad story from this weekend….Brad no shows the third scheduled meeting with a Bride so she goes ahead and books another DJ service and cancels Brads services. He now refuses to refund the $700 the bride has paid to him for her wedding in Sept. What a tool. I see a day in small claims court in his future.

  11. Guess Who, Brad | February 22, 2016 at 2:01 pm | Reply

    He probably doesn’t have the money anymore. It’s not like he has a real job or anything. Remember that he can’t pay his child support without being threatened with jail first. Why people are still booking him is amazing to me and with all the information that’s out there, it is hard to have sympathy for whoever gets taken by him. I hope she gets her money back, though….

  12. We hired him in 2002 for our wedding and instead of him showing up got some other guy who was late to our reception and knew nothing of the music or bridal party names for the announcements. Then when we complained to Brad he left us a nasty message on our voice machine, telling us what horrible people we were and our marriage was doomed to fail. We also reported him to the BBB with no response. We are still happily married. Guess we got the last laugh after all.

  13. Brad,

    For the love of God you’re 50 years old. When are YOU going to stop playing the victim card and assume responsibility for YOUR OWN actions or inactions?

    • Guess Who, Brad | February 25, 2016 at 10:03 pm | Reply

      He is too freaking stupid to realize it. As far as he is concerned, he is gods gift to Springfield….oh, if you only knew the stories I could tell about him

  14. No need for a smear campaign when you’re doing great smearing yourself.

  15. This man is both bipolar and has illusions of grandeur.

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