Follow up into Brittney Creason – Local Escort Exposed

Yesterday we brought you the Story of a local Escort Exposed (Brittney Creason – Escort Exposed!!)

Meet Brittney Creason aka Kitty Amor aka Sophia aka BOP #48167-048

Brittney here just was released from Federal Prison on 07/24/2015 after reaching a plea deal with the United States on one count of using a facility in interstate commerce for an illegal activity. She was sentenced to time served with 3 years of Supervision after her release.

You may remember Brittney’s story as she gained national news media attention on her original arrest. Brittney and Jean Claude Roy,  were charged in July 2013 in U.S. District Court of Maryland with conspiracy to commit sex trafficking for recruiting, obtaining and transporting women from Illinois and North Carolina to engage in prostitution in Maryland and Virginia. Brittney was arrested 5 days after the indictment in Las Vegas.

After reading the indictment it alleges that In November 2012 Jean Claude Roy recruited co-defendant Brittney Creason to engage in prostitution. Thereafter, Creason helped Roy recruit and transport girls from Illinois and North Carolina to engage in prostitution. Roy conspired to force the women to engage in prostitution by again bragging about beating murder charges, taking their identity documents and taking their money.  Roy was later found guilty by a jury and sentenced to 20 years in Federal Prison.

Let me get this, Brittney here was just released less than 3 months ago after getting off pretty damn clean with time severed when she was facing life in prison. Now she has ads on back page advertising for escort services again, were this all started? And she is on Federal Probation Supervised Release… Wow…

We did reach out to Brittney for comment on this story. She stated “remove the story or ill sue you”. When asked for more comment on her background she stated “I’m changing my phone number tomorrow”, “Karma is a bitch”.

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4 Comments on "Follow up into Brittney Creason – Local Escort Exposed"

  1. I remember this case i was in court for the trial watching. Yeah She was a trip even then!!! She testified against Roy for a slap on the wrist and admitted he never threatened anyone nor use “force” to prostitute women but the judge still gave him 20years. She walked on that case and went right back to pristituting herself and settung others up for the fall. #Sad

  2. Thats Absurd!!! So you mean to tell me this chic gets to run around from state to state being a little whore-for-hire and its ok as long as she continues to be a Federal informant setting guys up??? Sammy the bull was more respectable than this trash.

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