Fight outside Lucid Downtown Springfield

Lucid, Downtown Springfield Illinois Bar – FIGHT

This was shared to us over the weekend…

And people wonder why Springfield cant have good things…

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15 Comments on "Fight outside Lucid Downtown Springfield"

  1. This is why downtown sucks lucid is a horrible bar

  2. And they wonder why the downtown is dying!!!

  3. And I’m shocked nobody was yelling “world star”!!! LMFAO

  4. That’s funny I was texting you about not going, this is exactly why! Prob why Marleys closed as well..

  5. you call that a fight???

  6. The guy commentating and laughing in the background had laughing so hard…

  7. Lol listen closely they did yellow world star lol

  8. I really am not surprised. The hubby and I walked in there and walked right back out. All I saw were low lives there.

  9. Bunch of monkeys trying to fight. Exactly why I left the trashy bar scene

  10. Ay dude that swung is my homie.. And we from Taylorville that just shows we ain’t scared to go to city’s and send shit up. Had people all over him Anand was still whooping them lol

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