Favoritism in the Sheriffs Office by Sex?? – Tammy Powell

Good Morning Spingfield!

We have another interesting story for you coming out of The Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office today!

Meet Tammy Powell who was a Lieutenant in the Jail, but was recently demoted to a Sergeant. (Sorry the picture is from 2007 its the only one we could find.)

Tammy is married to….

Cole Powell, who is aswell a Lieutenant for the Sheriffs Office. He use to work in Jail Administration now he is a process server.

Anyone remember Steven Powell?

What about Geroge Tabor??

Steven is Cole’s son. You may remember that George & Steven were arrested for manufacturing Meth in a storage shed of 15th street back in 2010.

George plead out to 9 years and is currently on Parole. Steven took it to trial and lost and got 20 years, he is currently in Graham Correctional In Hillsboro, IL. He is schedule for parole release on 11/07/2025.

Anyway back to Tammy…

Tammy was a LT for the Sangamon County Jail until she was recently demoted after several complaints. One being she was biased in the way she treated female employees over male employees. Then during the investigation she retaliated against one of the male employees that filed a complaint on her.

Click Here To Read The Entire Internal Affairs File On This Matter

The Sangamon County Sheriff’s office has had a long history of harsh discipline on female employees over the years. We will be bringing you more stories on this over the next coming weeks.

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2 Comments on "Favoritism in the Sheriffs Office by Sex?? – Tammy Powell"

  1. I see my cousin’s family is still wonderful. lol.

  2. Maybe not for wut she did but for other things that i know personly has done

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