Facebook Catfish? Mugshots Dont Lie! #TeamFilter #FilterQueens – Amy Watring, Cassandra Talbot, & Dana Small!

A recent post made it pretty clear that if someone goes missing, in this day in age you can’t rely on a Facebook Picture as a proper way to id someone…

Take a look!

On the left is Amy Watring’s current Facebook picture, on the right is her latest mugshot… Um is this the same person?

On the left Cassandra Talbot‘s Facebook, the right her most recent mugshot..

On the left Dana Small‘s Facebook Picture, on the right her most recent mugshot… Yes this is the same person, somehow!


If you have someone that should be featured on this, shoot us a message!

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83 Comments on "Facebook Catfish? Mugshots Dont Lie! #TeamFilter #FilterQueens – Amy Watring, Cassandra Talbot, & Dana Small!"

  1. Wow! That is not what that girl AW looks like on FB. Filtered like a mf!

  2. You sure them the same people?

  3. I use filters to make penis larger when i send random chicks dick picks

  4. I like the duck lips in the third mugshot.

    • W. P. Lipschitz MD | August 30, 2017 at 4:03 am | Reply

      Duck lips is the PC description…. DICK LIPS!! Yep DICK LIPS….lets not coddle these hardened criminals any longer!! DICK LIPS is one of several side effects caused by sucking COCK on a corner to pay for the hard earned crack rock she will smoke up using a glass dick held tight between her lips!

  5. this is half of fb lol they make there pics like models but see em in real life they look like puke lmao

  6. Hey sorry Tristan that Cassie cheated on you, but we won’t tell anyone 🙂 lhh

  7. Snarky McSnark | August 28, 2017 at 8:33 pm | Reply

    Please put these hoes back in the Skank Bank.

  8. Who’s mug shots ARENT wrecked tho?? You should exposed the good ones. Lol! Hottest mug shot competition

  9. Dottie M Crowder is this Bryant’s grandma?

  10. You guys need to leave Amy Watring and Emma the fuck alone. Because I am older than all you bitch asses and I have known Amy all my life. Stop fucking with her and my nieces.

  11. My niece doesn’t have a horse mouth you nasty ass bitch

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