Escorting at 50+!?!?! – Marilyn Leamons

Man this escort situation is Springfield is just down right NASTY!

Take a look!

Who wants some “Maggie”?? I mean who wants some Marilyn Leamons?? 217-303-4466 an AT&T Cellular Device registered to a Marilyn Leamons.

Marilyn here doesn’t have any criminal history that we were able to find. She hasn’t been accused of any crimes either. Her ad states she is Drug And Disease Free and Doesn’t service black men during her “escort” appointments.

What is this world coming to?

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22 Comments on "Escorting at 50+!?!?! – Marilyn Leamons"

  1. That’s a g.I.l.f. a grandma I’d like to fuck..


  2. I always wanted to start a male escort ring. Why can’t us guys get some of this money, always these women….

  3. In Springfield under the male escorts there is only I think 3. And two of them are boyfriends of escorts we have featured.

  4. Lol that’s funny that they slang sex as couples

  5. Old ladies need loving too I guess. Could you bang a 60 year old for $200

  6. I feel like those prices are a little high for a not so good looking older woman. If I’m paying $200 there should be something special. You know like she has a unique skill or something.

  7. Naw I’m saying would u bang her if she paid you 200…

  8. And plus in her add she says no black men, that’s just racist and wrong black men deserve and old wrinkled white lady just like everyone else.

  9. That’s what’s going on in my neck of the woods, same shit lol

  10. Hey I bet after you do her she gives you some hard candy!

  11. Years ago people used to say, ” Women over the age of forty have a better chance of being shot by a terrorist than finding a man.” Well thanks to the internet, they have a better chance of both. Lord how we have evolved! Sic. Mk


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