Escort Exposed!!! – Becky Allen!!!

Boy has it been a little while since we blasted local escorts for you guys! Though that didn’t stop you all from submitting the over 100 different girls (and a few guys!!!) to us for their dirty nasty work.

Tonight we bring you a local girl doing incall escort services here in Springfield off East Cook!

Meet Becky Allen orginally from Jersey County Illinois.

One reader came across Becky’s Backpage Escort Ad and turned it into us, take a look!
One of our Investigative Reporters used our Springfield Exposed Phone Number and reached out for curiosity to the number on the ad 618-946-1100.

Business must be slow because even late at night she was fast to respond!
SpringfieldILExposed: Whats your rates? 11:56 PM
+16189461100: Qv-100 Hh-150 H-250 11:56 PM

$250 for an hour!! Damn I am in the wrong kind of business for real!


A Simple criminal querey on Becky here doesn’t show too much. In 2004 she received a Ordinance Ticket for “Standing on The Sidewalk” (Damn Small Towns LOL), but beyond that in the Central IL area we did not find anything else on her.

SpringfieldILExposed: all righty, obviously I don’t want to talk details too much but anything I should know anything off limits? 12:22 AM
+16189461100: Just no greek 12:25 AM

Anal Sex if off the table guys! LOL #Exposed

This girl has not been charged with any prostitution related crimes, Though she clearly is willing to setup and agree to “Escort Sessions”.

To each their own, you can make your own decisions on what happens during these “escort” appointments.

We bring you this story today, to shed light on this young lady. Hopefully the older woman in the industry can reach out and help her get out of it.


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11 Comments on "Escort Exposed!!! – Becky Allen!!!"

  1. You probably just helped her business out with free advertising.

    • Thats my niece and she is worthless she has an amazingly bright little girl that she has left for drugs and prostatuting. Its sad cause she was raised in a loving family

      • So I finally figured out who’s “niece” I was cause I knew neither of my Uncle’s wrote this cause they are both on my Facebook. So this is Aunt Kathu….. the mom who disowned not only her OWN CHILD BUT ALSO THE REST OF THE FAMILY 6-7 YEARS AGO FOR NO GOOD REASON! AND THEN U TRIED TO KEEP GRANNY AWAY FROM US & YOU ARE SO LUCKY I WAS NOT OF AT GMA SUSIES WHEN Y’ALL SHOWED UP ON BULL SHIT CAUSE I PROMISE YOU, YOU WOULD OF FINALLY GOT WHAT YOU DESERVED & WHAR WHAT YOU HAVE HAD COMING TO U

  2. I know this girl personally and this is quite shocking to me. I guess you never really know a person

  3. And she’s like 25 at least

  4. Heather Gibson they all lie on their ages almost

  5. Victimless crime. Nothing to see here.

  6. Serina Caswell | November 2, 2015 at 5:59 am | Reply

    No one turns tricks because it’s their dream job. I feel sorry for anyone forced to mentally shut down just to make money to survive. How is this helping anyone? It seems like if your goal was to help, you would be writing about completely different subjects and from a different angle. I hope some day the people who make this possible will let go of the hate and try to see others for the damaged and suffering human beings just trying to make it that they are instead of criminals and bad people.

  7. If the demand for commercial sex decreased, women wouldn’t be forced to resort to renting out their bodies for men to masterbate on. Let us get to the root of the problem: supply and demand.

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