ESCORT EXPOSED!!! Ashley Atara Pryor!!! Accused of Attempted Murder, DUI, & Property Damage!

Boy oh boy did the emails never stop coming in on Ashley Pryor after we did the first story of her (see Ashley Atara AKA Ashley Pryor, What will you do for a Fifth of Jack?? ). Hell the State Journal Register even mentioned her story briefly in their story on us.

Meet Ashley Atara Pryor…

Okay I don’t even know how to start this one. Lets take a step back in time to May of 2013. In May of 2013 Ashley here was arrested in connection with a fight that resulted in at least 11 stab wounds to the face and upper body of another woman in Peoria County. This incident resulted in Ms. Pryor being booked in on a charge of attempted murder into the Peoria County Jail.

A look into Peoria County Court Records it does not appear she was ever formally charged with any crimes in relation to that incident, from what we can see.

She was though charged and found guilty on various other charges in Peoria County, ranging from Disorderly Conduct to Driving Under The Influence of Alcohol.

Ashley’s Facebook page has her listed as working at Penthouse Club In St Louis. Well I guess when she left there as a stripper, she started selling escort services on the infamous backpage website.

Take a look at the above ad… Notice the Riverside Illinois Phone number of 708-762-139, It is probably a throw away phone or a text app service, but we were able to confirm via that number that it is indeed Ashley.

Lets take a moment and take a look at the pictures on this Sexi LEX aka Ashley Pryor’s backpage ads.Now you can see the person in the ad’s did try and hide their face for obvious reasons, some Escort do some don’t. Lets take a closer look though…
Notice those two tattoos??

Lets take a closer look at that arm…

Yeah I would say with certainty that the girl trying to hide herself in those ads, is no other than Ashley Pryor. After comparing the pictures on the ads to pictures off her Facebook account.

In Sangamon County Ms. Pryor was charged in 2014 with Criminal Damage to Property and later pled guilty to the charge.

Though Ms. Pryor hasn’t been charged with any Prostitution charges,  it is clear what  she is out there doing it to most during these “escort sessions”. Ms. Pryor isn’t the first young Springfield woman we have featured who went from the Strip club to backpage. We hope that unlike others before she doesn’t take this article as a form of free advertisement, hopefully she can get her act together and stop before it is too late.

Take a look below at Ms. Pryor’s Sangamon County Mug Shots!
AshleyAPryor AshleyAPryor1 AshleyAPryor2
We tried to get the ones from Peoria County, but as of publishing this story they had yet to send them to us.

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35 Comments on "ESCORT EXPOSED!!! Ashley Atara Pryor!!! Accused of Attempted Murder, DUI, & Property Damage!"

  1. Cindy Lynn did you beat her ass before? Or did she beat yours it was a close one…

  2. Lhhh she didn’t even touch me…. N yes n she had like 5 guys trying to block me from getting to her

  3. Rebecca Anderson this the bitch that hit Bruce in the head wit the beer

  4. it’s about to be a #Barfight I mean #GirlFight

  5. Lol however that one picture doesn’t seem to be her. That tattoo is on her left shoulder and the other photos have a tattoo on that persons right shoulder

  6. I thought so Cindy Lynn

  7. Theeeese hoooooooes… They for everybody!

  8. Lmaoo told you Tyler TjRoller Macon, dick riding is her hobby.

  9. Told u people that fuck wit me or my fam get cursed lmao

  10. Its a bad habit I have lhh

  11. Ungrateful, so ashamed of u

    Youuu knoooo (In my drake voice)

  12. I will never understand why these girls go to the extreme… #1 it’s so dangerous #2 Why not just dance at a club in a controlled environment?!? #Greedy

  13. I’m sorry but I find the reference to “Athens hoes” or whatever references to be offensive. I also was raised everyday with Ashley since we were about four years old and nothing that her parents did was the reason for her actions. Believe it or not we had a perfect childhood. She made wrong decisions and ended up a foster child on her own accord. The sad thing is that while in the system she was never helped and ended up down a very bad path. This does not make her a bad person. Instead of making fun of and criticizing Ashley there needs to be a story about how foster children are not properly helped with their issues. Please take into consideration that this story doesn’t do any good other than getting a good laugh for some. It just hurts us family that had to watch her go down this path and still love her to this day. Thanks.

  14. This is my brothers gf and I honestly can not stand her! She is a worthless piece of shit who just really needs her ass beat by the right person! She is the worst possible thing that could happen to him! And I truly mean that!

  15. Jennifer Weaver | March 17, 2017 at 1:02 pm | Reply

    Ashley also broke into a church in Peoria county. She carved, ” I love the devil” and called a “john” from this place of worship. She was looking at some serious time until she convinced the Pastor that she had changed and he pressed the court for a light sentence.

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