Eric Nolting / Brittany Smith EXPOSED! Straight MEN BEWARE!

Drum Roll Please…..

The story everyone has been waiting for! Eric Nolting EXPOSED! Boy oh boy is this man interesting…

So back on our old FaceBook page we posted a brief story on Mr. Nolting, and boy did you guys share the crap out of it. Aswell as comment and write into us.

The best part of the old post, we got Mr. Nolting to remove the fake profile page.

Though our post did get removed from FaceBook for “bullying” Eric, oh well its now here on our Website where it wont go anywhere.

Hell we already with the preview post have some “Concerned Family Member” stating they are contacting an attorney. We also had a 14 year old message us (who is family to Eric somehow) that if we post the story she will call the police and sue us… Boy is this an interesting one.

So lets start this story…

Meet Eric…
Meet “Fake Brittany Account”

Meet “The Real Brittany” who messaged us after the original story.

This 217-502-6226 is “Fake Brittany’s” phone number… Well its registered to Eric… This screen shot was sent to us from a reader, he sent to Eric in June of 2014 calling him out under the Fake Brittany Account and Number.

Here is Eric’s message to us about our original story… We caught him in a lie…
Interesting man he is… So here’s what we know about him and the whole Brittany Smith story.

For years there was this account on FaceBook referenced above named “Brittany Smith”. Brittany would add guys, and message and talk with them. She would tell stories about how she lived with her Gay Roommate over off Ridge in Springfield. She said she worked as a Teller Manager for Chase and also in the Bar Industry at night (Hints why she would add all the random guys from the bar scene) . The conversations with guys would eventually end with these naive young straight guys sending dick pictures to “Brittany”… Then anonymous sources tell us that the conversations would lead to sexual basis. If the guys wanted to have sex with “Brittany” she would tell them about this fantasy of hers. She would say she loved walking in on her gay roommate going down on a straight guy that it would turn her on so much. That if the guy would come over and let that happen and her to walk in she would be down to have sex with them. STUPID ASS GUYS!!! Whoever fell for that is dumb as can be… But sadly many did because a few came to us, and we know most were too embarrassed to come forward, but this account was around for years so it had to be working… Obviously “Brittany” never came in those situations.

Well guys… Guess who Brittany is!?!?! Sources close to the story obviously say its Eric Nolting. We have to agree with the fact he lives off Ridge, the phone number that “Brittany” had is owned by him, and the fact when we posted the original story the account disappeared. He also tried to tell us many stories one being that the fake Brittany account was his ex’s idea. At the end of the day the “Real Brittany” confirmed that the “Fake Brittany” was indeed sadly her cousin Eric Nolting.

Eric Nolting also is alleged to be the guy behind the Springfield Craigslist Postings of “North End Glory Hole”…

If you do see the real “Brittany” please don’t bug her, she has no idea who you are.

If you see Eric make sure to tell him how much of a pig he is! We hear he works out at the Walmart on Freedom Drive, but its not confirmed. He did use to be a Debt Collector, SCARY I don’t want this man to have access to peoples information like that… We did have one guy say he knew it was Eric behind the Brittany account when Eric called him from about a Debt he owed and weeks later he spoke to “Brittany’s gay roommate” and they were one of the same voice wise… Guess he was using the debt collectors information to hunt down potential
victims according to that reader.

Do you know someone that feel scam to this Eric Nolting / Brittany Smith scam? Do you have anything to share about Eric?

Fill the comments below with your stories or email us at !

Make sure we share this post good, lets not let anyone fall victim to this scam again!

Here are a few more pictures of Eric.

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16 Comments on "Eric Nolting / Brittany Smith EXPOSED! Straight MEN BEWARE!"

  1. That “Brittany” picture is on a AdultFriendFinder account under the name BrittanySpfld

    • SpringfieldILExposed | September 8, 2015 at 9:41 pm | Reply

      Awesome! And last login 3 days ago!!! Guess when we exposed the FaceBook account its now onto Friend Finder!

  2. Jenny Marie Hall look lmao!

  3. He tried to message me a long while back on Facebook under the Brittany smith account and I blocked him

  4. That’s just sick, there’s a Gay bar, why don’t he just go get some dick there. There’s some serious mental cases around here lol

  5. I mean, this is just got me SMDH! Seriously! That’s how people get killed.

  6. Tried to message me as her. I was married at the time so convo never got that far lmao.

  7. Samantha Franklin lmao this is the Brittany smith Travis was always sexting

  8. He tried to friend and message my bf under Brittany Smith awhile back too. But bfs brother still has “her” on his friends list lol

  9. Aaron cody | May 5, 2016 at 4:15 pm | Reply

    Brittany smith friended me and aked the same thing about her fantasy and i knew right then and there that it wasnt right. Why would a girl want that to happen ha ha ha and i know eric from ccb stupid ass fat piece of shit lol hell stop cat nothing to trick nieve guys into sucking some dick ha ha ha. Alsoche may be the one that worked at ccb that had 6 toes on his foot. Lol holture remembers i know he does lol ah ha ha ha ha next to a dud in the ccb bathroom stahl and a foot came over and it had these talon claws stickin outta the sandles and so my buddy took a pic and showed it to our manager josh and he goes oh wow there is an extra toe!!!!! And he was the only one to catch it ha ha ha probly eric and ueah he works at walmart cause i saw him there.

  10. Friend of mine rented a room from him. He stole her drivers license. I couldn’t stand go by his place always gave me the creeps. So glad my friend got out of there.

  11. Snarky McSnark | September 8, 2017 at 1:41 pm | Reply

    Damn it! I’ve been over there 19 times and every time Brittany always fails to come out and join. Starting to think I’ve been scammed into letting this dude suck my dick!

  12. Snarky McSnark | September 8, 2017 at 1:42 pm | Reply

    I’ll probably need to stop by a couple more times at least to make sure, though.

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