Eric Freda is a cheating sack of shit

Eric Freda and I were together for several years. In 2011, my grandmother passed away and I had to fly out of state to Nevada for her funeral. While he was away, he hooked up with his ex girlfriend from high school. They had sex over a three day period while I was out of state. When I returned, she came to my home and told me what had happened. She explained that she was in a bad marriage and things, “just happened”. When I confronted Eric he was without remorse and told me it was my fault because I went away and he had “needs”.

He used to enjoy sleeping in women’s panties and I never told anyone until after we broke up. I am hoping that he will now see the error he made and publicly apologize to me. It’s been over three years and I cannot move on from being betrayed in a time where I really needed him to be there for me.

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5 Comments on "Eric Freda is a cheating sack of shit"

  1. Classic!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Snarky McSnark | February 9, 2018 at 4:04 pm | Reply

    LMFAO! OP UR DA BOMB! Look at his teeny package, it’s a wittle bitty lump in his pretty pink panties!

  3. Treated!! This is funny as fuk

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