Enough Is Enough Springfield Illinois Police! Police Brutality MUST STOP!

Enough is enough Springfield! Action must be taken!

From our user:”We have a serious Problem here and it isn’t just the kids.. MY SON IS 12!!!! THE OFFICER IN QUESTION IS STILL ON THE FORCE.. HOW CAN THIS be??? Protocol States that the only reason for an officer to strike someone is to stop someone from hurting them or someone else… even though an UNARMED 12 YEAR OLD SHOULDNT BE A THREAT TO AN OFFICER When my son hit the ground THE THREAT WAS NEUTRALIZED… HE CONTINUED TO PUNCH MY CHILD OVER AND OVER.. THE CHIEFS PUBLIC STATEMENT IS IT WAS JUSTIFIED BECAUSE MY KIDS RESISTED ARREST. EVERY WITNESS IVE INTERVIEWED SAYS MY SONS WERENT PLACED UNDER ARREST UNTIL THEY WERE BEING OR ALREADY CUFFED… BIG PROBLEM!!!! THIS IS A FLAT OUT CIVIL AND HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION… The only possibility of a sit down is if the Chief holds his officer Accountable on the news before the weekend is over. These chains will be off me next week and its gone be a whole different game. If he doesn’t hold his officer Accountable I’m coming for jobs next. This is my last olive branch. I got about 2000 people ready to protest. Permit already requested. 10 different media outlets. Support from different states and organizations. This has become a civil rights issue. Child abuse, civil rights, Human rights, assult and battery and maybe even with a deadly weapon with Malicious intent and the list goes on.. He Broke Protocol period.. once my son was on the ground he wasn’t a threat anymore. I conducted my own investigation. Witness’s are strong. HE CAN Hold him accountable or we will.”

Chief something must be done, your department is messing up….

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125 Comments on "Enough Is Enough Springfield Illinois Police! Police Brutality MUST STOP!"

  1. For all we know the kid could of had a weapon. Attacking the police is not the answer. If the kid wouldn’t of tried to attack the cop this wouldn’t of happened. These kids need to be raised better. It’s the parents fault there kids act so damn stupid. The deserve what they get. We have enough problems in this city we don’t need this bullshit. Raise your kids to have respect and this wouldn’t happen. But wait the parents don’t have respect either because they think everyone owes them.

    • He DID NOT have a weapon just wanted to educate you a little

    • Read all the info! He is a 12 year old young man….who DID NOT have a weapon!

    • Ok so he didn’t have a weapon the little brat shouldn’t of tried to attack a cop. He should have respect for his elders.

    • Educate yourselves Ambie & Christi, Mr Gyrokos did NOT say the kid had a weapon, he only said what IF the kid had a weapon.

    • He’s my child if you have any questions direct them to me.. let me ask you this.. what if he didn’t have a weapon????

    • They knew the kids were unarmed. They can’t handle some bad words they don’t need to be on the force. If your response to words is violence then your don’t need to be a officer.

    • Amen. Lesson learned? I doubt it. Police violence is a never wnding issue. We have a better chance at holdong the kids accountable and teaching them a little more about right and wrong. We can condemn the Officer, but don’t forgrt to condemn this 12 year old fuxking asshole with the mentality of a fucking teenage facebook troll. Talk shit, got hi. He’ll either learn, or get worse and end up in the system like the rest of these kids that have parents and social media to blame.

  2. If this is about the harvard park incident, i seen a video where the officer had the child on the ground and all you could see was all the other kids hitting the officer and the other officer trying to push those kids away! In my opinion, law enforcement should be respected!! These children obviously did not respect them from the start! Also my opinion, All them little brats should have been arrested! And they all should have to apologize for being little shits!! And i think they should be doing some community service for their punishment! No! I don’t believe this officer should be off the force! They have body cams that are gonna show a lot more! Those have been reviewed and the boss says he handled it appropriately! Stop trying to create more bs! Your energy could be used in better ways to make Springfield a better place!

  3. Both of the previous comments do not constitute rational, educated comments and are in no way representative of the native Springfield people.

  4. Don’t cause trouble, you won’t have a problem. Really not hard.

  5. I have no knowledge of the this actual incident. However just to point out a couple issues.

    1) If you believe that a 12 year old can not be a threat, you haven’t dealt with the age group for awhile. While it is true that when I was 12, none of my classmates would have been a threat, but then again we were taught to respect adults and authority figures, even if we disagreed with them.

    2) If you believe that “being on the ground” eliminates you as a threat, you are very sadly mistaken.

  6. Ha ha ha. That parent seems to have it all figured out. Civil rights, child abuse, etc. if you already know the law, why not go represent your 12 year old in court?! It may be something you’ll need to hone as a skill in the future.

  7. I’ve seen this “kids” pic. He doesn’t look like he is 12. When police show up to a call, they have very little to go on. First off, they are schools property and in a huge group. The cops were probably called by a neighbor as were told there was a mod. Cops more than likely told them to disperse and these outstanding young citizens disobeyed. At this point they still have no clue age. One kid prob got mouthy because he was more than likely raised to disobey orders. Decided to get in officers face. Officer probably went to arrest him and put cuffs on. Kid arrested and hit officer, now you have assault and a felony. Officer hit kid still not knowing age to get him to stop resisting so cuffs could be put on…..this is probably where video shows the violence. All these people are internet judges. Wait for the body cam videos and the whole story before you say this thug was just a kid or is just “12 years old”.

  8. Oh lawd. This is why kids act the way they do and Springfield is having this gang problem.

    • A parent sticking up for their kid is why kids act out? Makes no sense

    • A parent sticking up for their child is to blame for the gangs? Once again, makes no sense.

    • A parent defending the child when they are clearly in the wrong reinforces to the child they will have no consequences to their actions.

    • Ambie must not understand that children do what they see. These “parents” need to lead by example, and from most of what I see here in Springfield is today’s youth running around with absolutely no adult supervision. I’m a firm believer in free roaming, but I’ve got a section 8 house 2 doors down there’s like 6 or 7 kids there multiple different men all the time all hours of the night they don’t watch these kids which range from 2 to 13. They’re out here starting fires throwing garbage all over the ground and alley. Police over there all the time. The kids come down to use my phone and get mad when I don’t let them then their moms friend comes over asking why I won’t let them. I’m tired of this shit. I’ve got 2 sons and I’ll be damned if you think I’ll let them run a muck like these other punks.

  9. Why are we not concerned as a society that we are raising children who are disrespectful of adults, not to mention an officer of the law. We always want someone to blame- let’s try looking at ourselves and what we have taught our children. I am fairly certain that if any of the “suspects” (notice I did not use the word victim) had shown an ounce of respect to the officer, the situation would have ended differently.

  10. This post should be about shitty parents,not the cops that have to deal with the kids of shitty parents¡¡¡

  11. It’s going to take a LOT more than the police!! Parenting needs to change and laws!!!! Thank You Police Officers for all you do!!!!

  12. This makes me sick. Raise your kids right. Lead by example and except responsibility when you do wrong instead of placing blame on cops. I’ll tell you what, I would not want to be an officer now days. Can you imagine putting your life on the line daily to try to protect a society that is just waiting for an opportunity to bring you down or make you look bad and has no respect whatsoever for authority. thank you officers for all that you do!

  13. Charles Conaway | June 4, 2017 at 8:22 am | Reply

    Maybe he shouldn’t have been in the position to have an altercation with the police. Don’t blame the child. Don’t blame the parents. Just using the police as a scapegoat for a child that was probpally doing something they weren’t supposed to be doing in the first place. Raise your children right and this won’t happen!!!!!!

  14. Blame Obama none of this shit was an issue till he took over

  15. Right on Charles Conaway!! But these parents are only concerned for their improperly raised children and not the lives of the officers. Placing that blame on everybody else.

  16. Fuck this Springfield period needs to get under control not just law enforcement

  17. You act by how you was raised. Starts at home. Blame the parents. Support the men and women in blue.

  18. Well ambie sue harbour looks like you’re the only one defending these punks so you have to ask yourself, am I right and everyone else is wrong, or am I wrong and everyone else is right. If you’re not thinking the latter then I feel sorry for your children. They’re kids they don’t know anything until you show them. If you’re disrespectful they will be too. If you are a low life chances are they will be too.

    • That’s because she is shaking her head in awe at the stupidity in others…..I’m SHOCKED….this is truly the first time I have seen how a story gets like this! Do you even KNOW these ppl?? Do you know what they were gathering for?? Ppl jump to such conclusions! I just can’t…….check into the whole story before conclusions are jumped to and such remarks are made!!!! Wow……let’s hope you and your children don’t decide to have a vigil for a fallen friend and get pummeled by the police.
      Before anyone says anything, I wholeheartedly support the police. Over worked ,underpaid, underapprecated, their job can be one of the most difficult ones out there. I also understand that mistakes can be made during stressful situations. Firing, no. Retraining, most definitely. The ability to see things for what they are can be skewed. Consistent training, more support from the public all help.
      A simple apology would have greatly helped in this case too. Sadly, in the era of sue, sue , sue, an apology can be used as cause for libel. I once read a study that found that many malpractice suits would have been never been filled if an apology had been offered.

    • Well I did read the article which at this time is the only information I have and by reading it it sounds as though the parent is in jail themselves and is probably just looking for a payday. I stand by what I said. No matter what they were doing. I’m sure the officer didn’t just pull up to the scene and start beating the crap out of kids for no reason at all. I know how cops work I’m not saying the guy wasn’t a jerk about it but I’m sure the kids in question weren’t completely innocent. Maybe if the parent hadn’t been behind bars themselves they could have prevented the situation entirely

    • Antwaun Readus Sr.u in jail??

    • In jail??? No Ma’am there mother has 2 jobs and I am front and center.. Where is this article??

    • If you care about Children at all please watch!!! Please help get justice for me 12 year old!!!! THE 2ND OFFICER IS STILL ON THE FORCE!!! PLEASE HELP US https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=603824636474064&id=100005395999064

    • Antwaun Readus Sr. Springfieldilexposed.com

    • Ok well in this article it mentions the parent saying when I get out of these chains which makes it sounds Like they’re locked up

  19. Don’t disobey the LAW and you won’t put yourself in a situation to have an altercation with police. People these days think they are above the law and that’s when they run into problems.

  20. All i can say is….its a good thing none of those kids were any of my kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, cousins….
    Because in my family….
    If you even think you have the courage to disrespect AUTHORITY OR AN ELDER…
    You better PRAY the cops arrest you and keep you there for awhile…because what you’re going to encounter from family is going to be WAY worse than being arrested….
    See we’ve all raised all our own to RESPECT! And we police our own….and there are alot of us…so yes…its NEVER ENDING…

  21. Kids should be taught when your told to do something you do it if your wrong your wrong if your right the police will know and there won’t be any problems. He was asking the cop when he needs to do to put is hands on him that what he asked for that’s what he got. Team Blur

  22. all this proves is that many kids today obviously have not been taught R-E-S-P-E-CT…it’s sad because look at Our Youth 20-30 years ago…just progressively growing worse…

  23. i feel it will take a community gathering, ppl coming together all races, nationalities too all get along…if not, uncivil war will break within 10 years…

  24. I believe the parents should be held accountable in some way. The recent shootings for example….were they adult gang bangers??? No…they were stupid little teenagers and kids. “Kids”!!!!!! Oh and everyone wants to jump to blame the police….black lives matter bullshit!! How about the pregnant woman who lost her life. Did she matter? Stop blaming the police when you have ” kids” doing the damage

  25. Wow! The fucktardness in some of these comments are as absurd as the parents wanting to protest, take jobs away and file a civil suit.
    Everyone who has access to evidence and police reports please respond. All other “facts” spouted on here are useless.

  26. That wasn’t a 12 year old in the video ?

  27. I wouldve whooped my kid’s butt if he did what these kids did un that video. Parents want to speak up now byt should’ve been supervising their kids (which is child neglect) and teaching them better than what that video shows. Protest better parenting and stop trying to blame the police for doing your job.

  28. These same parents saying their kid is being beaten, are total failures at raising kids in the first place stop putting blame on anyone else but yourself. Raise your kids to respect others instead of thinking others owe them everything.

  29. I’ve never had a problem. But then again I don’t do anything to come in contact with the police Get a job and stop trying to sue people and tech your kids to not come in contact with them.

  30. Derek Cooper | June 4, 2017 at 10:53 am | Reply

    I know the kids. They were brought up to respect any and everyone. If kids can’t get together on the last day of school (which some attended) at Harvard Park to mourn the loss of their good friend who was murdered just days prior to the incident and not be forced by police to basically stop mourning then what? If it was YOUR children mourning you guys would’ve had police with your kids to protect them. We don’t get the same treatment or cooperation from them. They our children thugs, juvenile delinquents etc. Show the body cam footage finally and things will change. If a child did not strike a GROWN man he should not have been pummeled and beaten like that. Other siblings did try to stop a GROWN man from beating their brother repeatedly upon his 12 year old head.

  31. First, i see 99.9% of the people whom have commented on this post are white, so your interaction with police are gonna be different than those whom are black. Second, most you you DO NOT live on the east side of springfield where if your black your a suspect until proven otherwise, so your views of the situation carry no wieght. And third, a police officer’s job is to solve problems not be the problem. Most of a police officer’s training is problem solving WITHOUT violence, not aurguing and fist fighting with people on the street, and to think that it is ok for a cop to fight with or use force against a man, woman, or child over some verbal nonsense, or without being attacked first is what’s wrong with the system. To think that a cop is above the law cause they are suppose to enforce it is ridiculous, they are people and break laws too, and just cause they wear a badge or lable someone a “threat” DOES NOT justify their actions.

  32. Bad parenting…. These are their older siblings… My oldest son just graduated from (((SHG))) 2017 WITH 2 STATE RINGS… MY DAUGHTER IN THE PICTURE IS A JUNIOR AT SHG…

  33. Say what you want but there is no excuse for this.. you see my son covering his head and the officer hit him 5 more times… 12 years old

  34. They say Everything​ except Their father is 1 of the people that is trying to help the community kids stay out of trouble.. We sometimes serve 4-500 kids EVERY WEEK OF SUMMER,OF OUR OWN TIME AND OUT OUR OWN POCKETS.. OFF OF ALL DONATIONS. NO FUNDING.. I AM THE VICE PRESIDENT OF BETTER LIFE BETTER LIVING FOR KIDS.. DID They SAY THAT?? I KNOW YOURE CONDITIONED TO THE BROKEN BLACK FAMILY STORY EXCUSE BUT THATS NOT THE CASE THIS TIME.

  35. Why was a 12 year old acting the way he was in the 1st place?

  36. My 1st cousins son class of 2017

  37. My first cousins son class 2017. GRADUATE!!

  38. My Cousins son Class of 2017

  39. My first cousins Daughter, class of 2017, Graduating PRIVATE SCHOOL with almost EVERY HONOR

  40. These comments man. How would u all feel if a cop was beating the crap outta ur kid while he or she was on the ground. Bet u all would b singing a different tune.
    These police get away wit everything n live above the law n theres nothing anyone can do about it cuz y they r the law its pretty damn shitty considering they r supposed to b working for the ppl not against them.

  41. One of the young men I’ve Helped Mentor. Mike Phelon worked with him most but we added what we could… CLASS OF 2017 GRADUATE!!!


  43. http://records.sangamoncountycircuitclerk.org/sccc/Home.sc

    It would appear some of the adults commenting on here have quite extensive interactions with the police on a criminal level.

  44. All kids aren’t bad kids

  45. This is our Basketball Tournament we did last year… We we’re trying to bring people together to mend and heal race relationships and the gap between police and the community and this is how my kids were treated.. THEN THESE WERE YOUR COMMENTS?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKDzxHwci4E&sns=em

  46. If my 12 yr old was in that situation, yes I’d be pissed. A life lesson he would endure, not a beating. But u know what, these are kids…. if 2 officers can’t restrain a situation with children without punching them repeatedly, they shouldn’t be officers. They need more training. What happened is NOT ok!!! Everyone quick to say they deserved it. Really? A 12 yr old and some other kids, during a rough time, and they are still learning how to handle life problems, deserved it??!! Shame on all of you. Striking that boy the way he did is the ONLY thing wrong here. I’m disappointed in SPD and how they handled this. No wonder some are terrified of them. Btw, my kids would of done anything to protect their brother or sister. They saw him being hurt (again, children that are still learning life situations) and they reacted as a child would. Smh something needs to be done. Unqualified Springfield officers beating a 12 yr old. Shameful

  47. To the comment who said most of the comments are from white people who don’t deal with the police and don’t live on the east side…. I drive for a local trucking company getting harrased by police every day. I’ve gotten followed and questioned in my personal vehicles. I’ve dealt with asshole cops with a powertrip complex. My family lived on ash near 15th hearing the clapping of gunshots and dealing with drunk ass adults at 3am fighting outside. I still live near the east side hearing every damn thing. Quit pulling this racial bullshit. Every single time you pull the race card you yourself are becoming more racist. I’ve gone to graduations all weekend. I’ve seen children and students become something this society needs. Who is responsible for the 5 dumbasses who shot a young adult in broad daylight and ran from the police to Leland grove area endangering the lives of many people who are black,white, Hispanic, Asian.

  48. SPD should be ashamed of themselves. These are children still learning how to deal with life. If 2 officers can’t restrain a group of children without force, then they are not qualified to be officers. This should of been a life lesson for these children, not a beating. No wonder they fear the police. Smh. My kids will always protect their siblings. They saw him being hurt (again, children that are still learning life lessons) reacted as children and did only thing they thought. This situation was handled wrongly and the 12 yr old did NOT deserve that. That is the only point here. Even if u all say, my kid would know better. Maybe he didn’t know how to act in that situation yet, first time being approached by police, who knows? But I do know, these officers should of done better. Very saddening. They are suppose to protect, and know how to handle a group of KIDS!

  49. all police aren’t bad, just like all black ppl aren’t criminals and just like all white ppl aren’t racist. I served 10 years in the service in which over 4 years of that time was in Iraq. I put my life in the hands of a black man every day and he put his life in the hands of a white man.the color of Our skin didn’t matter too either of us because at the end of the day We knew we were safe watching one another’s back..the problem in this country and state is no unity…We all bleed red and All Human…I understand if there was a legit complaint about an officer it needs too be dealt with…doesn’t make every badge evil…

    • I want you to look at my wall… I want you to look through every post regarding this incident.. I NEVER ONCE PLAYED THE RACE CARD even though me and my children have been RACIALLY BOMBARDED… I AM AN AFRICAN ((AMERICAN)) JUST LIKE Everyone ELSE SO MY CHILDREN DESERVE THE SAME RIGHTS YOU AND MANY Others HAVE FOUGHT FOR. HIS RIGHTS WERE VIOLATED

  50. Comments like most of these will make you racist smh

  51. As for the CRIMINAL COMMENT…. you might have this same card in your pocket… These don’t go to criminals… Good Try though…

  52. How exactly was the situation neutralized? I saw the video and saw and where between 10-18 kids attacking 2 officers. The cop is still on duty because the evidence was reviewed and the action was deemed necessary. Several calls were made to 911. My question is simple why didn’t the kids just leave when they were asked? Is it now ok for kids to attack officers. Bad behavior has serious consequences. This whole thing could have been avoided had they just listened. Stop making this a race thing. Stop downplaying bad behavior. Now more then ever the cops need to be hard bc of everything going on in Springfield.

    • Punching him atleast 5 times is what the 12 yr should of got then is what your saying? Yep, pretty serious consequences. Although, the parent of this child would go to jail if he did this to his own kid. Makes sense right. No. I don’t think a “race thing” was the issue. It’s a cop punching a child multiple times and it was not necessary.

    • Ok, again I watched that video. I broke it down frame for frame. He did NOT punch him. He did jerk his arm because, at least 3 kids tried to grab it. I never saw him get struck in the head-once he got struck I. The shoulder but that’s as as far as I saw.- these officers were wearing cameras. Do you’ll really think he’d still be on duty if he punch that kid 5 times? No he wouldn’t. The kids started the violence, that was the unnecessary part of this. The cops doing what they had to was an unfortunate consequence. If a parent was being attack by 12-20 kids, my guess is they wouldn’t be charged bc in a situation like that you have to defend yourself. Please answer he question though, would any of this have happened had the kids just left when asked?

    • Well how you handle it is alot different than how.a trained officer should handle it. Wrong is wrong. Idc .

    • You yourself said if a parent did this they’d go to jail. My response is simple, if a parent is being attacked by that many kids, for no reason other then being told they had to leave, then no I don’t think they’d go to jail bc in a situation like that those “kids” can cause damage. According to SPD-and pretty much every guild line involving police and situations like this that o could find- they acted withi. Protocol. They handled it the only way that could and obviously were well within boundaries. You still haven’t answered my question, had these kids have left when asked to, would any of this have happened? Let me make it simple NO it wouldn’t. Instead they had attitude, and got violent. You’re right wrong it wrong.

  53. Ok. I’m so angry about the comments on here. First of all this is a WHOLE COMMUNITY ISSUE not a racial issue. These are kids. Not even teenagers. Who were at the school because their classmate passed and were having a vigil. All this racial bullshit is a disgrace to the human race. Antwaun Readus Sr. and his family have been serving the community for generations!!!! Get your racist head out of your ass, grow the hell up. These are babies, AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, CHILDREN. The “criminal activity” bottle rockets, and the cops knew that’s what it was for. These asshole beat this little boy. How would u feel if your kids were shooting off bottle rockets and the cops beat and pepper sprayed them for it?? Springfield police department has been horrible for years. They use to harass me because of who my family is. Pull me over constantly, threaten me with arrest call me names, emabarassing searches. I’ve seen them in action. Dirty cops all through the department. Don’t forget fricke and Russel were suspended without pay for stealing drugs from a raid. The now heads of dirt team. Get out of your bubble and do some research. The just picked on the wrong kids. Their father a community leader vice president of better life better living for kidz, his kids all are involved in positive activities. And he is not in jail LMBO. I’m ashamed to call Springfield my home at this point. At the volume of steroetypes, and ignorance being spewed. I pray for these children every day. You should too.

    • Why were children playing with fireworks on school grounds without supervision? Why couldn’t they leave when asked? If this boys father is a leader why couldn’t these kids go to his house and hold this vigil? Or a public park. Would any of this even have happened had the kids just left when asked?

    • You are missing the point. He hit a 12 year old little boy repeatedly in the head with a fist and baton. And pepper sprayed kids 5-8 years of age. On school grounds, WHERE the kids and the classmates attended. They were wrong for the bottle rockets yes, and have been punished by parents accordingly. They chose the school because the child was a classmate, and other children in the neighborhood attended. Not just his.

    • You probably aren’t a parent. Or your kids are absolutley perfect right they don’t do shit wrong right.

    • U saw a piece of a video. U don’t know what u are talking about. They kids chose the school as the place to have the vigil, and it was permitted. U don’t know what transpired. U don’t know why the cop jumped on him. U just ignorAnt to the facts pushing what U believe in your closed ass mind is the truth.

    • Chris Russell | June 5, 2017 at 3:06 pm | Reply

      Danielle, as I stated on your Facebook post you information is not accurate and subjects you to civil liability. It also makes your other points less credible.

      • Chris Russell | June 5, 2017 at 3:15 pm | Reply

        Danielle, as I stated on your Facebook post your information is not accurate and subjects you to civil liability. It also makes your other points less credible.

  54. and same here. like I said I served ten years in USN and got out on honorable discharge in 2008. married in 2014, had a son and then was arrested for drug-dealing for no reason…other than the video was 2 ppl making a deal neither of them me but report said so…dumb ppl making dumb mistakes, it was all dropped after spending $5000 too bond out and another $10,000 in lawyer fees…i got fd over by a bad cop, still don’t make every cop bad….as long as ppl keep saying “all these police need too be stopped” then the youth will keep ignoring and disrespecting them…PERIOD

  55. Well this “white girl” from Chicago dealt with seeing this everyday. The kids who didn’t respect authority in the first place (police, teachers, principals, other adults) got their attitudes from their environment, which seems to me to be very anti-authority and racist.

  56. So 17 hours later what are we debating again? That kids should be able to be on school property after hours setting off fireworks with no adult supervision? Or are we posting pictures of all of our family members that graduated?

  57. You are the company you keep. Your kids may be the nicest, most respectful kids on the block, but if they run with a crowd that shows blatant disrespect for authority (as was seen in the video posted) they’re going to wear the same label.

  58. The spd are bullshit literally they’ve never done anything to help anyone but line the pockets of the higher ups! My car was stolen, and as I was putting my dogs in the house the officer yelled to me…well are you going to come make a report or no? I was a tad taken aback … I thought maybe he would get out of his car ask my neighbors questions ya know his job! Lol he didnt begin to treat me as a person until 20 mins into talking about the upgrades I did to my yard! This is crazy the police here are a joke. Just keep goin higher up til u get a resolution. This is the 2nd video of an officer beating a kid in our town to go viral and the people blaming the kids? Get real I coulda de escalated that! And if U feel the need to resort to violence then that my friend is why u are not an officer lol as over half of the spd should not be

  59. I can’t believe you would even post something like this

  60. Terrance Walls | June 5, 2017 at 2:00 pm | Reply

    What’s sad is if it was one of your kids we would stand up for them because we know how certain police officers abuse power because we see it on a daily basis! These comments show what’s really wrong with this society in general. You all act like you weren’t kids at one point!? You make mistakes it’s called life! You learn and grow for the better. No weapons or violence were initiated with the officers so why is it being justified for a 12 yr old boy to be punched in the head multiple times and even younger kids being maced? It’s so obvious some of you people are blind and care nothing about the troubles we face in our own community! Everyone that lives on the east side is not a criminal! Open your eyes and your heart! We all bleed red! We are all one!

  61. The real sad part is the father of this disrespectful so called ‘child’ putting together a video using clips that have nothing to do with his 12 year old son. If you have to continuously post ‘did you watch the whole vid’ ‘did you see the second vid’ just shows how ignorant YOU are, Antwaun, for trying to use the media to push your agenda. Youre clearly trying to make this out more than it is by putting clips in the vid that are not related to your sons situation. ALSO, those ‘kids’ were out there smoking weed on school property about to fight with people who were asking them to leave. All by trying to say they were holding a vigil for a person who was shot there a week earlier by another kid??? The reality is cops are human and it doesnt matter how much training they have, theyre not perfect. Parents need to be accountable for their kids, not the cops. Cops are law enforcement officers, that whole BS about protect and serve does not say anything about ‘playing’ father to all the kids in the city whos parents are tired of dealing with them. Start teaching your kids and stop blaming the cops for having to deal with those disrespectful kids those parents raised. Notice how you never see educated, active kids in videos like this where their parents are involved. A large group of society needs to stop blaming others and stop playing the victim card. Cops have REAL issues to deal with than disrespectful rude kids/adults.

  62. The first video has nothing to do with the 2nd video. Antwaun needs to stop trying to push his agenda by pushing multiple videos that having nothing to do with his sons situation, its ignorant and ridiculous. Also, just cuz kids graduate from HS doesnt mean theyre ‘innocent’. Kids sre SUPPOSE to AT THE LEAST graduate from HS. You want them to really accomplish something and be productive citizens of society, help them graduate college, thats an accomplishment.

  63. Little thugs who disrespect the law grow up to be criminals. Just saying. Respect starts first in the home. Teach them right or they will go wrong.

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