end racism against blacks

Construction on the President’s House began in 1792 in Washington, D.C., a new capital situated in sparsely settled region far from a major population center. The decision to place the capital on land ceded by two pro-slavery states-Virginia and Maryland-ultimately influenced the acquisition of laborers to construct its public buildings. The D.C. commissioners, charged by Congress with building the new city under the direction of the president, initially planned to import workers from Europe to meet their labor needs. However, response to recruitment was dismal and soon they turned to African Americans—both enslaved and free—to provide the bulk of labor that built the White House, the United States Capitol, and other early government buildings.
We need to tear these icons of slavery and racism down, how can the blacks ever overcome our slavery past if the nation still benefits from our ancestors slave labor. The white house and the us capitol were built with African American slave labor, they still use them that means they are benefiting off slave labor. I call on donald trump tear down that old racist building. Build a new one. Racist washington dc. They also need to tear down George Washington house because he was a slave owner, also Thomas Jefferson’s house he was a slave owner, matter of fact destroy every trace of the Declaration of Independence because everyone that signed it was a racist slave owner. Lets move forward.

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3 Comments on "end racism against blacks"

  1. Naacp need to plan a protest at the white house, call the white house at 202-456-1414. Tell them to tear down that racist house

  2. Bitch this isn’t 4chan. Terrible bait.

    • who isnt racist? | September 22, 2018 at 9:15 am | Reply

      Lets destroy every trace of racism againts blacks. Abraham Lincoln once represented a slave owner for free, that makes him racist! Take down all traces of him!

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