Emmaline E. Osborne – Charged With Three Counts of First Degree Murder & One Count Of Aggravated Domestic Battery

Meet Emmaline Osborne

On 5/12/2016 Sangamon County States Attorney John Milhiser formally charged Emmaline Osborne with three counts of First Degree Murder & One count of Aggravated Domestic Battery in relation to the murder of Amanda Kern on 5/10/2016.

Emmaline Osborne is currently in the  Sangamon County Jail on a $2,000,000.00 Cash bond and has a preliminary hearing set for May 26th, 2016 at 9AM in Courtroom 7C of the Sangamon County Court Complex.

Why three counts?

Complaint 01 Count 001 FIRST DEGREE MURDER May 10, 2016 Defendant: EMMALINE E. OSBORNE

Statute 720 5/9-1(a)(1) Class M Orig.

Complaint 02 Count 002 FIRST DEGREE MURDER May 10, 2016 Defendant: EMMALINE E. OSBORNE

Statute 720 5/9-1(a)(1) Class M Orig.

Complaint 03 Count 003 FIRST DEGREE MURDER May 10, 2016 Defendant: EMMALINE E. OSBORNE

Statute 720 5/9-1(a)(2) Class M Orig.

720 ILCS 5/9-1) (from Ch. 38, par. 9-1)
    Sec. 9-1. First degree Murder - Death penalties - Exceptions - Separate Hearings - Proof - Findings - Appellate procedures - Reversals.
    (a) A person who kills an individual without lawful justification commits first degree murder if, in performing the acts which cause the death:
        (1) he either intends to kill or do great bodily harm
to that individual or another, or knows that such acts will cause death to that individual or another; or
        (2) he knows that such acts create a strong
probability of death or great bodily harm to that individual or another;

There has been some criticism recently on social media about the accused’s state of mind on the murders…
Click here to see the post on her Facebook.


Click here to see this post on her Facebook.

The Sangamon County Coroner’s Office has stated Ms. Kern died of “multiple stab wounds consistent with a homicide”.

Springfield Police are stating Emmaline E. Osborne who was Ms. Kern’s domestic partner stabbed Kern multiple times after a heated domestic argument.

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233 Comments on "Emmaline E. Osborne – Charged With Three Counts of First Degree Murder & One Count Of Aggravated Domestic Battery"

  1. Look at that fucking smerk on her face on the side profile photo.

    • She was laughing while they were arresting her. She was doped up

      • Ive known her her whole life | May 14, 2016 at 12:01 am | Reply

        Little girl you really need to get your facts straight before you go posting about people and things you know nothing about the smerk you all are refering to does not look like a laughing one more like deep regret or guilt for a wrong committed. So if you know nothing about this and personally doesn’t affect you or related to you maybe you should keep your mouth shut ..From your name I know your life is not perfect just saying so before you go throwing stones step back and take a look at yourself first and stop thriving on this sorta drama just becouse maybe you worked with her makes you and insight to her life wrong all you are doing is dragging shit threw the mud with lies and her family doesn’t need this .Im not taking the time to help you understand who emma was to me or what she meant to so many others you away from this crime she committed and thats the facts a crime is a crime we cant change that.So take care to not get your self involved in these drama filled posts

      • How do you know?

    • Ive known her her whole life | May 14, 2016 at 12:16 am | Reply

      She is my daughter not by blood I have known her for most of her life and that smerk you are referring to is deep regret or guilt for a wrong committed not laughing and if you knew her you would know that ..Little girl take this to heart I hope you do you have a lot of growing up to do if you get amped or off on this kind of drama just saying. Need to keep your mouth shut on things you know nothing about and that don’t affect you personally ..Her family don’t need to be dragged threw the mud by people like you we all know what your name reflects about your family so before you go throwing stones look in the mirror before you judge others. I am not going to waste time explaining to you emmas character is and who she is to her loved ones. A crime was commited thats a fact and will be dealt with by justice we all know that. So facts sweetheart

  2. Exactly how does she get 3 murder charges when she killed one person

  3. Courtney Conkrite Didn’t you work with her???

  4. Anniee Kent we both worked with her and she was a very sweet girl and a hard worker!

  5. I was one of her best friends for almost 17 years if u didn’t know her don’t say shit they we’re both dealing with things they shouldn’t of been dealing with and things went to far

  6. Died from multiple stab wounds!? Sickening, how does one bring themselves to murder somebody in such a gruesome way.. Disgusting!!

  7. Tonya King yes ! The bitch came to work right after she killed her! She was tweaking, high as hell…cops came & arrested her

  8. Seriously, I guilty of doing the same but ya’ll don’t know her or the circumstances. Emma isn’t a cold blooded murderer. There’s more to the story.

  9. What in the entire fuck

  10. If u don’t know the person anything about them and only what u know is from the news or u know her from work or one of her buddy’s feeding her the shit that caused this and those ppl know what I mean when i say that then don’t reply don’t post or say shit because u just don’t know

  11. It’s a sad situation for the family’s of All involved… What drugs do to people is sickening and they are not in the right mind! I’m not saying what she did was right nobody should take anyone’s life but also nobody was there when it happened and nobody knows the facts!! No point of dragging THEIR family’s through the mud!

  12. Actually I know the ppl who where in the house when it happened and tried to stop it and talked with them shortly after being released from questioning so I know what happened y it happened from the 2 ppl who were there

    • She killed her girlfriend over heroin. Point blank period. And people watched. At least that’s what you said, and they should all be charged too because they obviously left her there to die

  13. Things were just going wrong

  14. Amber Nicole Alexander you read these comments smh..first people were defending the pedophile now defending a murderer..this city is sickening

  15. Courtney Conkrite… That’s funny that you said she was at work with you, because the police said she was at the residence when they arrived and arrested her there. Why are you making up stories in order to put yourself in the middle of this horrible situation? Maybe stick to what you’re good at… Taking duck face selfies in front of mirrors with your “love me for my mind” outfit on.

  16. First off i dont give a fuck what you heard! I was there when she came into fucking work! She was high as hell! She didnt have any idea what the hell she was doing or where she was going…and yes the cops came! As far as what happened when she left i dont fucking know! So shut tf up

    • Ive known her her whole life | May 13, 2016 at 11:36 pm | Reply

      That happened days before the stabbing ever took place so maybe you should get your facts straight and if you can give a fuck less then maybe you keep your mouth shut unless you feed off this sorta drama and if that is the case you have a lot of growing up to do just saying peace

  17. She dod come into fucking work! How the fuck are you going to tell me when i was fucking there! She was high as a fucking kite….didnt know where she was at or where she was going & they did fucking come! I dont have any reason to lie over that shit! Now where she went aftet she left my job i dont fucking know but she did fucking come to work

    • Yea she did go to work go off high as a kite but that happened before any of this and maybe if the ppl she was working with wasn’t feeding her free drugs of all kinds this wouldn’t of happened u only know the drug addict she became

    • I talked with the person who watched it happen and watched her be arrested right after it happened

    • So get ur facts straight and maybe if all the ppl she worked with who r selling drugs and ruining ppls lives feeding ppl their addictions

    • Ummm Robert Anderson last I heard she was a an adult so please save the blame game! Nobody forced her to buy drugs,nobody forced her to do them. Stop sticking up for the pos,you’re making yourself look ignorant with your dumbass comments blaming EVERYBODY but HER!

      • Ive known her her whole life | May 15, 2016 at 12:43 pm | Reply

        So why does it concern you King do feed off this kind of drama as well hmm ask yourself that one. What you see in his post is a best friend trying to wrap his brain around his friend actions you don’t have a clue do you maybe nothing like this has affected your life or family so back off with the name calling its really easy for someone like you to comment on things of this nature be thankful for that it doesn’t affect you personally .Yes she is a adult and made some bad choices nobody forced her to do it but if you have any humanity you would be able to see how ones actions to commit a crime would affect their family and friends who are trying to make sence of why and how a best friend of 17 years could commit a brutual murder as such im not asking that you consider the person who did the crime but maybe just maybe the victims who are her family and friends .

  18. Talk what you fucking know

  19. Not what I heard sweetness, what a read from every reporting agency in Illinois. Please see below quoting the Springfield police commander. But I guess I’ll take your word over his and and every single news outlet. Grow up little attention seeker.
    Cmdr. Shawn Handlin of the Springfield Police Department said the incident started as a verbal altercation that turned physical.
    “We received a call from another person inside the residence. When officers arrived, the victim was inside the residence and the suspect was at the residence,” Handlin said. “The suspect was taken into custody and taken to the police station without incident.”

    • Ive known her her whole life | May 13, 2016 at 11:43 pm | Reply

      Emma is my daughter not by blood, I have known her for most of her life and you are right she was arrested at the residents where the crime took place im close friends with the man who lives at the resident for the last 24 years he was there when it took place Just wish people would not bash about things they are clueless about ..love your response

      • Then the guy should be charged too because he obviously let your daughter escape after killing amanda

  20. Because it’s no one’s fucking business to know a persons personal life

  21. Well…….when you commit murder people become curious.

  22. No she came in after amanda was killed based on her time of death, not to mention my Don told me & yah when you work in healthcare or any area for that matter and a murder comes to work right after they kill someone….you would be a little fucking paranoid! I didnt even know she did drugs until thay day, thats how fucking high she was!

  23. And by the looks of that horrific video of her parents “speaking out for her” …they are just as crazy as she is! I understand someone getting fed up, like past the breaking point because ive been there….but it takes more than just being fed up to murder someone that carelessly or i would have killed my childs father by now! Drugs or no fucking drugs ive been on bot sides of the fence. She was a sick person,it shows all through her facebook. Her own parents even said she was an angry girl that would not take her meds. She talks about killing on her fucking facebook. She knew what she was doing. Period

  24. ROT IN HELL EMMA | May 14, 2016 at 12:22 pm | Reply

    I don’t give a fuck how long anyone knew this disgusting cunt. You are all as bad as she is. Defending murder… Fucking freaks. This isn’t an argument it doesn’t matter who did what leading up to it. It doesn’t matter who the fuck died in her family. Everyone loses people. The only fucking thing that matters is she killed somebody. And why BC she was fighting with her gf? BC Amanda wouldn’t pay for anything? Then you break up and kick the person out. Point blank period. None of those things have to do with murder. And her parents are equally as fucking disgusting for condoning what their daughter did. I hope Emma’s whe fucking family and every one of her friends sees this she’s a cold blooded fucking freak who should have been locked up years ago you’re all scumbags who defended her she IS a cold blooded killer.. She killed somebody are y’all stupid? Hope she rots in hell hope she hates herself every fucking day.

    • Ive known her her whole life | May 15, 2016 at 1:00 pm | Reply

      Well then i guess you will rot in hell with her then right …Why do you even fucking care or does this affect you personally really if it doesn’t then you really do feed off this kind of drama and you are just as sick and disturbing as the rest them right ..POS scumbag who talks out of his ass on things he knows nothing about I could set her and cuss you out all day long but it would make just as stupid as you so with that being said mind your own fucking buisness when it doesn’t concern you

  25. ROT IN HELL EMMA | May 14, 2016 at 12:44 pm | Reply

    And that is a smirk. There’s no remorse there. Fucking disturbed freak of nature

  26. Emma has had issues, and i used to hang out with them both together and i always thought emma was off , quiet & kept to herself, but the facts were in the news , shes going to prison, she broke the law & took someones life. Thats inhuman and derserves the consequences of her actions . Rip manders your up there in peace and reunited with some of our homies

  27. Some people just snap you have no rite to judge you don’t know what she’s been thru in life or in they relationship what happened is sad N not rite but No one knows the mindframe so let’s just pray for the girl N hope she gets the help she needs I’ve met her once N she was very nice idk the situation but drugs are a mf

  28. You don’t even have your kids Tonya King. Your sister does. Arnt u a junking n that’s why u don’t have them. Poor kids

  29. Bwahahaha let me guess….Jasen Manuele got in touch with you Try again sweetie…..my oldest is grown 20yrs old. Far from a junkie,never in my life have I ever been a junkie

  30. ROT IN HELL EMMA | May 15, 2016 at 6:06 am | Reply

    That’s what you delusional fucks are not understanding IT DOEANT FUCKING MATTER WHAT THAT CUNT WENT THROUGH it doesn’t matter what happened in the relationship she took a fucking life away. The bitch ain’t God she has no right people don’t ” just snap” and fucking kill people dumb fucking bitch psychopaths** just snap and kill people. And she’s gonna rot in prison like she deserves crazy fucking cunt should have been locked up years ago

  31. I just want to remember Amanda here. I don’t know her, or Osborne- but i think of the horror and suffering she felt at the time of her death. Very sad. Don’t forget her in all of this . There will never be any “justice” . I just want to send my sympathies and condolences to her family and friends .

  32. Just in case anyone was concerned about people commenting on exposed…. NEWS FLASH this is a PUBLIC page for everyone & anyone that wants to voice their opinions. If the person or their family doesn’t like it they should of thought about that before they dragged their own name through the mud.

    • yeah it’s public but but it doesn’t concern you it doesn’t affect you it has nothing to do with you so why start drama why put your two cents where it’s not needed I dought u knew either the victim or the assailant and even if you did you probably only knew him for 6 months to a year not nearly enough time to get to truly know someone

    • This bitch is a cold blooded murderer is does concern me so I know if she ever crosses my path I know to stay the fuck away from this sick individual. Go ahead keep defending a murderer you are just as guilty as this bitch!
      Last time I checked this is a free country & we have freedom of speech so all that bullshit you just posted you can stick it up your ass. For the record dought is doubt! Thanks for all you useless tips though

      • Ive known her her whole life | May 17, 2016 at 12:08 am | Reply

        You are a fucking riot you must love drama ….Freedom of speech is one thing but knowing when to shut your mouth on things you know nothing about or being adult enough to know when to shut your mouth on things that don’t concern you ..Just another waste of space talking out her ass a real winner once again who feeds on things like this parasite..Get a hobby really

  33. There’s always that 1 idiot that gets smart acting like they are sooo innocent & that people shouldn’t have a right to their opinions. Not like we didn’t see this on the news! It’s 2016 where social media exists. Wake up or take a seat whatever floats your boat

    • And then they cry like they’re some damn victim

    • They are a victim the second they pop off at the mouth to one of us OLD CRAZY BITCHES!

    • They come out crying like I’m 23 I’m grown… No bitch you are still sucking on your mothers titty as far as I’m concerned!

    • Social media is here for people to connect and become friends not fucking talk trash and put other people down and bully people and fucking start drama like you old ugly ass anorexic bitchs do

    • Robert Anderson why don’t you just bounce to another page then. We appreciate your feedback.

    • Why don’t you grow up and stop acting like kids starting drama on a social media site you say that you’re old enough that you’re mature and all this other stuff but yet you’re acting like a f****** 13 year old kid starting drama talking s*** you’d expect that from someone under the age of 18 not someone in their thirties or forties

    • We are a business broadcasting news. Sorry you feel so negative.

      • All I am asking is that you delete postRonda Roy | May 16, 2016 at 11:53 pm Don’t know this person and that she posted this picture of my grand kids and should not of been allowed I relize this is a public domain in wich these things happen as for Robert Anderson he will not be posting anymore on this site and is all talk he means no harm to any one just a kid he will be deleting his post or you can.. The DMCA states that while an Internet Service Provider (ISP) is not liable for transmitting information that may infringe a copyright, the ISP must remove materials from users’ websites that appear to constitute copyright infringement.
        Your copyright does not have to be registered with the U.S. Copyright Office for you to take advantage of this provision. If you find a website that is using one of your images without permission, contact the hosting ISP and report the infringement. The statutory award for each violation of Section 1202 ranges from $2,500 to $25,000.After the photo is taken, however, the photographer should be concerned with the person’s right of publicity. You violate a person’s right of publicity when, without permission, you use a photo of a person for your own benefit. All I am asking is that you delete the photo.

  34. Did any of u actually know her on a personal level I dought it did u know the victim I dought it then what does this concern u it doesn’t so y even put ur 2 cents in where its not needed is everyones life so boring that they need social media to start drama and look for it

  35. R.I.PAMANDA | May 16, 2016 at 1:37 am | Reply

    Amanda was one of the most amazing people in this world. Nothing good she could have done deserved this. And I want to know why the people who called this is didn’t stop her instead of watching?

  36. Seeing as I personally know what happened Courtney is lying because Emma was at home when the cops got her, the fight was NOT over heroin it was in fact over stolen money and yes Emma did wrong, she loved Amanda and Rebecca Osborne is a lying bitch. She is the reason Emma was living there. But she won’t say that she kicked her daughter out with nowhere to go because she’s too busy playing the victim. She was a shit mom and the reason Emma had anger issues. She is a lost soul and now she has to spend her life in prison because she snapped.

  37. And by the way he tried to talk Emma down. But after trying to take the knife away they got into it and Emma took Amanda to the floor and started stabbing her. He walked in on Emma holding the knife to her throat. Any sudden moved and she would have died either way

  38. DOUGHT is DOUBT if you can spell on a 4th grade level you might want to sit the fuck down. That’s not just a talk to text or a phone error either.
    I think she brought the drama on herself the second she stab another person & killed her!

    • Bitch I don’t need to know how to spell ur just some ghetto ass ho anyway u need Facebook to make ur life less boring none of what happened even concern you did it affect you I don’t think so so why even comment on it

    • Really Bitch?!? Your a disgusting sick freak defending a murderer. The only ghetto is your mom fucking your dad & giving birth to you! You shouldn’t breathe the same air as the rest of the world. Your stupid ass can’t spell a word from 4th grade! Fucking white trash piece of shit!

    • And can you define ghetto? Because the only thing I see ghetto is her nasty ass parents trying to act like this is ok but I guess since you can’t spell any further than a 4th grader you would know what class was if it smacked you in the face

    • I don’t need Facebook for shit my life is pretty entertaining itself. I will tell a butch like you what’s up & toss you in the dumpster where you belong when I’m finished. I eat bitches like you for breakfast

      • Ive known her her whole life | May 17, 2016 at 12:31 am | Reply

        Grow the fuck up bitch the way you’r talking you sound like a childish twit with all the perfect grammar in the world you would still sound like you are about thirteen maybe you should check your self before posting on sites like this and if you are in fact adult you sure as hell don’t act like it ..He must have hit a nerve when he said you must have a boring life otherwise you wouldn’t feel the need to explain you’r pathetic life to someone you don’t know…So you say you eat bitches for breakfast I doubt that seriously and you seem to know a lot about dumpsters must be where you come from because you sound like you have no class about yourself so ghetto is a good word for you then right….Go dig up drama else where or crawl back under the rock in wich you came PEACE

  39. Even if you know someone personally doesn’t mean you know what is going on in their heads!

  40. Sorrynotsorry | May 16, 2016 at 11:08 am | Reply

    This heroin issue is out of control. I get it, the world is a scary place, but we as a society, for our own safety, need to get this addiction under control. People need options, rehabs that do not cost thousands of dollars. It saddens me, a lot of people I know and care for are dying because of heroin. Rather the poor girl was murdered over heroin, over money whatever, heroin has claimed two lives now. Please, let us offer some help to these addicts.

  41. What happened doesn’t concern any of you it doesn’t affect any of you so why do you even have to say anything why even post anything or put your two cents where it’s not needed none of u fucking know her or the victim so what gives u the right to talk about am I defending her no what she did was wrong but doesn’t give any of u fake 2 faced bitchs out there to say anything u have ur own problems to deal with so y look for drama on social media

  42. Murder is a public concern genius.

  43. Not urs did u know them

  44. No thank u so it doesn’t concern u all u fucking ppl r just pathetic you need drama in your life so that you feel good and see that your life isn’t all that bad instead of sitting on Facebook looking for drama put in your two cents where it’s not needed why don’t you work on yourselves and get your own life straight instead of worrying about everything else murder is not a public concern it’s just you people feeding the drama and fueling the fire

  45. You’re the one fueling this. How pathetic is your life that you’re friends with murderers?

  46. And it is public information. It’s a concern to anyone in this area. The public has a right to know what you’re charged with. It’s common knowledge. And I like to stay informed about what junkie or murderer is in my community.

  47. Lol bitch did u even know them

  48. No so shut ur dumb ass bitch self

  49. Bitch I don’t need to. It’s public information you twat. Don’t you think you have a right to know of alleged murders in your community and the people being accused of it?!

  50. I don’t know child sexual offenders either but bet your unintelligent ass I’d like to know where they’re located.

  51. What she did was wrong but it doesn’t concern anyone but the family and close personal friends that doesn’t include nosey ass bitchs putting their 2 cents in

  52. Maybe you should have put as much effort into preventing this tragedy as you do sitting on here worrying about why others are concerned.

  53. Bitch u think I didn’t who the r u to tell me u don’t think we tried there’s only so much one can do so u would just turn ur back on a friend of 17 years because she made a stupid mistake shows how good a friend u r ands it’s fucking ppl that think that everything concerns them and that they have a right to voice their opinions bitch everyones got one doesn’t mean that urs is needed

  54. Child molestation and murder are two different things I could care less than murder lived in my fucken neighborhood doesn’t mean he’s coming to my house to kill me well you know it was an accidental death or f****** any type of f****** situation you don’t know the whole f****** facts then why even f****** talk about something even bring something up when you don’t even know the whole story you don’t know the whole person’s life you don’t know anything other than what you’ve heard or what you’ve been told to the papers or the news so bit before you start talking about s*** you know nothing about why don’t you f****** educate yourself and learn the whole story before you start talking s*** or f****** bad mouth and the person that you supposedly f****** know right the person you know everything about right you know everything about that person right you know their whole life history you know their whole life story didn’t think so b****

  55. I nominate Robert Anderson as Sangamon Counties Retard of the Week.

  56. And what r u just some bitch who’s board looking to start drama because ur a lonly pathetic bitch

  57. That is the worst run on sentence I’ve ever read. I’ll assume you are most likely a high school dropout with a drug habit and shitty choice in friends.

  58. Everyone on this site is pathetic all u ppl care about is drama u ppl don’t know shit yet u act like you’ve known the ppl ur whole life when u don’t know shit

  59. I know how to spell. I also know how to punctuate.

  60. Lol bitch and what r u some stay at home mom raising some fucked up kids

  61. I second that nomination.

  62. U probably some prep bitch who has Mommy and daddy take care of u

  63. Lol u ppl r pathetic wastes of space I’d rather be friends with a murder then some 2 faced bitchs

  64. You sound like you have anger issues. It would probably explain the need to hang out with people that have issues that drive them to murder.

  65. Enough said. I’m certain we’ll be reading about you soon on Springfield exposed soon.

  66. Yep because I’m coming for all the bitchs who talk shit when they have no business being involved

  67. Coming for what? An English lesson?

  68. So where do u all live I live on South grand what about

  69. Look on the bright side Robert: while Emmaline is in jail they may very well give her a much needed bath.

  70. Bahahaha what do you seriously think you’re going to do?

  71. Lol keep talking bitch it easier to track your IP address

  72. I’m not hiding. Bitch

  73. A retard could use the programs I’m using

  74. Looks like one is.

  75. Lol so obvious u would say that

  76. LMFAO Robert Anderson you can’t track an IP via a Facebook Comment! Idiots…

  77. Track your IP address! Bahahaha yeah right Robert you probably have a hard enough time remembering your street address.

  78. You bringing a knife like your buddy?

  79. I sincerely doubt he can track anything. He has a hard enough time spelling.

  80. No I use my hands it makes me feel close to the one I’m about to kill

  81. You have to literally be the biggest idiot I’ve run across on the Internet.

  82. Funny thing is ur right crazy ppldo stick together guess u can say the same for killers

  83. Awwww you’re a dreamer.

  84. Lol what don’t like it when I play along with ur game

  85. That’s what Facebook is to u right a game

  86. well that escalated quickly

  87. Ur probably some person who is pampered and cared for by Mommy and daddy not even old enough to take care of ur self

  88. You’re most likely some pathetic junkie that is so fucking desperate for attention that you’d ride the coat tails of this murderer. Sad that you can’t find your own little light in life to shine.

  89. Lol says the bitch that makes a comment on everything she sees

  90. Not everything. Just pointing out and drawing attention to your pathetic attempt attention seeking.

  91. I’m only on Facebook to set bitchs straight that this is not ur problems so stay out

  92. Bitch I could care less what ppl think or who pays attention to me as long as they keep their comments on their own messages with ur own friends

  93. Here’s a newsflash. No one of any intelligence will give you the time of day. Your lack of spelling and grammar skills just tosses you into the poorly educated dipshit category. And on top of that, you’ve shown all the symptomatic signs of someone that loves to ride the coat tails of gruesome headliners. Ha ha ha ha. You’re too stupid to even realize it. But wait…. You’re busy trying to sound semi intelligent by throwing out that you’re tracking my IP address that can’t be tracked by a Facebook post.

  94. U ppl feed off of this bull shit y don’t u all go get a life instead of posting bull shit no one cares about

  95. Hey I think I finally made out what her neck tatoo says. “If vagina is occupied insert penis in hole above”

  96. Lol bitch u know nothing I don’t need proper grammar on a fucking social media site bitch before you go off thinking u know ppl maybe if u all took the time to make ur lives interesting u wouldn’t need the drama u get from this site and many others like it

  97. And you look just as intelligent as I thought.

  98. She does have some pretty sweet tattoos. :/

  99. Lol talk ur shit u pplr pathetic needing others ppls problems to feel better about ur own lives

  100. Track your IP address. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Robert Anderson, you are a first-class idiot. Did you even go to high school? You know, the big building with windows and classrooms? Based on your grammar and punctuation, you did not.

    And big f’ing whoop you live on South Grand. What, you think that makes you “gangsta”? Let me drop you off on the South Side and we’ll see how “gangsta” you are. You are a sad & pathetic little man who needs to go back to school and make better choices when it comes to friends.

  101. Erica Kleinlein found you a new man.. He’s intelligent…

  102. Is that a turtleneck, or a tattoo?


  104. Where the hell did Ronda go?

  105. I still nominate Robert Anderson as Sangamon Counties Retard of the week

  106. Well we know why he’s such a nutcase?!? The only person that liked his picture was the cold blooded murderer herself!

  107. And for the record his dumb ass isn’t setting anyone straight he’s just making a fool of his low budget self!

  108. He sounds like my brother. He thinks listening to rap, having black friends and trying to act hard gives him street cred, when in actuality, he would get his ass kicked by a girl. Two kids, probably by different mamas, that suck off the government teat because their mother(s) are too lazy to get a job and he smokes dope 24/7 and is too ignorant and doped up to pass a pre-employment drug test let alone get a job.


  109. Robert Anderson is a whiny bitch

  110. Robert is just standing up for his friend, I get that. But what YOU don’t get, Robert, is that SHE put herself in this spotlight when SHE chose to murder someone. Furthermore, It is our business to know what kind of monsters are living in our community.

  111. Why can’t any of these people who’s sticking up for this murder spell 4th grade words?!?

  112. There is no standing up for a cold blooded murderer. I mean she took this murder to a level far beyond crazy. If he thinks it’s ok he’s just as guilty as she is. There’s a reason why so many people are on exposed. I actually thank Springfield Exposed for helping the community out & letting us know what kind of people are walking the streets. You don’t see people doing good in their life getting exposed.

  113. I’d like to know Robert’s opinion on the interview with Emmaline’s mother. How do you justify killing someone because she was unemployed and didn’t pay for rent or fast food? Oh wait, because “the relationship just had to end.” The interview is on Emmaline’s Facebook page if you haven’t seen it. One of the SJ-R’s finest moments.

  114. There’s the video for anyone that hasn’t seen it! It’s disgusting on every level

  115. Sorrynotsorry | May 17, 2016 at 12:05 am | Reply

    So he threatened to kill someone twice, are we not going to take this seriously?

  116. ROBERT ANDERSON IS JASEN MANUELE….. Has to be another one of this psychos fake pages. The page itself is sketchy. No one seems to know who it is & we all know how Jasen Manuele like to talk about murdering or raping people.

  117. Does anyone personally know Robert Anderson? He’s either Jasen Manuele or he’s a stone cold killer like his best friend here!

  118. DrunkenDave Detzburg | May 17, 2016 at 1:21 am | Reply

    I just have one question.. did the two ladies happen to leave any homemade videoes of a ..”purient nature”? Because if so, somebody should post them somewhere. Lets not forget the REAL tragedy here: the loss of girl on girl porno possibilities!

  119. somebody who cares | May 17, 2016 at 2:01 am | Reply

    For the record you all can say what you want about Robert he means no harm to anybody and has a heart of gold if you knew him . He is speaking his mind about how he feels, him and Emma where best friends for 17 years that is a long time by far. Robert is filled with so many emotions right now, so tell me after 17 years of friendship it’s hard to see this happen to somebody you thought you knew and grew up with he is not denying the fact she committed this brutal murder its a wake up call non the less so yes a person would feel mixed emotions, it’s hard to watch people ripping her apart when all you can remmeber is the good times, but justice will be served and he knows that so if it seems like he is defending her its because it would be hard for anybody in this situation you can’t honestly tell me it wouldn’t . Its a lot easier when there is bios opinions of the parties not affected by this. I guess what I am saying he is trying to make sense of all this one day you are laughing and hanging out with your friend and the next day this. you all can say what you want I am not asking you to have sympathy on the accused because justice will prevail ,just maybe some empathy on him because this was a rude awaking to have to face is all I am asking. Robert wont be posting any more on here so if you are going to bash then you will but I hope you don’t.

  120. Poor Robert. He drew a little more attention to himself than he was really bargaining for.

  121. Good news. I’m
    Still alive.

  122. Because I don’t want the attention I’d rather you all just let it go and stop commenting because it doesn’t even concern any of you you didn’t even know either of the people so why even comment u ppl just need something to occupy ur boring lives with Facebook drama

  123. Bahahaha you are just too easy to bait.

  124. Lol u all r sad pathetic ppl u think this is a game u put ur noes in shit that doesn’t even affect u ur all nothing but children that never had the time to grow up u feed off of drama like high school kids and u fuel the fire she’s in jail and going to be for awhile so just let it go and move on with your supposedly perfect lives

  125. Why would we stop commenting to appease you? Sorry I know that a big word for you but you need to start getting some education. Nobody cares about your opinion & you’ve proved to the world that you’re a cold blooded killer like your best friend. Tell your mom I say hi btw

  126. She deserves the chair!

  127. It’s incredibly disturbing that several people think a murder in town is “nobody’s business.” I live here, pay taxes, raise kids here. You bet your ass it’s my business. I didn’t know anyone involved, but I do now, and knowing the name and face of a violent, rage filled killer isn’t just my business…it’s necessary to ensure human survival.

  128. Sorrynotsorry | May 17, 2016 at 11:52 am | Reply

    This is insane. You all defending her, what about Amanda? What about the poor girl who was murdered? You want to sit behind your keyboard and defend a murderer?! Then threaten to kill someone and gut her family? Ya’ll need mental help! It is a society right to know when violent offender lives near them. It’s a society right to know when that offender is locked up and when they will get out. For Fucks sake, all ya’ll need to take a college course, at the very least a psychiatric evaluation.

  129. Robert Anderson I feel for you. Trying to defend someone that you know against people who didn’t know either of them is awesome but a waste of your time. Emmaline was not a monster. Last time I checked she is Accused and has yet to stand trial. If this is still America Emmaline Osborne will be allowed to defend her actions and will pay the price for anything of which she is found guilty. Until then these asshat comments you are deflecting are gonna roll. My sympathies to both families.

  130. Yeah. Is it ok if we call her a monster after she’s convicted? I mean will that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? I mean Robert did go so far as to personalize my strangulation and gutting of my family. Jesus Christ. What in thee exact hell is wrong with people?!

  131. I suspect this is how Charlie Manson started his cult following.

  132. Marty Potter | May 29, 2016 at 6:29 am | Reply

    This is a crazy story…I didnt “know” her personal I tattooed her a few times. When I was around her she seemed to be a nice girl…a little quiet…but nice. I rember even telling her that she dont seem like what you would expect on the outside.

    • not sure of your point. would you have not tattooed her knowing she was going to stab someone 39 times?

  133. Rajean Gallagher | June 7, 2016 at 4:46 pm | Reply

    Ronda…seriously? No one’s carving ratios in our heads nor are we saying Amanda was Sharon Tate and had to die. Get your reference underhand.
    If you don’t like that there’s a due process of law, perhaps you can take it up with your state representative. Until then…well, it’s a straight statement. You don’t know who or what you are talking about here so you’re resorting to personal attacks and that’s bullshit.

  134. Jessica Sinclair | January 6, 2018 at 8:12 am | Reply

    I know Amanda. My daughter dated her. She was a junkie but so was my daughter. She was a good person regardless. Her killer deserves death!! A life for a life. Period end of story. Btw who blames medication??

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