Emergency Orders Of Protections & FOID Cards…

An interesting topic has been sent in to us recently and its revolves around people who go and get an emergency order of protection and what it does to one person’s FOID Status in the State of Illinois.

This comes to us after a young lady allegedly went and got an order of protection against her now ex boyfriend so it would be illegal for him from to have firearms. Naturally this made it where he couldn’t go hunting…

She never appeared at the Plenary Order Hearing to seek a 2 year order, but the damage was already done to the man. He ended up getting everything vacated because she didn’t show up.

What’s your Opinion? Should these emergency orders always stop the respondent from possessing a firearm?

Vote below and tell us your side in the comment box and inbox!

When is OP Court in Sangamon County? That’s right 1:15pm daily remember that for when you want to ruin your mans life during hunting season.

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3 Comments on "Emergency Orders Of Protections & FOID Cards…"

  1. My little sister had an order of protection put against her which made her not eligible for trap shooting that year because of the girl both under age so can’t say names lol but the girl cries wolf so much the day after the order was dropped she got beat up by someone else at school and ran off the the court house to get another op and they refused to give her one in some cases yes it’s good but in a lot of cases it’s stupid and shouldn’t effect a foid card I believe if they have violent history then by all means take it but still won’t keep them from getting a gun that’s not registered to them and doing what they really want to do

  2. I think that the FOID Card restriction shouldn’t happen until the Plenary order is entered not just the Emergency Order. #JustMyTwoCents

  3. We did another story a month or so ago about a local woman who found out a man liked guns but he wouldn’t date her so she went and got an OP on him to get his guns taken away. Made all kinds of crazy stories up and put on the water works in the courtroom. Sadly she some how got a 2 year Order Against him and he lost his FOID Card.

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