Drugs, Theft, Forgery, & Much More – Erika Ann Trello

Erika Ann Trello4
Meet Erika Ann Trello

Ms. Trello was sent into us a few times after some of our readers read our previous stories on her employer Shaner’s Towing .

Shaner’s Towing has been featured a few times with their hiring practices of employees on here. From Sex Offenders, to Animal Abusers, now Thieves…

Now we are all about giving people a second chance, but Shaner’s Towing is in a position where it can cost them a lot by hiding these employees (see Shaner’s Towing Violating Sangamon County Sheriff’s Tow Policy & Getting Away With It!? ).

Ms. Trello here has been arrested upwards of 15 times for serious allegations. Credit Card Fraud, Theft, Forgery, Obstructing Justice, Sale of Drug Paraphernalia, Possession of 15 Grams or more of Heroin, Possession of Stolen Property, Retail Theft, & Much More!

#KeepItClassySpringfield #Beware
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76 Comments on "Drugs, Theft, Forgery, & Much More – Erika Ann Trello"

  1. Damn she don’t ever learn her ass stole from Patricia’s too when she worked there

  2. She’s on the banned slideshow

  3. SpringfieldILExposed.com – Exposed Publishing, NFP. helping future employers one at a time. Just google your new hires and make sure they havent been on SpringfieldILExposed.com – Exposed Publishing, NFP. 😀

  4. I’ve known her for along time. She grew up down the street from me. She may have made some mistakes but she’s never done anything to me

  5. This bitch…lol…

  6. I don’t know her, but I’m sure someone from Shaner’s will see this. Whoever in the bleep works at Shaner’s and lives on the corner of 12th and Bruce, you all are trash and get that dam yard cleaned up. It looks like pigs live there!!!!

  7. She hasn’t worked there in months

  8. Jersey shore looking MILF. Def would smash.

  9. Atleast her eye brows are always on point


  11. Stop pulling up people’s past when they have moved on

  12. Knowing shaners, I’m sure she is taking the fall for himself pulling shady shit

  13. someone who has risen above a bad time in their life and moved on to a good life should not have to have it thrown in their face by strangers who don’t know the entire situation. Disgusting and Shameful

  14. I call this BULL SHIT!!! She has a past and is doing well. Let it go. WTF. This website never ceases to amaze me on how low they will stoop!!! Get a fucking life and a real job dude instead of smearing people trying to overcome their past!!!

  15. Those people who did this are shit so if they get everyone to look at somebody else then Noone notices their piece of shit…these people have been known here in Springfield as white trash for years!!! Wouldn’t use their services to save my life!!! Erika we love you and we all know the wonderful caring person that you are! So to Springfield exposed….FUCK YOU!

  16. Sad to see so many fb friends like this place…Guess it’s time to clean house!!

  17. In her defense look at these dates. All this dumb shit happened over 5 years ago. This isn’t who she is now. She is going to school working full time and a very sweet person. People learn from their mistakes and she’s one of them who has changed her life around. Just putting that out there.

  18. Those mugshots are from 08, 09, 11 why is this being brought up like its current lol

  19. I’m sorry but it doesn’t matter what school this bitch goes too hospitals don’t hire felons with drug charges, stealing & forgery. This bitch has been a scam artist her whole life. Is she still a lesbian or is she done faking that too. Shaners sure has a record for hiring the worst people. Hide yo credit cards ho your checkbook

    • Who the fuck are you yo pass judgment on anybody Cortez, you punk ass welfare raised nigga? Your whole family would starve if it weren’t for tax payers feeding your little monkey ass!

  20. Well what do you expect from scanners.another empoloyee was on here for animal abuse.

  21. Are you guys saying Erika has changed no she is just being more careful.and her mother should not comment she is just as bad in the drug area!!!js she is just very very carful on what she does now.some people can change but I know for a fact this one has not changed.and I’m sure she is going to school how many times has she went to school.i don’t think you can work in the medical field with drug convictions.

  22. And what about the cockroach girl didn’t she work at Shaners oh that house was sick

  23. ^^^he knows because he probably has all the same charges lmao.

  24. I’ve known her my whole life. She made stupid mistakes, but she’s a good a person and I love her dearly.

  25. All the dumbasses defending her make me laugh.

  26. DrunkenDave Detzburg | August 5, 2016 at 10:13 pm | Reply

    “cockroach girl”? CTFO. You cant go saying shit like that on here and NOT tell us the story. Who IS “cockroach Girl”? How many cockroaches does she have? Got any nasty cockroach girl stories? Enquiring Minds wanna know! XD

  27. No disrespect but this is not cool… I know this lady and no matter what she did in her past she’s a mother with a child that’s old enough to see this… This is very disrespectful and unnecessary. Nobody is without fault nor sin….

    • then hire her to batend for you

      • lol terry. You have no room to talk about anyone or anything, ever. I’m fairly sure my twins father and I broke up bc I found out you paid him to let you suck him off multiple times. You’re disgusting.

    • I did and I consider her a friend of mine.

    • We all have a past as some say. This site works on user submissions. Some people have drugs, some people have theft, others have mob action. Nothing personal just how the cookie crumbles on who our users turn into us. But sadly this town loves the gossip and to talk about others when they are just as bad.

    • SpringfieldILExposed.com – Exposed Publishing, NFP. Trust and believe I know it’s not your fault you are just reporting news. it’s the people that are out there saying things about an individual they don’t know and about an incident that happened many years ago. I just spoke to her and it doesn’t bother her she said it was her past and basically it is what it is.

  28. Isn’t there anything more important going on in Springfield than this? You should change your name to “shanerexposed.com”

  29. Everyone keeps saying she’s made mistakes and she’s changed and blah blah blah. But my question is……how the fuck do u make a lifetime of mistakes?? and the same mfs that saying she changed is the same mfs that’s gonna be crying when she does the shit to them. U don’t just walk away from a lifetime of fucking people over.

  30. The past is the past leave it there

  31. Fuck off whoever did this.

  32. Whoever did this should get a fucking life and quit talking about my mom.

  33. Quit talking about my fucking mom

  34. Andrea Hoover Hawkins wow

  35. Well since she wanted to block me after she sent me this message on FB andbdidntneven give me a chance to respond

    Not sure why your tagging people in my exposed thing. Like u didn’t know about it! And furthermore I’ve never been arrested for heroin and never been arrested for possession of stolen stuff. Obviously I’ve had my troubles but you tag my old friend?

    Good luck with school and deffently a job becauseenin the nursing field you cant Have theft and forgery

  36. You seem to have it in for Shaner’s. What gives?

  37. She made mistakes in her past, and she’s paid for them. She’s actually a very sweet girl. I’ve only met her a few times, but I like her. We can only judge people on how they treat us. I think it’s bogus that this was posted when it happened years ago. Try to ruin people’s lives much?

  38. Theives are always nice to your face. That’s the way they prey on their next victim. If she’s such a sweet girl why don’t you guys just hand over your check book or credit cards and see what happens. Looks like she ruined her own life she didn’t need anyone’s help with that. Thank you exposed for letting us professionals know what kind of people to stay away from

  39. The people that are on this post saying all these nice things about Erika was either in prison with her or they do the same fucking thing.she preys on her victims who is gonna retire next,who is selling something big,I don’t think she does big drugs anymore not sure Erika is the biggest con artist I know.but I know for a fact she pops pills like candy and sells them because me,myself and I just seen her at my job do ot

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