Drugs, Theft, Battery – Calm Down Katrina Nicole Brake!

Meet Katrina Nicole Brake.

Ms. Brake here was emailed in a few time to us. Let’s take a look at her background here…

5 Arrests since 2009, a few convictions.

1/18/2009 – Misdemeanor Retail Theft & Misdemeanor Illegal Possession of Alcohol By A Minor
5/13/2011 – Misdemeanor Speeding.. Who goes to jail for just speeding??
6/2/2013 – Misdemeanor Domestic Battery
2/22/2015 – Misdemeanor Theft, Misdemeanor Possession of Cannabis, Misdemeanor Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Misdemeanor Illegal Possession of Alcohol by a minor.
11/17/2015 – Misdemeanor Domestic Battery
Click Here To View Her Entire Sangamon County Jail Booking History!

So whats her story? One of our readers wrote in and said “She is just a crazy wild lesbian (so she claims). Add some liquor to that and you are in for a wild night for sure!”

One thing for sure, seems like 2015 was a little rough for her. Let’s hope 2016 goes much better!
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  1. Looks like a good one to take home to mommy!!!

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