Drugs Are Bad For You Thomas Robert Bossman!

Meet Thomas Robert Bossman

Mr. Bossman here has been submitted to us several times here recently for various s.

Today we were sent several messages talking about how Mr. Bossman was all over the West Side of town looking for Buprenorphine aka Suboxone. Sources say Mr. Bossman was even seen at the infamous Octapharma Plasma Center hitting up “the classy” people.

So what is Thomas’ story? Few arrests in his background for drugs, but nothing major.

According to reports there have been recent domestic battery allegations made against him, but no formal charges.

A simple search of his phone number on craigslist we found an ad seeking Male on Male Casual Encounters….

According to Facebook Statuses until recently Mr. Bossman was dating an attractive local female model. I guess after the breakup he has decided to just have casual sex with other guys then…

Keep it classy Springfield!
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17 Comments on "Drugs Are Bad For You Thomas Robert Bossman!"

  1. Keeping it classy lol

  2. Pretty sure my friend dated him.

  3. Yes I seen that ! Blows my mind

  4. Ya crazy wonder how much is true

  5. I will fill a lawsuit against you if u do not remove this for defection of my name there is no proof to the stuff u said on here u r bashing my name with no evidence i talked to my mom and she said I have a case and she will help

    • Defection? WTF? Did your character defect to North Korea?

      And no, sweet cheeks, you don’t have a case. Either for DEFAMATION of character, libel or slander. I know they are big words for you, so use Google and a dictionary.

  6. I will be filling defamation charges against all partys involed if this post is not delete within 24 hours I got a lawyer on stand by

  7. Hilarious this is the same dude my bd beat his ass when I lived wit my cousin

  8. Leslie clark | April 11, 2016 at 3:36 pm | Reply

    He doesn’t like casual gay sex…he enjoys dirty strippers…what young man doesnt

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