Drugs, Alcohol, Theft, Battery & Much More! – Heather Ashley Shaw

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Meet Heather Ashley Shaw

Boy oh boy does this lady have quite the arrest record! Click Here To Read The Full Record!

Arrested 02/14/2014 for Felony Criminal Damage to Property & Misdemeanor Domestic Battery.
Arrested 09/20/2013 For Misdemeanor Domestic Battery.
Arrested 01/17/2013 For Felony Manufacture/Delivery of Cannabis Within a School Zone.
Arrested  12/12/2012 For Misdemeanor Domestic Battery.
Arrested 12/04/2012 For Misdemeanor Driving Under The Influence.
Arrested 09/06/2012 For Misdemeanor Driving Under The Influence & Misdemeanor Possession of Cannabis.
Arrested  07/06/2012 For Misdemeanor Driving Under The Influence.
Arrested 01/12/2014 For Two Counts of Misdemeanor Possession of Cannabis.
Arrested 06/16/2011 For Misdemeanor Possession of Cannabis.
Arrested 04/05/2011 For Misdemeanor Criminal Damage To Property.
Arrested 11/28/2010 For Felony Motor Vehicle Theft.
Arrested 11/19/2010 For Felony Delivery of Cannabis.
Arrested 3/26/2010 For Misdemeanor Retail Theft.
Arrested 12/18 2009 for Misdemeanor Retail Theft & Felony Aggravated Battery.

Wow… Just Wow….
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37 Comments on "Drugs, Alcohol, Theft, Battery & Much More! – Heather Ashley Shaw"

  1. Remember, she’s a bad bitch!

  2. She wouldn’t be bad looking if she had less trashy tattoos and more education. Plus stop selling pussy

  3. Least it wasn’t prostitution

  4. Meh…cannibus charges should be thrown out and made legal

  5. Those tats are so stupid

  6. This retard sent me crazy messages cuz I said her house was filthy

  7. Her parents must be SO proud!

  8. Sold her some stuff off for sale site. She was ok to me.

  9. You are all bitches I bet the guy who runs this sucks fat black dicks too little man bitch

  10. Helen Norman was this willie gfriend

  11. there’s some shit on your face

  12. She needs to stay behind bars. Every other mug shot she is smiling. This piece of white trash has not and will not learn her lesson until she is permanently behind bars.

  13. I hope she has no children.

  14. Uh oh, someone’s butthurt…

  15. Says the guy with no name or picture

  16. Wow, sounds like someone’s sucking dick… How can someone have sooooo many priors and not be in prison? Especially for motor vehicle theft, and manufacture/delivery in a school zone. If it was a man instead of a woman he would be in prison right now.

  17. Smh fucking idiots talk so much shit they don’t know when half the men on here salt at here cus she ain’t fuck with them and bitches wanna talk shit cus they hating hella hard….get life’s so u don’t have to find entertainment in others people please!!!!

  18. Mfs stupid…. Yea talk shit on someone u don’t know!!!! Groupies getting all hyped up over some shit u can go look up yourself but cus someone else post it I means so much more….. Heather all these fans here waiting on u to show ya face so they so they can be star struck please ignore them!!!!

  19. Nothing says classy like a face tattoo!

  20. Look at her lol psh

  21. Is there Mother next.. Sad family …They need to get a life.

  22. She looks like a lot of fun lol

  23. Nothe canibus shoukd be dropped even if its within a schoolc zone this is why. There is even an add in the sjr that says places like chicago have 12 sq miles only. Yup only like 12 sq miles that ARE NOT whithin the limit ofma school park or church. So it impossible in certain areas.. And really you think that if ypu are caught in chicago with weed you should go to jail???? Shame on you springfield exposed……. ( i wont drop moderater names even tho i could, remember that when replying please lol)

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