Drug Dealing, Woman Beating, Contributing To The Delinquency Of A Minor, & Resting Arrest?? Damn Jason Allen Duff !!

Meet Jason Allen Duff!

Jason has been craving the spot light attention for a few weeks now ever since we posted about the nasty house he lives in…

Remember This Shitty Cage??

Remember Convicted Animal Abuser Christina S. Roach? From Christina S. Roach Pleads Guilty To Violation Of Owners Duties (Animal Abuse/Neglect) & Christina S. Roach Accused of Animal & Child Neglect! Charges Filed!!! & Wild Woman Attacks Boyfriend & His Family! – CHRISTINA S. ROACH ??

Well Jason here is Christina’s roommate and he didn’t take it so nicely that his house was blasted all over the internet. Well buddy if you didn’t live with a convicted animal abuser and alleged child abuser things like that wouldn’t happen.

Jason decided to go on and out how he got mad amounts of money and he wont stop till he figures out who everyone is behind this website. Tough luck buddy your mad money hasn’t even found you the correct information for our founder even though you’ve tried and tried to only come back with outdated or completely wrong information. About the only thing you have figured out that’s been correct is public records!

Jason decided to go off on our founder saying “I’m a Class X Felon beware bro”. Oh that’s right a Class X Felon for Meth was it right?

Click Here To Read Jason All Duff’s Sangamon County Jail Booking History!!

Mr. Duff has been arrested around 20 times in his lifetime from charges like Domestic Battery, Resisting Arrest, Obstructing a Police Officer, Possession of Drugs, Delivery of Drugs, Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor, Giving/Selling Alcohol to a Minor, & Various Driving Charges.

All in all your typical woman beating(alleged)/ drug dealer, nothing new in Springfield.

See its guys like Jason that crave the attention, who know they have a record and don’t care about it that try to shift the spotlight onto them instead of the real problem and in this case it was his animal abusing roommate.

Jason since you crave the attention so much I figured we’d give you some free advertising( you can thank us later). Jason Owns a construction company and I’ve personally seen some of his company’s work. Make sure to check them out over at Defying Utmost Builders Beliefs . I was going to link over to their website they have on Facebook (dubbconstruction.com), but it appears the domain name isn’t even registered. If you need some help with that we can gladly help you Mr. Duff!

Also Congrats Jason we heard you have completed your Rehab classes, and have been drug free for months now. It’s good to see that the Department of Corrections finally rehabilitated someone for once. You should consider one of those Billboards for them as a success story!

All in all sure Mr. Duff has had a pretty violent/disturbing past, but he has taken the steps to show change over recent months and we wish him the best of luck.

This will be all the spotlight we give Mr. Duff unless he sways off the path to success he has been on and goes back to a life of crime. Good luck buddy!

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48 Comments on "Drug Dealing, Woman Beating, Contributing To The Delinquency Of A Minor, & Resting Arrest?? Damn Jason Allen Duff !!"

  1. Wow! Also guilty of never even looking at a salad let alone eating one, ever.

  2. Jason duff who I personally no is a good guy he has a past but I no that he has changed his life around for the better

  3. Hey Mark Allen apparently we are roommates according to Mr. Duff. Nice to know that never met you before and from the looks of your profile you live in an entirely different state than me. 🙂 Ahh gotta love ignorance. Can’t wait to see his video proof on the 12th :).

  4. Well I am local, I’m a recent resident of Chatham. And I sure hope we aren’t roommates, I think my wife and children might have an issue with that or at least seen you lurking around the house by now and said something!

  5. And I was just teasing the guy. I don’t know him, he may be totally cool, but come on, he big….and I would hope he can joke about it too. If I was a big fat dude I would be totally funny about it.

  6. Mr. Duff & Defying Utmost Builders Beliefs can we have an official comment on this email we just received after posting your story. “Jason came over with his crew to do a job for me. They all reeked of pot and he stole my money never to finish the job! Its still to this date half finished, but he dodges my calls now and blocked me on Facebook!” Can we get a comment since I know you are reading this? There is valid contact email or website on your Facebook Page.

  7. Defamation of character is all the company lawyer is allowed us to comment.

  8. Well noted Defying Utmost Builders Beliefs another email came in between we will follow up with everyone and reach out to you for a follow up if anymore crazy reviews come in. We understand In the course of business a bad review or two does happen naturally.

  9. He is most definitely white trash women beater!! He is not a good guy at all!!

  10. He looks familiar but I don’t know him and can’t place him. Best of luck in the future tho!

  11. Gotta love people and their outdated information

  12. This guy helped me move. He’s a really nice guy in every time I saw him he had his son in was very good guy to him in me. Idk why people change in public oppinion it don’t matter. What a shame people because his roommate has issues does not make him a bad person. I met him through a cousin of his in was respectful helpful and darn good worker.drove four hours to move my stuff I didn’t lift a finger. Good luck Jason I appreciate your hard work in saw you be good guy in father to a stranger in need. God bless you in your journey.

  13. he is a piece of shit. To promise a pregnant woman who hired him to build a baby bed to have it done and not even start or make it and back out ONE WEEK before she is due to be induced. Claims he has so much money and is doing so good with his business yet he can’t even finish a job he has seven months on.

  14. Justin Bourland bahaha this mfer done got caught fucking people over!

  15. And its agest the law to exspose the photos you use it even tells you that when looking that person up on the app

  16. This dudes a piece of work. Lol. He stays threatening ppl with a lawyer he doesn’t have.

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