Drug Court Only Works If You Can Follow The Program William Brunner…

Meet William Brunner…

In 2014 Mr. Brunner was charged with Felony Theft and in January of 2015 he Plead Guilty and took 30 Months of Drug Court. Since then Mr. Brunner has had 11 sanctions/Violations which he was sentenced to community service or a few days in jail. On 09/18/2015 the Judge finally had enough and sentenced him to a few days in jail and when he was released from jail he was ordered to go to Family Guidance Center for inpatient treatment.

Though he has been in and out of the jail a lot for drug court that doesn’t account for all of his 24 Sangamon County Mugshots. He has a nice little criminal history before as well.

In 2013 he pled guilty to Felony Burglary.
In 2012 he pled guilty to Misdemeanor Domestic Battery.
In 2012 he pled guilty to Misdemeanor Resisting a Peace Officer.
In 2012 he was charged with Misdemeanor Domestic Battery & Interfering with the Reporting of Domestic Abuse, he later pled guilty only to the Domestic Battery.
In 2003 he pled guilty to Felony Possession of A controlled Substance.
In 2001  he was charged with Felony Burglary, Felony Theft, Felony Criminal Damage To Property he later pled guilty to the theft charge.

Mr. Brunner has been apart of 8 Order of Protection Cases in recent years & 5 Child Custody Cases.

We spoke to one of his child’s mother, she wanted to remain anonymous but told us if there was an award for deadbeat father of the year Will would earn it time and time again.

Enjoy All Of His Sangamon County Mugshots!
WilliamBrunner WilliamBrunner1 WilliamBrunner2 WilliamBrunner3 WilliamBrunner4 WilliamBrunner5 WilliamBrunner6 WilliamBrunner7 WilliamBrunner8 WilliamBrunner9 WilliamBrunner10 WilliamBrunner11 WilliamBrunner12 WilliamBrunner13 WilliamBrunner14 WilliamBrunner15 WilliamBrunner16 WilliamBrunner17 WilliamBrunner18 WilliamBrunner19 WilliamBrunner20 WilliamBrunner21 WilliamBrunner22 WilliamBrunner23

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25 Comments on "Drug Court Only Works If You Can Follow The Program William Brunner…"

  1. Dead beat dad lol I have one Nick boggs

  2. This dude is a punk ass bitch!! Can’t stand his ass.

  3. I HATE the fact that my kids are related to this worthless fuck!!

  4. Drug court is a joke

  5. I’m on drug court with Bill. I have been on drug court since Jan 2014. So I’ve seen a lot of ppl come and go on drug court. This case is prolly one of the tougher ones I’ve seen. When he first took drug court he started off pretty Rocky. He wasn’t ready to stop getting high. Well now they have giving him another chance I pray that he’s ready this time. I know it has been tough for me. But with meetings and a sponsor it’s possible to complete even with some set backs. Now Bill here isn’t the brightest light bulb in the bunch but he try’s in his own way. But that’s why he’s failed. He needs to give into the program and he’ll come out a winner. Let’s just pray so our town stays safe. Thanks and God bless.

  6. He better get right with God. Prison might just do the trick tho.

  7. Some people need to be looking at themselves before they go running their mouth.

  8. Yikes, he almost has enough mugshots for every day of the month. Way to go dipshit!

  9. I’ve known him since we were kids.. he’s worthless. He’ll steal from his own family, doesn’t do shit for his kids and will get high on anything you put in front of him. He is the definition of a waste of life and space.

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