Dont sell them

Nicole Rutherford Avart is a pill popping drinking diseased cheating hoe. She gets pills then sells them buys more and drinks to excess. She has been cheating on her long time boyfriend with her cousins husband. She tries to buy pills off her cousins wife and then when refused started talking about her. She gets tight with her other cousin to get close to her husband. She lies and steals. She will do anything to get pills. Do NOT sell to her for any reason. She is a slut and will backstab you.

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9 Comments on "Dont sell them"

  1. I would give her some pills for pussy shes cute!

  2. Jesus! Look at her shit teeth! She will be a eating oatmeal and dog turds in a few weeks and not know the difference! Perfect specimen to discuss events pertaining to STDs and Ebola!

  3. She’s Fucking disgusting looking. All I had to sss was the eyebrows! I’d lick a toilet bowl before kissing her yuck mouth! WOW

  4. She tossed so much salad (ass) her teeth are shit stained! Now that’s ass mouth! Take a bow Shit Mouth! A mouth only a mother would bitch slap and yell “fuck off and die shit clown!”

  5. Shes a nasty and her baby dad zack avart aint no better sicking dick for heroin

  6. Zack avart aint no better hes a bitch that does whatever drug he can get his dads a bitch that clams hes disabled but can get around pretty easy and makes his wife work and there house has bedbugs in it and his poor daughter is stuck in the middle

  7. Nice cumsplat forehead

  8. Thats a five head

  9. Maybe even a six head

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