Don’t Masturbate In The Sangamon County Jail… You Might Get Maced!

Interesting little story here…

This Inmate found his self in B Block of the Sangamon County Jail. B Block is the home of Segregation Housing whether for disciplinary or self admit reasons. Inmates in this unit are confined to their individual single man cell (sometimes with a  cell mate depending on crowding), 23 hours of each day. Separately one person at a time they are allowed out for 1 hour for recreational, telephone, hygiene, cell cleaning, etc. Inmates in this housing unit are not allowed to have Televisions Access, Radio Access, Unlimited Telephone Access, or communication with other inmates like any other housing unit is privileged to. So what are the inmates suppose to do? Many will say who cares they are in jail! Yeah yeah but honestly what should they do. You can only sleep so many hours in one day…

Well this inmate as CO Carrie Coffin stated was a threat by “chronic masturbation”. So an inmate locked in a secure cell, in his private “residence” was doing a natural bodily function and was Maced. Then nerveless the Correctional Officer didn’t even fill out any of the required paperwork after doing it.

Click Here to Read the Internal Affairs Investigation!

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